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Friday, November 4, 2011

Biwi Ki Saheli Ko Zabardasti Choda

Hi friends my name is Julie. This is not my story. But you will really enjoy it.

My name is kashif and this is a true happening of my life. It happened few months back between me and a friend of my wife. It was a very intense incident and it really changed lives for me and Nida (my wife’s friend). Nida has always been a very attractive women and her attractiveness was mainly due to her bearing an extremely sexy body. Though I had jacked off many a times thinking about her but I had never thought I will actually be able to fuck her in actual. There have been times when I had fucked my wife imagining her as Nida.

Few months back my wife had to travel to her parents place as her father was very sick. As I’m pretty lazy on house affairs so the responsibility for domestic issues was given to Nida. She had a key of the house and used to come while I was away and when I returned home I used to get the lunch and dinner in the refrigerator. This went on for couple of days. One day I took off early from work as I wasn’t in the mood to work more and came to house. To my utter happiness, Nida was at home. She was surprised to see me but I told her that I wasn’t feeling well.

She made tea for me and asked me to take rest. She went in kitchen but I was horny as hell as she was wearing a trouser with a tight top as she was inside home. Her busty 38dd boobs were looking so inviting and I was taken over by lust. I knew that my next door flat neighbor is away on holidays and her screams won’t reach far. So as soon as she came to give me tea I grabbed her. She resisted heavily and we were literally fighting and finally I kissed her forcibly. She tried to push me away but I threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her. I took out the dagger and put in near her neck. She was frightened and suddenly went quite. She started begging me but I took her big boob in my mouth and bit it hard. She screamed but my teeth tore her top and started sucking her bra.

She was really begging me but I was totally insane. I was already naked and took down the dagger towards the trousers and cut a slit near her pussy in her pants and made a hole inside her panty. She tried to move away but I put the dagger at her neck. And pushed my cock inside her trouser slit, inside her panty slit and it entered her tight pussy like an iron rod. She screamed and cried but I was a total animal now. I pushed her legs up and started thrusting her like a whore. She was a loyal wife till then so this was the second cock that had entered her. As I’m not very large but pretty thick so her tight pussy was giving me great friction. I cut her bra strips and was stunned to see the grape sized black nipples. She saw the lust in my eyes and closed her eyes. I bent on her boobs and started sucking, biting, kneading those awesome sex objects. She said,” u are raping ur wife’s friend” and I said “oh yes, and it’s awesome” with in few minutes I came thick and hard inside that hot pussy.

She kept sobbing for few minutes and then tried to get up. I got up and told her to stop which confused her. She was afraid that I might harm her to keep the secret but I said, “I’m not done”. And came near her and started kissing her, she was not opening her mouth so I put knife next to her throat and asked her to open mouth. When she did open mouth, I sucked her lips and mouth like a hungry dog. My hands removed all her clothes and trousers were gone too. I told her to bend and came behind her. Before she could say anything, I bent and started licking her pussy from behind. She didn’t say anything but within few minutes her pussy was getting wet but she was resisting any noise from mouth.

Then I started sucking one pussy lip ferociously and licked the inner side of pussy lip with my tongue tip. She couldn’t take that and moaned aloud and said,’ohhhhhh….please” couldn’t understand whether the please was to stop me or do it more. I started licking her more ferociously and she started moaning and saying words like ‘Kashif Bhai please leave me’. But while saying she was slowly rubbing her pussy on my face. I knew that she loved it but was feeling guilty too. Soon she moaned aloud and jerked and my mouth was filled with her love juices. She was panting and fell face down on bed and instantly I was on top of her and my cock slid in that juicy pussy and started fucking her hard. She was half dizzy with her orgasm when she had my cock balls deep in her.

She couldn't move coz of the weight of my body and I fucked her deep and she moaned and moaned. Kept saying, Oh kashif bhai, what have u done. After 15/20 minutes of hard fuck I came again in her. As she has almost the same body like my wife except the boobs which are bigger, she took my wife’s clothes and went to bath room. She came back after a bath but she was stunned at me watching a porno movie of her and me. She then realized that I had taped it from the start. She started sobbing but I said, I’ll give it to u when my wife returns. Till then…. she understood and kept quiet. After that the next 10 days, I used to fuck her at least 3 times daily. It was the best time of my sex life. Soon after, she convinced her hubby to change location and then went to another city and she started avoiding my wife too, which ended their friendship. She was smart enough to give me some pleasurable moments.

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