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Friday, December 9, 2011

Preeti's Mom Crushed In Political Clutches

Hello! This time banging a story of my Mom clutched under political stand at the high standard Hotel lavatory passage, Hotel Suite and back home.

We two & Shinde Sir were invited by Raj Mohite in a 5 Star Hotel for lunch at the end of 2nd week of Sept-2011. But due to official engagement Shinde Sir asked Khot uncle to pick Raj Mohite. So we were following Khot uncle’s car. As Raj was eager to show me how he clutches Swati (my Mom) in political arms. I was also eager to watch Mom getting fucked by a younger guy who is of her daughter’s age from the Political field.

I was dressed in jeans and looser. Swati was in his bridal wear look in plain maroon color saree, with same color blouse and peticoat with Lovable make cherry red color super netted bra-panties.

We reached to the Hotel as the attendants took our car for proper parking as Raj told to the attendant to drop the keys in his Suite. He then guided us to the restaurant area to the reserved table in a corner under dim lights. He pulled a chair and offered Swati to sit and sat opposite to her.

Drinks were summoned with starters. After the 1st round of their drinks Raj took a leave from us and went to bar side and talked to the Bartender which I was unable to hear but was watching his proceedings. He sent a chit with the waiter for me, saying to hide myself in the ladies toilet and asked Khot uncle to stay back as Shinde Sir will join for lunch in short time.

There was a long passage as I could see a lifted chair positioned in centre at the other end of the passage far away (the chair was having legs holding clips and lifting rods with adjustable backrest). The entire area was clean and rose fragrance sprayed in it. An attendant was sitting on a stool near the entry door as the entry was restricted to the other visitors to maintain privacy.

After viewing the place the attendant asked me to get in the toilet as the special arrangement was done for me by Raj to watch the live fucks of them.

After that Raj came in and stopped around 20-25’ away from the hot chair and asked me to go for the live watch. In minutes Mom came in and Raj asked her to get on the chair Madam. Swati passed as I could hear her heels knocking on the floor. It was a damn silent place with proper secrecy.

Swati sat on the lifted chair and Raj guided her to keep the legs on the rods into the clips. As she rested her heels on it the rods moved as her legs got apart. Raj asked her to relax and said are you ready my slut. Swati shook her head. He then by removing his jacket and unbuttoning his cuffs walked near her chair and slightly pulled her waist on the edge of the chair for a proper entry of his fuck tool in her Love Inn.

Raj lifts her saree to her knees as I could see Mom’s waxed silky legs. I was just 18’ away from them. Raj then pushed her saree and peticoat till her flat stomach as I could see her shaved pussy from red panties as a ceiling light was focusing in between her legs. After watching her bare Choot Raj as he got in mood and unhooked her blouse and pulled up her bra and began to lick her brown nipples. He then went back a bit from her and brought his right hand to her panties and pulled apart her red use-n-throw panties by tearing it all and threw it back near my coupe. Mom made a uuhh and Raj unzipped his pants and pulled his fat long tool outside and pulled her waist on the edge and vigorously deep inserted his cock in his bare Choot in a stroke as she was wet due to his acts. He fucked around 10-12 shots in and out her and pussy as Swati was accepting his massive strokes by aah aah Raj aah Raj slow down as you will cum quickly and with a firm jerk from Raj he ejaculated his semen deep in her pussy. Pulled out his cock outside as I could see Mom’s pussy dipping out there mixed vermicelli (Kheer). Mom grabbed her pussy by her palm to avoid dripping on the floor and quickly ran in the opposite bathroom to clean her. In 3 mins she came out with same unhooked blouse and saree lifted till waist style and gave a deep kiss to Raj and said to him that she wanted to enjoy him after lunch in our house. Raj agreed and said before that he would like to smell her in the Hotel room and then to our house. They both dressed up and by greeting each other again Raj took a deep kiss of her vertical lips (Choot) by lifting her saree and then they got out thru the main door. As Mom wore the other standby panties from her hand purse.

I too joined them in next 2 mins on the food table. After taking the lunch they 2 (Raj & Swati) went in the lift towards the room as I & Khot Uncle proceeded thru other lift. Khot uncle asked me to stay in the corridor and enjoy the live show and he went to his room for rest. I managed to hide myself as in minutes there slow lift came and they both stepped out as Mom was laughing a lot. The attendant showed the way to the booked Suite. Raj pulled Swati’s pallu from her shoulder and started to strip her in the corridor only. The saree was completely removed from Swati’s sexy body. Swati went to the room and Raj followed her and then I followed them as I reached near the door in the corridor a phone rang in their room. Raj said to Swati that the room is issued to the other customer as we are late and our booking expires in 5 mins. So Raj called Khot uncle in his room and said need to checkout immediately and asked him to join in our house with Preeti and Khot uncle in our car and Khot uncle’s driver will drop them in his car.

