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Sunday, February 5, 2012

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English Story I Love You Daddy
February 4, 2012 at 1:13 AM
I'm Jaya a horny bitch, who can do anything for dark big hard cock. I don't know how many times I have been fucked in my cunt and my ass and but still I want more and different cocks. Let me tell you that in my family my dad is 40 at present and my mom is 35. We are three sisters and no brother. I am youngest one and my elder sisters are Maya (26) and Lata (24) so Maya was 21 at that time and just finished her B.Com.

I was to get admisn in college and as interview was in early morning we reached to previous day at around 4 pm. It was raining heavily so we moved directly to one hotel nearby station. Room was comfortable and we passed our time till evening by watching a TV and discussing about my admission at evening we took ourdinner in a restaurant attached to hotel and we gone to bed earlier as we were tired with traveling.

I and Maya slept on the double bed of the room and dad has asked for one extra bed on the floor. Soon all of us got fast asleep at midnight I wake up of a heavy noise of falling something in the room and than my sight gone to my dad. He was sleeping in kutchhi lungi and banian as usual but today it was seemed to be unusual as his lungi was lifted up to his waist and he was not wearing any undergarment. I shocked to see him as his massive cock was bare open.

I thought to move my sight from him but my eyes sticked to his cock. I never saw any grown cock before except on porn websites. Now I was watching realbig cock just in front of me. I move little ahead to see it closelybut I was trembling because of some hidden fear and sense of sinto watch my dad's cock as I watched it closely, I got some inner heat in my body and could not move from there.

My dad was snoring and there was very less chance of his being awaked but my sense of doing something wrong has ordered me to move from there and go to my bed before I move from there; Maya placed her hand on my shoulder. I afraid of being caught I looked at maya in a helpless situation but she was smiling at me and murmured in my ears to do not move from there. Than she askedme hey, how did you found our papa's dick?

I didn't answer but than she told let us play with it in reply I said what? Are you mad? He is our papa and what if he wakes up?" Maya laughed lightly and said, he? He will not wake up till morning and we are not going to hurt our papa, we are going to just have some fun with his dick and I did not agree to her but she moved ahead and touched to the big monster tenderly.

She started running her fingers all over the cock of dad. I stunned on her daring and constantly looking at the face of dad as I was afraid a lot of his waking up but nothing happened till Maya bent forward and kissed to dad's cock. I saw some movement in dad's cock. It was getting bigger and harder.Maya was pleasingly playing and kissing on it. Dad was sleeping likea log. I could not believe the next step of Maya.

She took a tip of dad's cock in her mouth and now she was sucking it slowly. I got excited with the seen, my earlobes became hot and my bodywas thrilling of excitement. I felt wetness between my legs and mynipples were getting erected. I never felt such excitement before. I forget for a few moments that we are all family members here. I slipped more close to dad and maya.

Maya made me sign to join her, making dad's cock free from her mouth for me with fear in mind I slowly touched to cock of dad. Goshh it was very hard and throbbing. I could not hold it any longer.Maya suggested me to kiss on it which Ifollowed like an obedient child. I showered a few light kisses on dad's cock while I was doing so; Maya hold it and placed dad's cock in my mouth. I gave a tonguebath to tip of the cock.

I tested dad's aromatic pink cock head. I wondered that dad was still slipping but I was wrong. Dad wasnot sleeping when I lifted my head from the cock of dad I seen that maya was French kissing to dad and dad was playing with herboobs inserting his hand in her nightdress. It was a shock for me. Now dad stood up and holds me his strong arms. Maya has started laughing. I could not understand that what was going on but I realized that dad was not sleeping and maya was aware of it.

Dad kissed on my forehead and relieved me from his arms. Dad placed his hand on my shoulder and told me to do not worry. He added that he is already having sexual relations with Maya, Lata and my friend Neha and now if I wish I can join them. I was stunned on daddy's statement and proposal. I could not reply to him. Than dad said me sorry for the whole drama he and Maya made tonight to trap me but at the same time he said that if I do not wish, he will not force me.

During all this time Maya was playing with dad's hard dick and was silent when I watched at hershe blinked her eyes at me and said hey, what are you thinking? Join us, let's enjoy with dad. Papa is really a very nice man to enjoy sex with in reply hardly I could speak that and I can't understand what to do? But, I left my sentence uncompleted and downed my eye lashes. Than Maya came to my help and said ok, darling, if you are hesitant, don't decide now.

You can watch me making love with papa and if you wish you can join us at any time. Than maya moved to dad and started kissing him. Dad holds her in his arms and pressed her tightly with him after few kisses and caressing each other dad moved his hand on maya's boobs. Now dad was playing with maya's boobs from over the night dress and maya's hand was moving on thighs of dad. Than dad started unbuttoning her dress and placinghand behind her unhooked her bra.

Maya was co-operating him inundressing as now she lifted her butts and dad was pulling out her night pant. Dad kissed on her boobs and licked her nipples. Maya's boobs were very nice and attractive. She was wearing a braof 34 D cups, while my bra size was 34 B. I was aware of bra sizes of Lataa and my mom too. Lata was wearing 36C and mom had same size of maya 34 D. Going back, now dad has widened legs of Maya and bent forward to kisson her pussy.

Maya was clean shaved and she raised her butts to put it against dad's mouth. Maya's fingers were moving on dad's dick and testicles. Dad has started licking pussy of maya and maya was moaning slowly aaaahhhhh. I got excited again and started enjoying the show. I felt little comfortable now as dad and Maya were busy in their sex game and were not giving any attention to me. Now maya was turned around and started kissing and licking big cock of dad.

Slowly she grasped a tip of cock in her mouth and pressed her lips tightly around thick cock of dad. Maya started sucking dad's cock taking it in her mouth. Dad's entire cock disappeared between pink lips of maya. I amazed that how maya could accommodate that big dick in her mouth both of them were busy in sucking and licking each other's genitals. It was a great show for me. I became very hot now and inserted my hand in my panty lifting my skirt.

Ohhh it was very wet and my pussy was dripping constantly. I played with my pussylips for few moments and than inserted my index finger inside when my finger touched to my clit, I got more sensation over there. I played little more with myclit and got mad of ecstasy. I inserted my two fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking my pussy. I was also moaning in excitement. I forget about everything and I became a part of lust full atmosphere in the room.

