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Friday, November 4, 2011

My Half Sex With My Sweet Bhabhi

Hi, everyone. I am very simple person from the city of joy (Kolkata). I am here to share my true experience few years back with my sexy bhabhi. She was 24 years old with 35/25/34. I am 18 years old 6 feet height, 44 inch chest and 7.5 inch thin cock. The stories start when she was married with my elder brother, who works abroad from last five years. After married he stays only 60 days with and left for his job. Now we are only three in my house. Me, My mom, and she and my mom lost her one leg in a car accident, so she always stay in her room. Life is going normal, I am busy in study and exam, she use to cook food and serve us and talk very rear as she is upset for bro and even cry in night. She love my bro very much and she miss him. After few months I come to know that she is pregnant.  I am surprise with the news and worried about her.
I am the only person to take care her in absent of bro. I start taking care of her and start spending time with her. Within one week we become a good friend. We discussed in many common tropics and exchange our thought. We are common in many tropics. Day is passing very fast and she had a football in her tummy. I had to take care for her as I was interacted from my bro.
I am trying my best to take care about her and she is very happy from me. Suddenly in morning my mom come to me and said your bhabhi got high fever and can’t move from bed. I ran to her room and found her burning in fever. I called doctor but Dr is busy in some importance work and asked me to come in his place. I have to take her to DR. So take her in my arm and run to DR.
She is holding me very tight to avoid fall down. As she is pregnant her milky boobs are touching my chest. I am feeling so uncomfortable with this feeling but my target to reach DR as soon as possible. DR cheeks her and advises me to bring some injection, which I do within few second. As Dr is preparing injection, she starts crying and holds my hand. I asked her just relax. It is not so painful. She told I am not foul;
She had taken injection few days back in hospital. I asked her I am with you. Dr asked me to hold her. Due to afraid she hugs me and asking to take her home.  Dr pausing injection and she was pausing her big boobs to me. By now my cook is 7 inch iron rod. I take her back to home and give her all her medicines. Full day I am in home and taking care of her.
Due to medicines fever come down and she is sleeping. She is comfortable now but I am feeling uncomfortable from today indecent. I am feeling her body heat and smell in my body. I went to bathroom and during masturbation I visualize her naked with big milky boobs and myself fucking her. After relaxing I come out to see her. She was awake and she takes my hand and kisses it.
She is very great full to me the way I am taking care of her and her coming baby. I reply it is my duty to take care in absent of bro. She becomes closer from that day. Her nice round butt use to raise my dick in seconds and I was crazy about her milky boobs but I do not dare to express my feeling to her. She may complain to mom or bro if i misbehave with her. But i am able build good friend between us.
Day pass like water flow in river and we very happy till that night when got delivery pain start. I take her to hospital with my mom .I am worried about her .After ½ hours pain, she give birth to her first son. We all are happy and relax. I inform bro that he is father now. I visit her twice daily in hospital. I am very upset without her. Finally she came back to home after 5 days.
We are very happy that everything is ok. But she starts crying. I asked her what wrong with her, she reply that she lost her parent in her childhood  and her husband(my Bro)is out of India, I am the only person in this world how taking care of her . I say just shut up and stop crying, we are a family and she is not outside. She hugs me and say thank you. We start celebration for our new family member, who is only 5 days old.
He is so cute and soft .I told bhabhi I should thank to her such beautiful gift. As I am younger in home, I did not see any new born baby in my home. I am very happy with baby. Bhabhi start breast feeding to her baby and starting using nighty. I am enjoying big lemon inside her nighty without any bra and while feeding she just turn around and open her lemon to baby. She feed every two hours. One morning I went to her room to see the baby.
I found bhabhi is sleeping with her one lemon in open air. It is pure white with black nipple.  My eyes are open to see her in this condition. I stay for few second and  very slowly i came closer to her and touch her boobs with one finger. She did not response. I am sure now that she sleeps deep. I press her boobs slowly it is so soft and take her nipple in my mouth. I start sucking it.
Within a minute I left her and move back. She is still sleeping. I went to bathroom to relax myself. This is first time in my life I have touch her boobs. The days were normal as nothing happen. But I can’t sleep in night I am just thing of her in naked body, her round butt, boobs and pussy. At 2 clocks I went to her room and found she sleep in red nighty normally.
Her leg are open till knee I just pull her nighty to see her pussy. It is pink and clean shave. I start rubbing my dick. I again press her boobs over nighty and left the room. I want to see her boobs again so I went twice in night but bed luck I can’t. Next night i did the same thing but can’t see her boobs. I am out of control and unbutton her nighty and start pressing her boobs hard.
She woke up and saw me pressing her boobs. She stops me and asked what are are doing? I said I am very sorry bhabhi but I need your big lemons. She said this wrong you should go to room now. I request her please and start kissing her rosy lips. She is responding to me and I grap her both lemon with my both hand very hard. She is also very hot by now. I start kissing her ear, neck and put my tough in her mouth.
We both are wet now and breathing heavy. I stop her and open her nighty and went to her pussy. I kiss her pussy and start linking it like ice cream. She cum in my mouth. My red hot rod is ready to fuck her and but stand up and said sorry this is only for your bro, no one else in this world. Before I say anything to her, she took my cook in her month and start linking like a lollipop and
She takes holes cook in her mouth and start stocking. I said I am coming, she did not reply and busy in her job. I cum in her mouth which she eat. I am relaxed now. I than asked her please allow me to fuck her once but she deny. I don’t want to lose her.

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