We (me & Khot uncle) soon managed to the reception and waited for the attendant with our car. Firstly Khot uncle’s driver drove his car and then the hotel attendant with our car. We both got in as Khot uncle on the driver seat and I beside him. Swati and Raj came in a minute as both got into the car in the back seat. We were following their car as I could see the movements of their car’s backseat and was sure what Raj’s hands would be doing? We reached at our house as Mom got down from the car and busy adjusting her saree and bra as her blouse and peticoat were off. Mom took the pallu on her shoulder as I could see the red straps of her bra pulled to her arms. Mom pulled the straps back on her shoulders as I rushed to open the lock of the compound gate. Raj also managed his pants properly and stuffed his cock in to zip. Driver drove our car to the parking lot and Khot uncle got in his car and said to me will be back in the late evening hours as having some office work.

After his departure I received a call from Dad about our routine. After talking to him for 5 mins, I rushed towards the entry door and was surprised to see the bundle of her blouse and peticoat in the porch staircase lying aside. In the entry door only I removed my sandals and thru the hall was surprised to spotted Swati’s red panties partly wet & torn lying on the 1st stair of the staircase. Then above few stairs it was her red bra with hooks apart, and finally on the last stair was her saree. While climbing 1 by 1 stairs I was Raj rushed to my bedroom and I questioned myself why he went to my room? Just thought that Mom must have been in the bathroom for cleaning and he must be in hurry to pee and freshen up him. As I turned from the front of my bedroom towards Mom’s bedroom opposite to my, I was shocked as Swati was sitting on my bed by just wrapping a pink bedsheet on her naked body, as Raj was busy in self undressing opposite to her. The bedroom centre lights were glowing as the side lights near the walls were put off. The pink bedsheet covering Swati and the bedsheet on the bed was glowing due to their shiny finish.

As my room was only having lights focusing centre on the bed that’s why Swati must have preferred to choose my bedroom. Naked Raj moved slowly towards Swati as she was holding the knots of the bedsheet above her breasts. Her shoulders were also glowing due to saree’s glittering particles on it. Suddenly Raj pulled the bedsheet to take a look of her nudeness, but the firm gripping of Swati it didn’t slipped off. Ooohhh... Shit was his voice.

Raj then lay on the bed stretching his legs towards her. Swati stood up and walked up on his face still hiding her body in the bedsheet. Swati lowered down her waist on his face and began to move back and forth on his face to get her choot touched. I wasn’t able to see the act of his face and her shaved choot under the pink bedsheet. Raj must be busy licking her wet Pussy. As Swati was moaning a lot aah!! Ahn!! Aahn!! Aaah!! And let him bury his face deep in her cunt.

Raj then pulled out the strings from her grips and pulled her waist on his face and asked her to start bumping on his face. Now I could see her Choot glowing due to his saliva and longer sucking. Raj pulled her on his mouth and deeply inserted his tongue in her and kept his tongue in her Juicy Pussy for a minute as Swati was moaning loudly. I was turning horny with their act but controlled as I was waiting for the housemaids arrival for house sweeping.

Raj pushed her waist a bit above as I could see the thick orgasm of Swati was stuck on his tongue and he was slowly pushing her waist above to stretch her cum like a thread. Swati was holding the bed bars while slowly moving away from his mouth. Raj’s teeth were turned yellowish due to orgasms. Suddenly after moving away from him around a feet and a half it breaked and fall on his chin. Swati went down towards his legs and began to kiss him as they both enjoyed her thick pre-orgasms in each others mouth.

Swati’s cell ranged as it was the tune set when Dad used to call her. Swati moved away in a second from him and grabbed her cell and began to talk to Dad. As her whole face was sticky wet so she opted for loudspeaker as I was also able to hear from Mom-Dad’s bedroom. After hangup the call she managed to find her clothes as a person from Dad’s office was visiting our house to collect a huge amount of cash which was kept in the locker of their bedroom. Swati wrapped the saree around her and brought the bundled blouse-peticoat from the porch area. She was ready in 10 mins as Raj was lying naked as his cock was bending shy due to ‘khadey lund pe hatouda”.