I was moving my fingers in and out of my pussy with a high speed and with another hand I was squeezing my both boobs oneby one. I closed my eyes and rested my head on back side. Soon I felt some deep sensation inmy entire body and I was feeling that my entire body was melting as I masturbated earlier few times, I could understand that I was Cumming. I reached to orgasm. Ohh it was a great orgasm I ever felt and next story soon. I hope it made u hot too it has made me hot n horny and my pussy is on fireSuperZhera
English Story Lost Virginity To Brother
February 4, 2012 at 1:05 AM
Hi, my name is Padma I am 32 years old. This story is how my Closest Cousin became my ultimate lover. Let me give you some background first. I was working in a bank in Baroda Gujarat. I was staying with my parents for some reasons my marriage never happened neither did and I have any physical relationships. I had a younger brother (my mom's younger sister's son) who was working in Pune as a developer
He was 6 years younger to me and was very close to me. He used to share all his adventures he had (including the ones with other girls) as far as looks go he was quite handsome 5 feet 11 inches and whitish complexion and atheletic built. I was around 5 feet 6 inches, fair complexioned with a 34 28 34 figure. This story took place a year back when I lost job in Baroda and was searching for another one. My brother found one for me but it was in Pune the pay was good plus the office was close to my bro's house.
I immediately left for pune. Now my brother earned handsomely so he owned a flat and a car and he greeted me at the station and hugged me and although he had huggged me a lot of times and I felt strange, we drove off to his place. He helped me setup my room and prepared coffee and breakfast for me and this was a Saturday and I was supposed to join office on Monday. We rested the whole day, next day he showed me around town and took me to show my office and all from Monday my work started and I started going to office.
Now my full and final from my previous office had not yet arrived and I did not have a whole lot of savings as well. My brother helped me out again and said that whatever was his was mine. I was really touched and hugged him and then again the same strange feeling occured. Next day onwards I started noticing my brother in different way and not as a sister looks at her brother but how a sex starved woman looks at man. I would walk into his room after he comes out of his shower to see his body.
I felt disgusted at this but I could not help it. I would finger myself late at night thinking about him and the feeling was driving me crazy and one fine day I decided to quench my lust. I planned to get fucked by my brother it was a Saturday evening both of us had offs the next day and we decided to go out for dinner and movie. I asked my brother do you have discs here. He replied of course sis and why do you want to go? I replied yes dear.
I have never gone to one and would like to see one and he said sure I can take you there but you might not fit with your salwar kameez out there? I replied then let's shop for something that will make me fit in and we went for shopping and I brought my self a nice mini skirt. I changed myself and asked my brother how do I look and he replied wow sis you look awesome. I would have a hard time fending off the other guys I was flattered and we went to the disc and we had an amazing time.
We also drank a little and came back home. I said dear and I will have a bath. I kind a feel sweaty after that dance and went to the bathroom in his room and he did not pay much attention to it and little did my bro know that it was all part of the plan after around 20 mins and I called him and said dear, could you wash my back. My hands are paining so I can not reach my back he came inside I turned my back towards him and he slowly started rubbing my back.
I knew he was feeling awkward, shy and aroused I then asked him what happened sweety. Why are your hands shivering he said nothing sis and just feeling kinda strange I said come on now you have slept with so many girls and how come you feel awkward he replied I know di but your my sister. I asked so do I feel something different is my skin bad or something he replied no Di you have the smoothest skin I have ever touched and I turned around and showed him frontal part as well.
He said Di what this is and I replied why? Don't you find your di beautiful? He said yes Di I do you are gorgeous but is it right? I replied dear I am a woman first and I have needs and I can see as a man you have them too pointing to his bulge. I told him not to waste time and took of his t shirt. He carried me to the bed and started kissing me on my lips and said sis, you taste wonderful I said no more sis and call me Padma from today I'm your whore your slut he kissed back saying oh Padma.
Let me showing you heaven today after that he removed his pants and showed me his cock. Man was it huge almost 7 inches. He looked at me and said suck it you slut. What are you staring at after a while that cock is gonna tear you virgin pussy and I loved his tone. I started sucking his cock hungrily and almost choked after lot of sucking he said lie down bitch and let me taste your cunt and I lay down and he started eating my pussy. I was in heaven and started moaning oh yes baby lick my pussy lick it hard.
I will be your whore don't stop after about 15 mins I said dear I can not bear anymore please push that rod in my pussy take away my viriginity he placed the monster at the entrace of my pussy and pushed it in 1 go. I literally screamed but he kept on ramming. I said slowly brother. I am virgin he replied shut up bitch you were a virgin, now you are my whore and so just enjoy the pounding and pounding it was. He fucked me for almost 15 minutes.
We changed position and he started fucking me doggy style after about 20 minutes he came inside my pussy. I did not even bother to wash up. We kissed for a while and then went to sleep. Next morning he made me give him blowjob and I drunk all the cum from that day we have been fucking regularly and now I am carrying his child mail back to if you liked it.SuperZhera
English Story Lost Virginity To Naina Bhabi
February 4, 2012 at 12:58 AM
I got my first chance and lost my virginity to Bhabi, wife of my cousin brother. I had to prepare for entrance exams and I joined 2 months coaching classes in Delhi. My parents insisted me to stay with my cousin family so that I'll be comfortable during my studies.We had good relationship with cousin family.
I packed my bag and went to Delhi Sanjeev (cousin) 32 years old and his wife Naina was 27 years old. I met them during their marriage for a day and after that we did not have further meetings. Naina Bhabi was very beautiful but since we met on wedding day, I couldn't make out much about her body which was packed with wedding dress, makeup etc.
I rang the bell and bhabi opened the door. Oh my God! I was zapped. She was like an apsara to me. She was wearing White color lucknavi Kurta and Pajama as Lucknavi dress is a bit thin, I could see her inner garments also. She was 38 28 36, golden colored, dark brown eyes, brown long hairs, mucular body. I was totally lost in her and couldn't speak a single word.
Sidd kya hua, kahan par kho gaye ho tum, she asked me smiling. Bhabi, I'll prefer to tell you turth, I never imagined that you are so beautiful; I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you, not even among top ranked girls in the town. Bhai is very lucky, I wish I'll also have beautiful wife like you.
Acha abhi sey shadi ki planning chal rahi hai, pahley barey ho jao and make your career. Ya bhabi you are right, I need to concenrate on my studies though now I wanted to concentrate on each part of her sexy body even right now while writing this story. I got full erection by thinking about her. Naina and I had lunch together and we talked about lot of things including my girlfriend in the evening, bhai came back from office and then we had chat till late evening.
I was tired because of journey and went to sleep early. Bhai and Bhabi's room was next to my room. I woke up around 2 am in night as I was feeling thristy; I went to kitchen and suddenly stopped at their room. There was lot of noise coming from the room. I peeped thru key hole but couldn't see much as it was dark I knew it that they are having sex. Somehow I felt jeaulous about bhabi that he is taking bhabi for ride on daily basis.
Next morning bhai went to office early and naina woke me up with a cup of tea. She sat next to me and we had tea together, she was wearing night dress and her cleavage was visible to me. She was not wearing any inner. My dick started poping out from pants and somehow I had to control my feelings an idea came to my mind, I dropped the cup on floor as if it slipped out of my hand, I am sorry bhabi, I broke precious cup from your crockery.
Naina said, don't worry when you'll get a good job after finishing your studies then get me new set. She immediately brought cleaner and started cleaning the floor by bending downwards, my plan was sucessful. I could see her breast and nipple. Those were as tight as apple; white, shinning, nipples were slighly darker than rest of the breats. I was not able to control my self and told bhabi aaj tau main bhi bhai ki tarah lucky ho gaya you are so beautiful and sexy.
Naina understood what I meant and immediately stood up. Chal hat badmash kahin kaa, bhabi sey aiasa majak kartey hain, bhabi maam key saman hoti hai, haan bhabi maan doodh pilati hai tau mujhey abb bhabi ka doodh pina hai and by saying so I immediately grabbed her melons in my hand and squeezed them and she shouted but I was not going to stop that, I continued pressing her breats and now she started moaning.
Ting tong some one at the door oh shit, who the hell is at door. I did not want to loose this opportunity but had to go to open the door. I told bhabi, main apna bacha hua kaam pura karoonga. I opened the door, it was bhai oh no this is bad timing thanks it was a controlled situation. Bhai came early from office as he had to leave for Hyderbad for 6-7 days and came to home to pack his bag. I was very happy to hear that because Naina was going to be mine.
I knee that I can get to fuck my bhabi Sanjeev left in 2 hours and naina was alone with me as I had to rush to coaching classes I told bhabi aaj raat ko main tumharey sath songa, she told me no way. I came back at 9 pm and had my dinner, bhabi prentended to be feeling sleepy and went to her room, she was not speaking to me and kind of angry beause of the incident happend in noon. She locked the door of her room.
Oh no, what a great chance to get hot naina but I missed it because of mistake, I should have waited for some time and slowly would have made my moves. What should I do? I did not want to give up. I knocked her door, who is it? Bhabi it's me Sidd, Go away else I'll tell your bhai. Bhabi I love you. You are the first woman I have loved, what can I do? You are so beautiful, charming, sexy that even can not resist you; I am just a small upcoming teenage old boy who even doesn't know ABCD of sex life.
Bhabi please do not angry with me. I told you the truth of my feelings and I'll do whatever you like to make you happy. Please open the door, please. Now ice melted and Naina opened the door, then she asked me to come in. I sat on the bed next to her, she told me see I understand you feelings but you need to think that I am your bhabi and married to your brother. It is not wise to have an eye on bhabi.