The person was getting late so Raj came down to the hall by wearing just a gown and nothing under it. Mom guided me to take Raj out as the person was a close colleague of Dad. We both went out in the garden for a walk and chats. In next 2-3 mins he came and waived to me and went in the hall. We were chatting about our college days. 20 mins later the person and Mom came out and then reversed his car by greeting me. As his car wasn’t out of the compound Raj pulled Swati near him and smooched her deep to show her the mood of him. It was an embarrassing moment for Swati as it was the early evening hours and infront of me and the visibility of the man if he would have again turned towards our gate. Raj pulled Swati’s back on his chest and began to lift her saree-peticoat to finger her in her dripping pussy above her thong panties. When Raj pulled the pallu down I was surprised to see Mom wasn’t wearing her blouse. I was shocked that the person from Dad’s office must have enjoyed the view of Mom’s breast thru her net saree & cut bra.

Raj started massaging her boobs thru her bra by 1 hand and the other was middle finger of the right hand was fucking her thru the panties. Swati said to him to control his lust outside and said she is also aroused so let’s go in and encourage each other in the hall as the neighbors could see their garden live drama. Raj agreed and let her out of his arms and they both hand in hand walked in the hall. I was in the kitchen and suddenly heard a thud noise on the side helmet compartment desk. So rushed towards the noise and I stopped myself in the kitchen door as Raj was busy pulling down the panties of Swati by laying her on the desk. As Swati was gripping the bars of the railings of staircase. Raj pulled her waist near him and began to tongue fuck her as Swati was moaning and saying Fuck me Raj fuck me by your tongue and then tear my Pussy hole with your Thick Manhood. By her words Raj began to fuck her in speed by his tongue. A loud sensual noise was spread all over the hall beside the main entry door.

After dipping his tongue in her Choot for 20 mins he released her and stripped down her clothes on the staircase only and took her to my bedroom and asked her to get on her knees as she began to lick his fat cock in her mouth. The mouth was too wet by her saliva and she applied on his cock. Due to the centre lights his cock was shining. Mom was busy fucking her mouth by his cock and her hands massaging his cock balls. He was having a dense forest around his cock. Some of the hairs got stuck to Mom’s face and some in her mouth but she didn’t let his cock out of her fucking mouth. Mom was turned horny and was saying him fuck me Raj, fuck me on this Preeti’s bed cum fill my pussy with your cum.

They both stood up and Raj asked Swati to lie on the bed and the mobile phone ranged of Raj. Swati then on the bed by that time Raj talked. After the call he called me in their room as Mom was under the blanket and Raj tying a towel around his waist. I came to the room late as of I was in the kitchen. After my arrival addressing to me and Swati said that we are summoned by the nearby Village Head as they had accepted the help of Rs.1 Lakh in value by our family. We have to reach their next Saturday evening only as a welcome dinner and next days program was arranged for us. We were happy and I turned back not to play a spoil sport between their enjoyments.

Raj then lay on Mom and inserted his fat cock in her ready Choot and began to stroke her in a full speed. The room was filled with these noise as, Aah, Ahn, Ahn, Ahn haan, Aahn, aah aah ouch ouch ouhh fluck fluck fluck puck puck punk pluk pluk pooch pooch pooch. Raj was beyond stopping and screwed Mom for an hour and suddenly holds her tight in his arms under her back splashed his whole cum in her pussy. Raj moved out of her and stuffed his sticky cock in her mouth and began to stroke her there too. Mom was holding her pussy lips tight so to avoid the dripping of the cum on the bed but when Raj ejaculated and moved his cock out of her Sweet Choot a thick load dropped from her Pussy on the bedsheet. As I was able to see due to her legs folded in her knees. I was enjoying there fucking session and her pussy view from the other side of the passage railings.

After drying his cock Mom took out of her mouth and then Raj went between her thighs to begin to lick her puffy fucked Choot by his tongue. 2-3 drops he swallowed it down in his throat.

They both relaxed for ½ an half and then Raj went to the bathroom, clean and bath and got ready. Then ordered the food for us as it was 08.30 PM. Mom also got bathed and dressed in her night gown and came down on the dining table at 09.00 PM. Then while having food we chatted on the Village visit. The village head’s name was Bhau. Raj said that Bhau’s person and his car will come to pick us (me & Mom) on Saturday at 07.00 PM as it’s an hour journey. Raj isn’t accompanying with us as the deal was between us and the village. The whole help was granted to us by him only. He said to Swati to get in the perfect clothings as it’s a deal and the help too and gave a blinked eye informing about the fuck from the Head to her.

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