You are right bhabi but I have a question you have made very beautful small garden in your house lot's of beautiful flowers are there. What if you'll tell everyone that no one except me will sit in garden and enjoy the beauty? Naina said why I'll do that, I like to maintain the garden and will allow all family members to sit here until they are for the garden. Exactly, now think about yourself, you are much more beautiful than this garden.
I want to love you, care for you but you are saying you'll keep yourself with Bhai why Bhai is out for 7 days and who'll take care of you please make me your husband for these 7 days you'll not regret it. No Sidd, this is not right, I shouldn't make any relationship with man other than my husband Naina (now I started takin her name) I am not saying that you should make relationship with a man other than your husband hold on, let me show you how.
I went to kitchen and brought Sindoor box which naina keeps in worship place. I knew Naina was coming into my trap, without giving any chance to Naina; I put sindoor in her maang and told her that from now, I consider you as my wife and you'll remain my wife until I die. Naina was shocked; she did not know what to say. Sidd, what you have done? Do you know what it means, it means like marrying to someone. Naina you are my wife.
Oh Sidd, you should have not done this and what I can do now and she started crying. I took her face in my hand and cleaned her tears, Naina I love you, you are my wife and I kissed her lips. She did not resist but at the same time, did not show any reaction. I made firm grip and place my tongue inside her and now glassier was melted and lake of fresh water was about to burst, she gave in to me. She started sucking my tongue.
I place my hand inside her top and started rubbing her breasts and tits. We slowly removed her night dress lungi and made her legs naked, she was silky on her legs and I slowly moved my hand to thigh and then on her panty. She was hot and I felt as if my hand will burn, she started rubbing her cunt and could feel wetness on her panty. Now, she was mine Naina started moaming, oh Sidd please do it more Naina you are mine and I am yours.
I tore her panty and tops and she was now totally naked in front of me. I sucked her toe and started licking upwards I licked her thighs, she was humping her butt now, she had cleaned her public area and was looking as cute as a teen girl pussy (my girl friend showed me many times and she wanted to remain virgin and we had many oral sessions, She taught me how to make her horny using toungue)
I sucked Naina's pussy and started moving toungue in and out, I sometime started giving tight grip on her clitorius until she scream in pleasure. oh Sidd, this is new to me your brother never did this to me and whenver we had sex, he kisses me few times and inserts his dick in me and shoots out cum in me. I get pleasure on his movement and till date I was thinking that this pleasure of sex but you gave me the real pleasure which I was missing you are my real husband not just 7 days.
I want to be your wife forever love you sidd ahhhh please do it more uhhhh Sidd and she was almost jumping from the bed oh sidd, she shouted and had her orgasm, I sucked her liquid. I smelt amazing. Naina today I'll open the dam which was holding this river and will drink entire water of yours. Sidd I also want to suck you Sanjeev wanted to put his dick in my mouth but I always refused because I was not getting any equal treatment.
Naina, I'll give you that chance also you are my wife but now I want to give you my virginity I want to fuck Sidd go ahead I am yours I removed all my clothes and stood in front of Naina suck for some time as you wanted it and she could not resists and immediately put my bruning hard rock dick in her mouth and I was in full pleasure. Now I want my pussy cat I now came over her and I guided my dick inside her and she was tight.
I started kissing her nipples, those became stiffened, I bit on one of nipps, hey be careful. Now I started opushing my dick in and out very fast entire bed was creating a noise and our tongue met each other and we kept going on and on and on oooh Sidd you are great fucker you are bhabi fucker no you are now my wife love you Naina now I put her on my top and we switch the postion and she was not sitting on me with my dick inside, she started doing sit ups.
I was squeezing her melons oh my, what an ultimate pleasure which I was missing Sidd, I may come soon, Naina I too, we came almost near time and we were sweating in AC as if it is the hottest day of season, yes it was the hottest day. We hold each other and kissed many times and we slept for an hour and repeated the performance in doggie style, we did that for total 5 times until it was morning, next day we slept till afternoon.
We woke up and took bath together with a love session, seven days passed as if I am in heaven with an apsara. I was fully satisfied and she too and she gave me blow job many times and she liked to get licked then Sanjeev came back and her periods also started, poor fellow need to wait for 5-6 days now instead of 2 months, I spent 3 months and every afternoon we used ot have our 2 sessions, we were taking bathing together except Sat and Sun when Sanjeev was at home for Naina also.
It was as if Alice in a wonder land she never enjoyed sex with Sanjeev like she enjoyed with a premature boy like me. I kept visiting them particularization when Sanjeev and Naina planned for a baby, she let me suck her milk on that day. Sanjeev and Naina moved to US but we were in touch with each other. Till today, she is an example for me. So guys, Did you like the story? You can reach me at
English Story Great Fun With Aunt
February 4, 2012 at 12:54 AM
Hi to all this Rahul, I am staying in Bangalore with family, 21 years old doing MBA. I am 5'8 height with muscular body and I am a regular reader of ISS and I am a big fan of incest stories. This story about me and my aunt, aunt is my dad's younger sister her name is Sujatha 40 yrs old and she stays in hubli with her husband with 2 children's, mu uncle works in a bank as asst. manager and my aunt his housewife.
This story happened when I was 18 years at that time I am having semester vacation for 1 month so my dad told to visit my aunt's place as I was not visited her place after my school days, so I am getting ready to visit my aunt's place and my mom informed my aunt that Rahul is coming to your place for summer vacation. Then the next mornings I reach hubli at 7 am and rang the door bell aunt came and open the door.
She was happy to see me after a long time I visited her place she gave a sweet hug and welcomed me then me and aunt were sitting in sofa and aunt is asking abt my college and studies I said everything is going good and she asked abt my family I said everyone is fine then we started to chat then aunt went to kitchen for making food for lunch and I also helped my aunt in cooking like this I spent five days in hubli boring for me.
I am planning to come back to bang lore but my aunt said to stay for some more days because I visited her place after a long time then one day I was sleeping in room and I am not able to sleep and thinking about my girl friend I started masturbation then after some time I went to bathroom to clean myself then I come back and I heard some noise from next room where my aunt and uncle sleeping so I went there and heard some loud moans from my aunt.
I stayed some more time near that door and I started to rub my hard cock I'm felling horny to hear that noise after that I went to sleep. So next morning I wake up aunt called for lunch I went to kitchen I saw aunt wearing white transparent nighty which she looks like an angel so from that day I started to dreaming abt my aunt to fuck after that good news came from my aunt dat uncle is going to Davangere to bring my cousin's.
I was happy to hear that I can make some plan to have fun with aunt then I dropped my uncle to bus stand then I'm so happy that I had to do something within 2 days to have fun with aunt otherwise uncle will come about my aunt she is damn sexy she looks hot in nighty and black in complexion but have an attractive figure, she is slim and have a nice navel and I love that very much, I reached home we both sat opposite to have dinner we started our dinner.
I planning to seduce her for sex then after some time I saw something saw in her lips, then I put my hand to remove that stuff, aunt shocked to see me what are you doing? I said a bit of food is in your lips and she said ok. What a feel? To touch her lovely lips, I was in heaven den we both finished dinner and aunt went to clean the vessels, I thought this is the right time to fuck her because no one in the house then I moved to kitchen she is cleaning the vessels.
I went near her and standing behind and I turned her and she was shocked to see me den she started to shout I thought this the best chance to seduce her, I started to smooch her she is resisting but I did not gave her a chance to move I am smooching hardly on her lips dis continued for 5 min, while my hands are squeezing her back then I removed my shirt and shorts.
I was in heaven to have her lips in my mouth and started to sucking her lower lips it was great movement for me and then it continues for a while, she tries to get away from me but I hold her tight in my arms then I sat her on shelf and started smooching and she opened her mouth a bit I then I inserted my tongue into her mouth our both tongue meets then she also joined the act and kissing passionately like lovers and this continued for 15 minutes.
I started to remove her nighty she tries to escape from me I hold her tight and I removed her nighty, then I started to squeezing her ass, she got horny and started to co- operate den I removed her bra wat a lovely boobs and It was too soft. I kept in mouth started to licking. Aunt closed her eyes and started moaning, then I started to suck one of her nipples and started to squeeze her boobs she started to enjoying I am continued this act for 15 minutes.
I started to biting her nipples got erected I was moaning loudly please leave me Rahul her moan sounds make me crazy then I again started kissing to her lips mean while I was pressing her boob's it continues for 10 min after a long kiss I gripped her from ass and lifted her up and brought her on the bed then I came to her lovely part and started kissing her navel, swirl my tongue deep into her navel then she started to moan and was pressing my head for more then moved further down and between her fleshy thighs.
I licked her thighs bite them, and started to kiss and swirl my tongue to her thighs, then I removed her underwear and started to smell it was great I love that smell and amazed to see her lovely pussy cleanly shaved, then I started to lick her pussy cunts she started to moan oooahhhh her sounds make me crazy, I continued this for a while then from my hand I widened her pussy lips and started to suck from my tongue that was a great to taste my aunt's pussy lips.
She started to cum in my mouth was quite salty but I liked it then I kept my finger in her pussy and started to in and out and one two three all my three fingers was in n our fastly. I increased the speed and aunt was moaning uhhuuu aahhahaahha. We both were in heaven suddenly she had her second orgasm I can see now aunt's juice flowing from her pussy then I cleaned everything with my tongue then I went near her face and given my cock for the blow job.
First she refused then she agreed and took my tool in her mouth she started to suck my tool this was my first time so couldn't control myself and cummed in her mouth she got angry and I said sorry, then she cleaned everything and again started giving blowjob. She is good dick sucker and sucked my tool for 10 minutes I moved my dick near her vagina and slowly started inserting it. It was a beautiful feeling for me and I inserted my dick slowly and finally inserted it completely in her warm pussy.
I kept my dick there for some time to feel the warmth of her pussy and she was moaning very heavily this time like aaahhh. Now I slowly started to move to and fro and was enjoying very much and slowly increased my speed aunty was moaning loudly aaahh mmhhhhhh aahhh I continued like this for more 10 minutes and now she was moaning very heavily and loudly aahhh ooohhhhhh and with loud moans and cries and I cummed in her pussy.
Then I kissed her lips tightly and closed my eyes and she hugging me tightly and responding my tight lip lock very well and we were sucking each others tongues like husband and wife then I again fucked her in doggy style that I'll explain in my next story. So reply your comments to this mail id
English Story Sex Encounter With Brother
February 4, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Hi Prabavathi here, age 28 and let me introduce the true incident happened in my life with my brother aged 29. We both lost our entire family in a major accident near hubli. In that accident I lost my husband and 1 year daughter and my brother lost his wife and 2 children. Since we lost our parents also we are very upset. We both decided to come to Bangalore for work and forget our memories.We rented one BHK house I and within one month we got the job in callcenters.2 years passed we have almost forget every thing and leading a normal life even though I could not control and was masturbating for every 3 days while bathing. One Friday I came an hour late to my house and saw Anna (bro) has already come. I came slowly to bed room to surprise him but he was not there. Then realized he was in bathroom.
Since the door was open I thought he was washing his face and immediately opened the door. I was surprised to see the scene in the bathroom. He was sitting naked with shower on and masturbating. He was surprised when I opened the door. I said sorry and closed the door and came to bedroom to change the cloths. While changing the cloths my mind was in the bathroom thinking of the scene after 2 years.
I saw a black monster cock with 9 inches long very thick. I became bit horny. I wore sleeveless t-shirt and short gagra. Then I went to kitchen room to cook food. Since our bathroom was near kitchen room he came out shyly and went to bedroom. I prepared food and called him for dinner. He came, had lunch. Then I was watching TV, Even though I was watching TV my mind was in that monster cock then he came nearer to me and said sorry.
Me: why are asking sorry
Anna: because of the scene in the bathroom
Me: no, don't feel sorry about that, every person who is in our situation will do the same thing
Anna: Even though " I stopped him and said
Me: Anna I can understand your situation because even I am in the same situation. He became to cry and I too became bit sentimental, I stood up and hugged him.
Anna: then you will forgive me
Me: Anna even I do same thing bathroom
I became bit bold and began to talk with him. Since I am hugging I became hot and even feel his erection. He slowly took his hand put around my waste and hugged me tightly.
Anna: After my wife's death I didn't had sex with any body so I couldn't control my feelings"
Me: I understand Anna, since we are human being we can control any thing but not Sex while talking he was slowly rubbing my back and moving towards my waste. I was enjoying his action since I too didn't have any male contact from last 2 years. This continued for 15 minutes then he held be bit tight and his cock was touching my lower stomach. I slowly kissed his chick and moved my lips towards his lips kissed passionately.
I kissed him for 5 minutes and realized it was bad and separated from him and said sorry and went to bedroom since we had only one bedroom we both sleep in the same room so I prepared bed for both or us and ready to sleep. Then he came to bedroom and asked what happened. So I told it is wrong, I am your sis.
Anna: Prabha don't think about the relation, just think you are female and I am male by telling this he moved his bed nearer to me and pulled my rug.
Me: Even though this is not right
Anna: then having sex with other person is also not right, in that case you don't have sex through out you life" I didn't say anything.
Anna: tell me why did you feel hot when my cock was touching you? Why did you co-operate when I was rubbing your waste
Me: but I am you sis Anna
Anna: then why did you kiss me by telling he slowly kept his hand on my waste. I tried to remove his hand but he put his leg on my legs. I removed his let and stood up immediately and went near the window. I was becoming hotter and hotter by his words and started to rub ground with my leg thumb finger.
Anna: Praba I can understand even you are hot now
Me: yes Anna, even I too can't control, but if somebody comes to know about this what will happen?
He got green signal from my words Anna "arey prabha nobody will comes to know, we behave like pure bro and sis to outer world. He came nearer to me and hugged from behind tightly, this time I co operated with him. I immediately closed the window. I asked shall put off the light. Anna, if out put off the light how could we each others private parts. He then slowly moved his hands towards my breast and started pressing
Me: Aaaaaahhhhhh Anna (bro) Anna mmmmma aaahhhhh
Anna: Prabha nina molae tumba sakat agide (your balls are superb)
Me "hauda hagidre joragi hichuko raja (then press hard raja)
He pressed for about 10 minutes then turned me towards him and stated to kiss my lips by kissing he was rubbing my waste and pressing my boobs towards his cock even.
I was pressing his boobs and slowly he put his hand into my skirt (elastic midi) and started pressing my naked boobs. He then started to remove my button of my t-shirt from front. As he was removing one by one I was becoming shy and closing my eyes. He removed my shirt and threw away. I was in bar and skirt now. He then kissed my stomach and licked the center point of my stomach.
He then slowly pulled down my skirt. Now I was on bra and panty. Then I removed his baniyan and pulled his burmoda. Now he is only on underwear. Then I saw his monster cock and said Anna ninna tunne underwear inda horage baralu jigiyuthide (your cock was jumping to come outside of the underwear)
Anna: ninna mole yu kuda bra inda hore baraue jigiyuthide (even yours ball too)
He then took me in his arms to bed. I was in bed facing upwards and he came on me and kissing all over body I was just moaning Annnnna(brrrrrrrrro)
Me: nanagae ninna tunne jote adabeku( I want to play with you monster)
Then he came down and I was his top, I slowly went downwards and pulled his underwear.
It was amazing I can't handle with one hand. It was black, almost 9 inches and very thick.
Me: Anna ninna tunne tumba super, hennige e thare tunne sikkare saku avara jeenva pavana (bro you cock was superb, every women dreams about this type of cock)"
He just smiled at me I took his cock in hand and given blow job then took in mouth and started to sip like ice candy.
He was just enjoying, closed his eyes and moaning aaahh Praaaba aaaaha yes
After some time I stopped my activity, then he got up and unhooked by bar. He saw my balls and said le praba ninna malae tumba dodda du ide, idaralli 5 liter halu barutha (you have big boobs and I think it has 5 liters of milk)
Me: Chi Anna isthodu holusu mathadu thi nachike agolava (chi bro you are talking very dirty don't you fell shy)
Anna: nachike patukondare yanu agolla ( if you shy nothing will happen)
I was enjoying his naughty words
Anna: nange halu kudi beku anusuthe ( I fell like drinking your milk)
Me: Bandare kudi (if it comes you drink) he took my nipple in his mouth and tried to suck hard, but disappointed but I was enjoying his activity and given fully support for activity.
Anna: le Praba halu antru illa ninna tulladru torisu (there is no milk at least show me you cunt)
Me: Lo Anna tullu nodoke asthodu isthana (so much hurry to see my cunt)
Anna " yaradu warusha dinda tullu nodilla adake ase (since I did not saw and cunt from 2 years that's why)
Me: ba hagadare chaddi bichi ninne nodido (come then remove my panty and see my cunt) I just sat facing upwards he went down licking my leg thumb and slowly moved upwards licking my thighs
Me: Anna nange tadedu koluvadu aaguvadill bega chaddi bichho ( bro remove my panty soon)
He slowly removed my panty looked backwards and threw it when he turned toward me I immediately crossed my legs closing my cunt.
Anna: yake tullu muchgotiya (why are you hiding you cunt)
Me "ninage torisabaradu anta(not to show you)
Anna: praba tullu iruvadu torisalu michilike alla (cunt is to show not to hide)
Me: hagidare nidiko lo Anna, nanna tullu nodi ananda padu(then see my cunt bro enjoy it) he slowly separated by legs and went nearer to it and smelled it and said.
Ninna tullina tumba kudalu ide yake bolisa baradu (there are lots of hairs around your cunt why don't you shave that
Me: bolisi yarige thorisa beku anna (whom should I show by shaving bro)
Anna: nanage torisu praba, innu munde adu nanage misalu (show me praba now on wards its for me)
Me: hagiddare nalle ninne bolisu( then you only shave tomorrow) He said ok and inserted his middle fingure inside it and I said
Anna: what happened
Me: Anna ninna battu bedaa , adake ninna tunne bekagide (it don't want your finger it wants your cock)
Anna: addannu hakutene swalpa thadi (wait I will put that also) He slowly moved his finger on my cunt lips I was feeling on cloud even I was putting my finger before while bathing but male finger is different from female finger. I was moaning aaaaaaha anna anna Anna ooouccch. I could not control and said.
Me: Anna nanage tadedu kolluvadu aguvadilla bega hadu ba (I can't control come on and fuck fast) Then he came on me and started to insert his cock into my cunt. I showed a way to his cock. He started to push his cock. It was bit tight was paining
Me: Anna sahukasha haku novu aaguthide (bro slowly its paining) he didn't listen me started pushing almost half of his penis are inside my cunt. He then removed outside and suddenly pushed strongly. The monster cock was full inside my cunt and
I was shouting with pain and he suddenly lip locked me and started to fuck after 3-4 shots I began enjoying his fuck. He understood I was enjoying then removed his lips and I was moaning aaahhhh hadu (fuck) hadu yes aaaaaaahhhh. Now I cummed twice but he has not cummed yet. He was still fucking very hard and was lifting my ass to support him after some time he cummed in me.
My hole is full of his sperm then he became tired and laid beside be after some time he was shocked and said we are suppose to use condoms, now you may become pregnant. I told him not to worry my husband and me decided to have only one child and so I got aborted by hearing this he was relaxed. I was searching for my panty to bring some thing to eat, but he said go naked and I did so.
He followed me when we entered the kitchen room I told him to take something to eat I will go for piss when I suppose to close the bathroom he stopped and he too entered the bathroom, and told he too want to piss along with me. I opened the commode and told him to piss first, but he told me piss first. I put my leg on the commode and opened my cunt lips with my finger and about to piss he told to stop and he removed my finger.
He widened my cunt and told to piss after my pissing I hold his cock and told to piss. We came to kitchen room took some fruits went to hall, switched on the TV watching, that we had fruits then I got up and sat on his thighs facing towards him started to kiss his lips by that time his cock became erect and then he said le Praba nanage ninna kunde hadabeku antha ase (I want to fuck your ass hole)
Me: Ba Anna yalli bekadaru hadu, nanu iga ninavale (come on bro fuck where ever you want I am yours) he made to bend forward ward and I tool the support of chair he came behind be started to fuck my ass hole. I was shouting aaahhha yes fuck hard, innu jora hodi (fuck fast) Anna. He was fucking very fast after long time he cummed inside my ass hole then he sat on the chair and I sat on him facing towards him and said Anna inu yawadadaur tutunalli hakabeka, nanu ready (you want to put in any hole, I am ready)
Anna: illa kane sustha aithu swalpa thadi (wait I was bit tired wait for some time) I gave my balls in his mouth and asked to lick and he was doing so then we started to kiss each other after some time his cock again erected. Now I was on his top then I said
Me: Anna ninu hage kulithuko nanu iga ninage haduve (sit as it is I will fuck you)
I tool penis into my cunt and started to move upwards and downward and he was lifting my ass as per the strokes, I was fucking faster and faster, it went for long time still he was not cumming then I faced opposite him stated to fuck. It was amazing I never had such type of sex with my husband.
I got tired even though he has not yet cum and now we got on the floors, he told that he will give dog shot. Oh god this shot was amazing, my lets are paining by that shot so we went of bedroom and started dog shot after some time he again cum in my pussy. On that night we fucked till 2:00 am. He fucked me 6-7 times and we were talking very dirty words whole night. He was saying le praba hattare ninnatha hudugina hadabeku kane, ninu tumba sukha koduthiya ( I should fuck a girl like you, you give more pleasure)
Me: illa kano hadasikondare ninnatha gandasina kayaga hadasikolla beku, ninae nijawada gandasu ( lady should be fucked by man like you, you are the real man)
Anna: mundina janmadaga ninae nanna handathi yadi bare (become my wife in next life)
Me: mundina janmadaga yake ivatininda nanu ninna handthine antha thileko (why next life thing I am your wife from today itself)
Anna: Ninna ganda hige hadatida na (your husband was fucking same way)
Me: illa avanu bega bega nanna seere yatti omme hattu nidde maduthdda avanu yawagalu nannu bethale madale illa (he just lift my saree fuck me and sleep, he never made me naked)
Me: avanu yawagu nanna kunde hattla (he never fucked my ass)
Anna: chintae madabeda iga nanu yalla rethi inda haduwe (don't worry I will fuck you in different angles) and I was thinking that now I don't feel I lost my husband, my brother became my second husband and I don't think we are doing wrong, instead doing wrong with unknown person and take some disease from him it is better to be fucked by brother.
Any whey he is my brother he had right to do anything to me, and I suggest same thing to all the sisters at that time I was on his top kissing his body and we don't know when we went to sleep. Next day we had different story. He fucked me in different style, i.e. in bathroom, kitchen etc he also shaved my pussy and I shaved his. I will narrate this in my next story. Please tell me how you my real story (I swear its real)SuperZhera
Hindi Story My First Sex With Sister
February 4, 2012 at 12:44 AM
Hi friends! My name is Rohit Sharma mai Delhi me rehta hu meri height 5'10'' with athletic boby. I'm fair in complextion and with a 8 inches long and 2.5 inches wide dick age-21 currently doing B tech from dtu this is my first story I hope you will enjoy it.
I used to read these sex stories daily and fantasized about having sex. This happened 2 months ago and it is still going on.This story is about my frist sex with my cousion sister pratibha.she is very sexy and her size is 36 24 38 her age is 19 years old she is very much fair like milk.
I rarely met her as she was not so open type and she doesn't like to play cool stuff, I and my family went to their place as my father insisted. So I couldn't deny him and went along with my parents. It was Sunday I was thinking about what i would be doing on Sunday's meanwhile we reached their home and my aunt greeted us with a happy smile. My uncle was not home Pratibha after 1 hour Pratibha came and we greeted each other with a smile.
I was getting bored with the oldies stuff so I thought to hangout with pratibha. I went to her room as the door was open I did not knock and went inside. I was stunned after I went inside; the room was so decoratively designed. I looked for pratibha suddenly door opened and it was akshata coming out from bathroom without a towel. Her body was drenched in hot water. She had a huge tits and a perfect body shape.
She was looking like a sex goddess and she didn't recognize me as she was busy in drying her head and she was in no way to who is in her room. I suddenly slipped and fell on the bed, with this she got scared and removed her towel to see who was it and she was shocked to see me inside her room. She immediately covered her body and looked at me angrily. I immediately apologized as it was my mistake for not knocking the door.
She told me to get out of my room and I did. It was night and we all had dinner with my uncle. My aunt told to sleep in Pratibha's room as there is no place for me to sleep. I told it was okay I will be sleeping in hall as my aunt was about to say ok pratibha interrupted and said no problem he can sleep in my room. I was stunned and looked at her, she had a winky face. I went to her room she was watching a movie and invited me to watch it. It was 11 and i was sleepy.
I told her that am going to sleep, she said the film is not yet finished and changed the clipping and started to play a porn movie. My dick raised in an instant. She came and sat beside me and I want to punish you for what you have done in evening, saying she started to kiss me, first I was shocked then i started to love the punishment. I too responded to her quickly. She turned me on and without any hesitation I grabbed her boobs with that she got angry and we broke our kiss.
She said I punish you, so don't do anything unless I tell you. We started to kiss again, and this time she directly moved to my dick. She was stunned to feel my dick as she wasnt into this type of thing before. She grabbed hold of it and started to fondle, it made me more excited, and within a flash I saw my dick was out it was in her hands and she started sucking it. I moaned aaaahhhh and she looked into my eyes. That look was too fierce full.
She said to undress me and I did and she wasn't wearing any inner garments, as if she had planned this from the beginning before she said anything I fondled with her pussy with one hand and other was on her tits. She gave me a winkey smile. This time the pubic area was cleanly shaved; I couldn't resist and started to lick her pussy. She was in heaven, within a short period she came in my mouth. She whispered in my ear to fuck me.
I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy, it was too tight and she was feeling pain. I could not realize and pushed my dick, she gave a big moan aaaaaaa, and there was blood on my dick. I was amazed. She did not tell me she was a virgin. So without waiting I started to pound her literally. She was moaning and saying c'mon bro fuck me, fuck me your sister imagine as if am a whore, fuck me, fuck my pussy. This made me excited again and I started pounding her.
I was about to climax so as her and she told to come inside me, so without wasting a second I came in her pussy and I fell on her with my dick inside her pussy and we hugged after some time I asked how can you know about sex so much as you are a virgin. She said I watch more porn movies and always fantasized about you but feared to show it as you were my brother. We again had another fucking session and we both slept by wearing clothes.
It was time, and we had to leave that place. My parents and i got ready and were about to leave, my uncle interrupted us by asking a favor to my father. He asked that my daughter got placed in your city and I fear for keeping her in hostel, so can you look after her. My father and my mother said no problem. I was still in confusion and thought it was happening from the start. I looked her; she was looking at me with a bitchy look. Hope you all have enjoyed send your comments to my mail
Mausi Ne Sex Sikhaya
February 3, 2012 at 11:14 PM
I am going to tell you about my amazing experience with my mom's sister her name is Meenu and she is 32 years old now and having two kids. I am 30 years old. The incident happened when I was only 18 years and she was 19. She used to come at our place frequently. I don't want to waste your time let me tell you the story I was preparing for my boards and suddenly my mother had an heart attack, I was very much worried about my mother and not able to concentrate in studies.
My father asked my grandmother to send my mausi (Meenu) for some days at our house. She agreed and sent her and I was quite happy let me tell you I was very fascinated about her at that time she was newly married and her husband went to Ahemdabad for his business purpose. Let me describe her figure. She was 19 years old at that time very fair complexion with long hair. She was quite attractive and had amazing figure.
She was slim and her boobs size was 34 (came to know later) any men will die for one night with her. She came to our house. There were three rooms in my house and menu used to sleep in guest room. I was very happy as she used to bend down while cleaning the floor and showing me her sexy white cleavage oh man I can't tell you in her clothes when she used to bend down I peeped my pre cum in my pants so many times while watching her boobs.
One day she was sleeping in her guest room and suddenly she shouted from her room. My father and me went there and saw her fainted. We called the doctor and doctor gave her some medicine and injection. Next morning I asked her what happened yesterday and she smiled and said that she has seen a ghost in her dreams and from now on she can't sleep alone. I asked her to sleep in my room she agreed in the night we chatted on different matters.
She was looking quite sad and when I asked she just ignored and said you won't understand. I was not a kid so I judged that she was missing her husband as she was married one month ago and maybe she wants sex. I did not say anything and just smiled at her she responded too. Then we had a ludo session and during that time I was staring at her boobs. She was wearing a red color shirt with buttons and a yellow lower. She was looking amazing and it was winter so all the buttons were closed.
She saw me once staring at her boobs over her shirt but did not say anything, maybe she thought I was not looking there. Then she asked me that she was feeling sleepy so please switch off the lights. She asked me to switch on zero watt lamps. I did that and she went to sleep. I was looking at her in the lamp light she was sleeping on her back and I turned my face so that I can see her boobs breathing. Oh! She was looking an angel lovely and juicy lips I was totally out of control and I was sleeping with a girl for the first time.
We both were in the blankets. In the middle of the night I took my chance and slowly slid my hand towards her boobs I touched her left boob and felt 440 volt of electric current in me. The boob was so firm. She didn't say anything might be she was sleeping. I got some courage and press it slowly I was in heaven. Till 5 o clock in the morning I kept my hand there and enjoy feeling her boob. Next day I was waiting for my school bus and suddenly I saw her coming towards me.
She was looking amazing in black suit salwar. There was a smile on her face and she asked me to have my breakfast. I took the toast and was going to eat the first bite when she asked that your eyes are looking red, didn't you sleep last night. I said yes I slept and I saw a smile on her face and she said I knew what you were doing last night. I got afraid of the fact that she might tell it to my mom or my dad. She walked away and I ran for my school.
I was not able to concentrate in my school and in the night not able to eat properly on dining table she was staring at me and smiling. I went to bed and switched off the lights and was cursing myself for what I done. She came to bed after one hour. She was wearing black shirt and white lower. She smiled at me but no response from my side. She just entered in my blanket and turned her face towards me. I shut down my eyes and pretended to sleep after half an hour I felt one hand on my palm.
It was her who took my hand and placed it on her right boob. I was shocked and opened my eyes. I was able to see her as the zero watt lamps was switched on. She smiled at me and said I liked what you were doing yesterday. I got some courage and said that you are gorgeous and I am in love with you. She laughed and asked me what do me like in her. I was afraid but she kept on asking so I said your boobs during that time my hand was thereon her boob.
She came closer to me and asked do you want my boobs I said yes. So she pressed my hand on her boob I was in heaven. She asked me to come on top of her. My dick was in his full erection. She was looking beauty queen at that time. Fair complexion with red lips I placed my lips on her forehead cheeks and finally on her lips. She moaned ahhhhh, and opened her mouth I entered my tongue and she took my tongue and started sucking.
She gave me her lips they were juicy and she smelled nice I ate her lips kissed her passionately she enjoyed every moment. Then I kissed her on her neck, earlobes and cheeks. She took my hand and placed it on her boob I got the signal she was thirsty so I didn't waste time and squeezed her boob over the shirt she moaned ahahah then she removed her shirt and showed me her treasure. In black bra she was looking amazing I kissed her boob over the bra.
She liked it and brushed my hair. I asked her can I do something and she said what I said just 2 minutes and I came back with chocolate syrup. She smiled at me. She removed the blanket and asked me to come fast I placed my hand on her boob again and squeezed it she asked me suck them honey please I asked her I can't see your boobs she pulled her bra and showed me her boob and said look honey aren't they good.
Oh! They were so firm, so white and with a pink nipple which was erect due to my act. I was just looking at them and she said you just want to see them I placed my palm and pressed her boob. She moaned and took my head and placed my lips on her boob. I placed my tongue and started licking them I was moving my tongue in circle on her tip and finally she broke down and pushed her boob in my mouth I took the nipple and started sucking it.
She was moaning and brushing my hair I was sucking them like a baby and she was enjoying that I did the same with the left boob after that I poured a lot of chocolate on her boob now they were looking like chocolate melons. She liked the idea and asked me to come in her lap. I was amazed as she wanted to give me her breast feeding like a baby. I slept in her lap and she took her boob in her hand and put it in my mouth and said come baby have chocolate milk I sucked both of her boob for near about 20 minutes.
Then she asked me to remove my boxers I was a shy guy so she did that as soon as she saw my hard penis she was shocked to see the length. Let me tell you mine is 8 and a half inch she placed her hand and started playing with that I was going to come so I told her she looked at me and placed her tongue on my tip she was killing me at that time after that she started licking my penis fully and finally started sucking it.
I was not able to control and told her and she said no problems come in my mouth. I exploded my cum and she took it on her tongue and on her boobs. She rubbed my cum on her boobs and they were looking shiny at that time. I looked at her and she removed her lower and mind blowing legs and white milky thighs were in front of me. I poured the chocolate syrup and started licking her legs and thighs I pressed her ass cheeks also.
She was wearing the panty so I asked her to remove she told me to do it myself I had a plan so I didn't and just licked her inner thighs she was moaning ahhhhhh so sweet I entered my tongue in her panty and my tongue touched at her cunt she moaned heavily aahhh. I was doing that for some time and finally she pulled me on the bed and sat on me she removed her pant and showed me her shaven cunt oh god it was amazing she opened her cunt lips.
I pushed my head in her cunt I liked that so I started licking her clit with my tongue and sucking her cunt walls. She was fucking my mouth and suddenly she shivered and had an orgasm. I felt the sensation when she moaned annnhannnah. I liked her cunt juice and drank all of that after ten minutes she again wanted me and she placed her lips on my dick and started sucking it my dick was fully erect she asked me to have sex with her. I agreed but realized that the door was open we both laughed.
I had a long kiss. I bolted the door and came near to her she was standing she take my lips and guided her nipple I was thirsty so I sucked them hard she was very cooperative as she was pushing her boobs in my mouth with her hand. I sucked them for 15 minutes and after that she asked me to come inside her and I looked at her she was gave me a wild smile and turned around I looked at her ass white skinny and sexy I bit on her ass cheeks she liked that.
She wanted to have sex in doggy style I said don't worry you won't be able to forget this encounter and took an olive oil bottle. I poured some in her anus and placed my tip on that she liked that I rubbed my penis there. Then I slid down my penis and pushed in her cunt it was wet and but very tight. She took my hand and placed on her lips smart female did not want to scream. I pushed again and felt tears on my hand and I removed my penis as id did not want to hurt her she smiled.
I said don't worry I am ready for the pain and took my tool and placed it on her cunt lips I pushed and half of my dick was inside her cunt was so tight that I was feeling pain I got some courage and pushed again and now I was in her cunt fully she looked dreadful tears on her face but still she smiled and said come on fuck me I moved slowly and now we both were enjoying I was stroking her inside out and she was moaning aahhhhh come honey have me fuck me and go in my anus I did the same and entered in her anus.
I jerked her both ways in her anus and in her cunt and after hitting her for near about 20 minutes I felt her orgasm as she shivered. I was also going to come but she asked me to remove the penis from her cunt I did that she turned around and took my dick in her mouth and asked me to fuck her mouth I did that and finally exploded lot of cum she drank all of my cum and we both were exhausted so we kissed each other passionately. She slept on me and asked me to have her nipple in my mouth all night I was in love with her boobs so I took that hope you liked the story will send one more encounter with her next time.SuperZhera
Hidden Aunt Sex
February 3, 2012 at 11:03 PM
Hi, I don't want to waste any time like others by describing my prick size and muscularity and well I am only an average man. So here is the event or its still happening. It was holidays again I was all alone at home. Guys you know how it's like to be alone at a home. So here is what I usually do surf internet so to say watch porn. I was left 'high' after watching this kind of stuff.
Now something to say about my room and my room was upstairs. I keep my computer near windows for obvious reason through this window I could see next house backside but nobody was living their. They were all settled in US and so even though I opened the window, I keep my curtain down but I was always dreaming about someone to occupy the house and maybe aunty.
I was dreaming about my imaginative aunt to work around house that I could play peeping Tom through my windows but nothing happened on one day as usual I was in front of computer and I heard someone cleaning clothes. You know they take cloths and beat it in a rock or we call it 'mudukalle. It's common to hear this sound around my place. So I don't mind to looking outside but something struck me on my mind.
I thought for a moment that no one was living in that house and who could be cleaning clothes and before even I could come back to my sense the sound stopped. I immediately look between the curtain space and I don't completely open the curtain. I only made a slit and look outside but by then she had finished cleaning and she was leaving. I could only see the backside from that view I could see she was not a servant because of her fair complexion and costly saree.
I could only see her exposed midriff though Saree from back and later I knew that they were newly rented people in that house. They were a couple and also they were Muslims and one day I was in my bike and happened to pass in front of their house and I saw the man in the house. He was in his 50's. I lost all my hopes for Aunty because I thought she would be equally old. So as usual I was in front of computer and alone at home and horny.
I heard the sound of cleaning clothes from window. This time I don't waste any time. I peeped through the window. To my utter disbelief what I saw was a stunning beauty. I was taken back by thought. That old man might have married her as second wife or something. I couldn't take my eyes back. I don't even blink my eyes .She was very fair and her stats was mouth watering because she was wearing saree I could see her milkly white belly and large beast hanging through blouse .
I feel like my head was spinning and my eyes were blacking out. If you guys had any experience before they could tell what I mean. I completely forgot about time. She finished cleaning and went back after and I came back to sense I could believe my eyes. This was exactly what I was dreaming for. So from next day I was all ready. Now I noticed her that she always wears dark colored saree which enhanced her complexion but she never showed her navel or had any intension of exposing.
The property was covered by tall walls so that no one except me could see her or entire property. So this becomes my daily routine and I stared to shag by watching her. I was thinking of my next move. I knew she was all alone at home. I was planning to seduce her and but I was lacking confidence as usual I was watching her and I could see old man working in their property. He was a bit like a mentally retarded man but he was working without noticing anything.
It was funny to notice the way he work. He was showing funny action with his face meanwhile my dream aunt was doing her work as usual after a while I noticed this man deliberately worked around the aunt whenever she come to clean cloth. Then I learned even though this man might be mentally retarded and he is an adult person. He too was getting attracted by her as days passed, I could notice that the Aunt too stared noticing the strange behavior of this man but to my surprise.
She was not angry toward this man when ever she comes out for cleaning this man was around her and pretending to work. She now started to enjoy this extra attention from this man. Moreover she knew no one could her from outside as there were tall wall around but little she knew that and I was watching whole thing. To my surprise and she started to lift her saree above her knee in the pretext of not wetting the saree when this man was around her and after seeing her milky white legs and almost cummed.
This made that man to stare at her more and but he doesn't show any emotion on his face. I immediately realized a missed opportunity of seducing her. She was a desperate woman. It was obvious that her husband an old man couldn't satisfy her as days past she become more confident. She purposefully wears dark colored sarees on this particular day she wore a dark bluee saree which contrasted her white skin even more.
Her bulges of milky white belly was so sexy and she lowered her saree more to show her beautiful belly even more and when ever she bent one could see here entire breast mount. I was going mad by seeing all this. Same was the matter with the worker even though he was mentally retarded I knew his organs were boiling and to make the matter worse after a while of washing and she even lowered her saree and now revealing her navel. It was round and deep I felt like spinning my head for a moment.
I felt like going down and fucking her and meanwhile she was seducing the worker by smiling at him. There was a storage room near where she was cleaning the cloth and she was now putting the washed cloth on top of the storage room for drying one by one and also smiling at the worker. I could sense something was going to happen now for a moment I thought what if the man goes violent on her and now the worker drop his tools from hand and started to work very close to her.
She was all sweating and sweat was trickling down her belly it was beyond beautiful to describe in words. I was anticipating an action at any moment because of her sexy mood she appeared to be more beautiful and appealing to me. She was continuing to seduce the worker. She was confidant that no one was watching the whole thing. Then all of a sudden and the worker came to her and she was lying cloths on top of storage place and doesn't realized the man at her back.
The worker suddenly began to squeeze her belly. She was surprised by this sudden movement and turn back to look at him and but even though she startled a bit she didn't protest she began to smile back at him and she was looking sexily at him. I was expecting more action now. I was sure she too needs more but for disappointment he get lose his hold and hurriedly went outside was left hot and dry. I don't see that man any more working their.
I continue to watch her. I now knew she needs it. I slowly removed curtain and make sure she see me but I purposefully don't watched her and but she could see me and when she came to wash cloth she saw me. I could make that with my corner of my eye. I try to be not taking care of her and on one day when I happen to pass through her house she smiled at me and asked what I was doing and invited me to house.
Her husband was also their and she introduced me to him. He was leaving for work and told to me take tea or coffee and left for office. She then told me that she saw me at the window. I tried to be polite and told her I didn't notice her and we talked a lot and we become more intimate and she told me to visit often. Next day when I was in front of computer she called me from outside and I told her Hi and he asked about my study.
I was watching a hot movie I told her 'doing well, I knew that game was on. I knew how desperate she was. Then she began to smile when ever she comes to wash. Now that she knew I was watching her and she asked me to come to her hose. I went backside of her house as they is only a small fence and she saw me coming through that fence and told me 'you are an expert in jumping fence I told her she looks god in saree.she immediately told me that 'so you are watching me.
I said yes and she smiled at me naughty ehenever she come to wash she began to seduce me by wearing transparent cloths and showing navel one day she fell down while washing . I knew she was pretending I went near her and carried her to storage place and started to massage her ankle. She was looking at me seductive. I don't waste any time. I just removed her saree. She smelled sexy and I licked her navel it smelled like musk.
I licked her belly and slowly gone down between her legs and started parting her petals. The smell was intoxicating and I almost cum in my underwear and I licked her till she had an orgasm. Then she guided my tool to her and it was my first time. It felt like dipping my tool to a warm butter. She began to hold my tool with her vagina. Later I learned that only few women could do this and hours went by until all her face was red with blood and with a growl her eyes rolled back and she dig her nails to by back. I also cummed soon that's was a beginning and rest in another story.SuperZhera
Hindi Story Maths Ma'am Ko Pehli Bar
February 3, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Hey friends, kya haal hai aap logo ka? Ye mera ISS me tisra story hai and I hope pehle balo story ke tarah ye vi acche lage by the way abb story me jate hai jyada bakbak karoonga to aplog bore ho jaoge me thik bola na? Mujhe mail karna mat vuliyega mai jab 12th me tha tab mai hostel me rehta tha. Hamare ek maths ma'am tha unki naam Madhbi thi wo bahut hi sundar thi aur sexy vi thi malik ke beti aur biwi ko
Chodte chodte me bahut bara chodora ban gaya tha aur tab mai un dono ki chut ki maja bahut din ke break ke bad bad hi le pata tha aur isiliye mai chut ka bhukha rehta tha. Chalo ab ma'am ke bare me kuch batata hoon, unki fig 30 28 32 ( ye mera idea hai ) hogi dekhne ke bad se hi unko sune ka unko akbar chodne ka prabal issa jag utha tha. Kya batao yaroon agar tumlog unhe dekhte to tum bhi mere tarah shoste,
Unki baal, unki chal, unki boobs, unki ass kya batao unki sab kuch me jadu hi jadu hai. Jisdin unki class rehte the usdin sab college ate the wo naye nabeli teacher thi, isiliye teaching capasity thori weak thi, aur isiliye shayed unki pass private coching ke liye khub kam students ate the. Kuch mahine bad mai aur mere kuch dost unki pass padai karne jane laga par kuch din bad mere dost log unki pass padna chor diya par mai
Padta raha, pehle to ma'am ne me akela hoon bolkar padane ko mana kar diya tha par mai mai bahut request karke chaloo rakkha aise hi me unki pass padta raha aur unki fig enjoy karta raha aur room pe akar unki naam ka muth marta raha me jab 2nd year me gaya tab v unhi ke pas padta raha. Akdin mere cell par 1 miss call aya wo ma'am ka no tha par mujhe pata nahi tha aur mai call back kiya. Jab opposite side se ladk ki awaz ayai to mujhe bahut achha laga aur me thori mitha bolne laga.
Pehle mai v ma'am ki awaz pehchan nahi paya par thodi der bad malum ho gaya tha par mai anjaan bankar reh gaya aur roz batein karne lag gaya. Dhire dhire wo mujhse khulkar baat karne lag gayi aur kuch din bad wo pura ka pura khul gaya matlab hum dono husband wfe jaisa ho gaya wo v sirf phone par. Kuch din bad mai unhe mere sath sex karne ke liye jor karne laga aur akhir me wo man gayi oh ho batana bool
Gaya wo humare college ke ek girls hostel me rehte thi aur wo mujhse 6 saal ka bada hai matlab unki umr 24-25 hai aur ekdin phone karke unhone mujhe apna adress bataya aur bola k hostel ke samne jakar unhe call karoon usdin sunday tha mai unhe call kiye bina unki student bankar hi unki room pe gaya aur jakar der nehi kiya aur ma'am ko bahoon me le liya aur bola I love you very much my sweety jaan wo
Chaunkk gayi aur khudko mujhse chura lia aur bola tumhare hmmat kaise hui, mai haske bola ki kya ma'am apphine to bulaya mujhe unhone bola tum pagal to nahi ho gaya meri sweeti darling ye bolke mai turant unhhe pise se pakar liya aur unki kaan pe kiss karke bola ki app phone par itne din mujhse hi baten karte the ma'am, tab unhone bola ' kya? Tab mai bola ki haan ma'am, tab unhone bola ki ruko darwaja
Band kar leti hoon mai jake baith gaya aur wo darwja band karke pusa ki tumhare batoon ka kya proof hai, maine bola ke app us no. pe call karke dekhiye to unhone call kiya aur mere phone pe bajne lage you alredy know I wanna fuck you fuck you. unhone bola bahut accha tone hai tab maine bola khas karke app ke liye tab unhone bola you naughty, my little student lover aur mere god pe baith gaya aur apni daya
Hath se mere sar ke pise ke baal pakar liya aur baya hath k ak ungl mere hoton pe sehlane laga aur pura sexy voice me mujhe you naughty bolkar mere hoton ko chumne laga, mera to pura 90 degre ho gaya thori der bad uski hath mere lund par gaya aur wo use pant ke upar se sehlate huye bola are tum to pura mood pe ho yaar, tab maine bola ke are ma'am mood pe to me barso se tha kambakt chance hi nahi mil raha tha, ma'am
Ne bola aaj to mil gaya na wo to dekh hi raha hoo tab ma'am ne bola sirf batein hi karte rahoge ya kuch karoge v, are ma'am kuch karne ke liyehi to saloon se taras raha hoon, to karona, itni vi kya jaldi ma'am, thora sabr' kariye, sabr' ka fall mitha hot hai, bas bahut ho gaya abb mujse raha nahi ja raha hai, maine thik hai ma'am bolkar unki hoton ko kiss karne lag gaya, aur unki chunt ko sehlane lag gaya, tab unki muh se ooh
Ahh nikalne lagi, uske bad mai unki kapde utar diya aur wo mera, ab hum ak dusre ke samne bilkul naga tha, aur mai uski hath me apna 8 inch ka land thama diya aur wo sehlane lag gaya thori der bad maine unhe mera lund unki muh pe lene ko kaha par wo man nahi rahi thi tab mai jabardasti unki muh me apna lund dal diya, abb mai unki muh chudai mai lag gaya, thori der bad mera pani nikal gaya, tab mai unhe chair pe
Baitha diya aur unki chunt chatne lag gaya wo phirse ooohh aahhh bolna suru kar dya, karib 5 minute ke bad unki chunt ki pani nikal aya mai aur chatne lag gaya wo bolne lag gayi ki jaldi karo mujhe tumhra lund chahiye thori rookona jaan abbe harami jaldi lund andar daal thori der bad mera lund pura khada ho ga to mujse vi raha nahi gaya aur mai apna lund unki chut pe dall diya pehla dhaka mara to thori tight laga par
Dusri bar pura ka pura andar ghus gaya ma'am ki muh se thori si cikh nikal ayi, ma'am appki chut thori jyada dhela nahi par gaya kya? Kya pehle vi? Nahi yaar pehle kavi nahi kiya tha par kavi kavi artificial use karti hoon aur mujhe ma'am mat bulao to kya bulao mere pyari Randi? Randi hogi teri biwi aur mujhe sweeti bulana jo phone par bulate the ok sweeti darling kaisa lag rahi hai?
Bahut achha, aahhhh jorse maro oohhhh ooommhhhh yeahhh mai vi pura full speed par dhkka lagana suru kar diya karib 25 minute ke bad wo bolne laga ahhh ohhh jaan mai chorne wala hoon, bas ho gaya kya ajto mai ruknebala nahi hoon ohhh umhh yeah yeah yeah fuck fuck tor do far do aaj kujli mita do iski kambakt bahut pareshan karti hai umhh maa maa yeah abbe randi maa ko kyu bulati hai harami randi kisko bolta hai ahhhhhh yeah karib
30 minute ke bad wo akhri bar ke liye pani chor diya par mai ruka nahi mai vi jharne wala tha aur mera speed aur bad gaya par use ab dard hone lagi thi aur uski ankoon se ansoon bahne lagi thi, abbe harami kutta sala mar dalegi kya? Bola tha na far dalunga, karib 33 minute bad mera maal out ho gaya mai uski upar so gaya kuch der bad uth ke mai kapda pehen liya tab wo nahake mere liye 1 cup tea laya toh sweety darling maza aya?
Woh mujhe pise se pakarkar mere baloon ko sehlate huye kaha ki bahut maza aya janu, aaj se sweeti darling tumhara gulaam ban gaya, thik hai to mere pyare sweeti, aglebar ke liye taiyar rehna, 24, 7 hujur thik hai to mai chalta hoon ok bye hujur. Toh dosto uske bad hume jab vi mauka mila hum sex kar lete the par abb I really miss her very much.SuperZhera
English Story Wild Sex With My Maid
February 3, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Hi to all again, friends! My narration of my experience attracted few responses encouraging ones and thanks for that. Now, I'm going to tell you all about my wild sex experience with a maid who had worked in our house during my stay in Chennai few years ago due to my profession, I was in Chennai and I had taken my family along my wife and two kids. Oh and let me introduce myself again to those who are new comers.
My name is Shuai now 38 years young 5 feet 10 inches brown complexioned fit enough and my friends say I look 8 years still younger as I am a regular exercise freak, I look fit with not so fat around on bed I think I am a kind of person who forgets all, treat woman under me without any inhibitions love to have very wild fuck love to make the woman beneath me to scream with wild ecstacy and coming to my experience.
We had a maid named Mary, who was taking care of all house hold hold works like washing dishes, cloths, floor and all. She used to come at around 5.30 am and leave at 2 pm. She was around 28 years, married with a kid and her husband was a auto driver. She looked good, with sharp features, dark complexioned, small but firm tits. Narrow waist and round hips. Woman of that age and sexy fig would surely drive men man. No man would leave any opportunity to fuck her.
She always wore sari with a blouse and short sleeves and her 5 feet 4 inches well structured fig was always a feast to my eyes but I always had to be in control due to my wife's presence. I made it a habit to wake up before she came in the morning, so that, I could open the door at 5.30 am. I used to try to seduce her without any shirt on and only shorts on and she used to steal glances at my chest as she entered the house.
Sometimes I used to leave a narrow way for her to enter so that I could feel her body brushing against me and sometimes my hard cock used to brush against her. She never minded to all these. One day I thought I should go a bit further more I got up with a solid hard on, went to open the door as she tried to enter through, I stood on the way, completely blocking the way. She looked up at me and smiled. She put her hands on my waist and pushed to one side.
I turned to one side and put my one leg in the way my hard cock trying to come out she put her hands on my thighs and looked up at me. I asked her how she would enter now. She slowly started moving her hands on my thighs up towards my shorts I started getting out of control and I put my hands on her waist ran my hands towards her round buttocks, cupping and squeezing them. She came closer and I pushed my rock hard cock towards her belly.
She suddenly released from my hug and ran into the house. My wife was still sleeping but she might wake up at any moment but I was so much sexited and aroused that I could not hold myself. I wanted to fuck her immediately. So, I went to the kitchen and grabbed her and pushed her to the wall, thrust my mouth on her lips, my cock thrusting her on her belly, she was responding well by hugging me.
I had to cum right there, later I could fuck her cunt by thrusting my 7 inches rock hard cock in to her wet cunt but immediately I wanted to cum in her presence my mouth wildly suckng her lips her cheeks her boobs over her blouse, still thrusting my cock on her belly on one side my wife would come and see us like this on the other hand I wanted to cum. I lowered my shorts and took my lund started shaking wildly grabbed her hand and told her to squeez my cock.
I wanted to cum soon and later I could fuck her and I was reaching climax reaching that wild moment of ejaculation suddenly I stood still, with my mouth on hers, exploded into her hand, her palm cupped to take my semen with other hand she squeezed my cock and drained. I got into this world kissed her and left to wash. My wife was still sleeping. I went to bathroom, washed and woke my wife up as usual day began but I was getting restless as I did not fuck Mary in her cunt.
Now that, this happened, I knew I could fuck her anytime but when? I had to wait for almost a month. My wife and kid had to leave for native place, Hyderabad due to some family matter. They left on a Saturday night by train and I was looking forward to get Mary on bed next day. No sleep that night watched some porn movie, shagged and slept. Next morning woke up at 5 am, quickly freshed up and waited for Mary. It was very long wait she came at 6.30 and I was a bit wild due to her delay.
She said she took bath before coming and that's why delayed. I felt glad grabbed her and hugged her. She was also hungry for fuck so, she was wildly kissing me. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and threw her on bed. Her sari parted and blouse exposed her valley and her belly looked so smooth and lovely. I feasted my eyes on her body. She slowly started removing her blouse buttons. Removed all, got up and took it off. She was wearing black bra.
I could not control anymore; I pulled her sari and stripped her bra exposing her boobs small but very inviting to be licked. I took my shorts off, my hard cock standing straight like a pole. She looked at it and smiled at me. I jumped on her like a wild tiger, pulled her petticoat.down exposing her clean shaven cunt. She looked magnificient black beauty naked and inviting me has a fuck feast.
I kissed her on her lips took her lips in my ,mouth like a hungry lion my tongue running all inside her mouth my cock rubbing her belly wetting her and making it sticky. I slowly came down to her throat kissing and biting and she was already in peaks of arousal. I came still further down taking her nipples in my mouth licking them wildly biting them opening my mouth widely and taking the whole breast inside my mouth and crushing with my teeth making her squeeze with pleasure.
I came down still further licking on her belly licking my own juices slowly parted her legs by running my palm. My! She was wet like hell and she was wet all through her thighs. I kissed her on the thigh close to her cunt she was out of control she moaned loudly and grabbed my hair and pushe my mouth into her cunt. I brought out my tongue out and started licking her wet cunt first I licked all her juices and penatrated my tongue deep inside her wide open cunt.
She was screaming wildly I raised my head up looked at her and she had closed her eyes and suddenly rose up grabbed my by head and pushed my head towards her cunt. I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt licking all around her wet walls of her cunt still deeper. I suddenly felt her shivering, shuddered and gave a wild and soft cry still she was raising her hips she came and her fluids allover my tongue. She relaxed al her muscles and fell on her back.
She gently opened her eyes and looked at me and I got up and kissed her on her lips kissed her on her tits put both my legs on either side of her chest and started thrusting my hard cock on her tits. She took the tip of my cock and started rubbing it on her nipples. It was so fantastic I moved further up and put my cock near her mouth almost sitting on her breasts. She took my cock into her mouth and I started moving inside and out as if I was fucking her.
It was so nice and she was taking my cock completely in to her mouth, run her tongue allover my cock. My movements started quicker I was fucking her mouth now wildly. I was moaning loudly she was doing a fantastic blowjob. I was holding on to the cot's upper portion and I was just moving my hips while pushing my cock inside and outside her mouth. I did this for about 15 minutes and stopped as was about to cum.
She did not mind taking me inside her mouth but I wanted to fuck her cunt. I shifted and positioned in between her legs spread her legs wide open put my cock tip at the entrance and rubbed her there and she moaned loudly again and grabbed my cock and wanted me to thrust into her cunt. I wanted something below her hips and took some pillow to put below her hips. Now her hips raised cunt wide open and put my rock hard cock at the entrance and suddenly pushed into her cunt.
She screamed with pleasure and I went deep into her and started thrusting in to her cunt wildly grabbing her boobs and squeezing them both kept thrusting my 7 inches hard cock inside her cunt like a wild horse both moaning loudly then I stopped to take a break my cock still inside her and she must have got may orgasms by then and I was feeling very wet and sticky inside her and I still had my cock inside her and I kissed her nipples took them in my mouth.
I started biting them hard biting her tits wildly then while keeping the nipples in my mouth. I started fucking again my cock still getting harder and harder by each thrust. I was unable to control after 20 minutes of continuous ramming. I told her that I was cumming. I grabbed her mouth by my mouth just moving my hips to keep up ramming. I raised my head exploded my cum inside her cunt like never ending flow each drop bringing different kind of pleasure relaxed completely fell on her bossom.
My cock still inside her cunt still hard but spent slowly shifted and fell on my back both did not speak for a few minutes and just savoring those sexy moments kissed again and slept off almost an hour gone by woke up only after my phone started ringing. That was my wife to tell me that she reached safely and to tell me to be careful with Mary as she did not have good impression on her. I told her she never came. Mary was lying naked next to me.SuperZhera
Hindi Story Vidhwa Bhabi Ki Chudai
February 3, 2012 at 10:47 PM
Hi friends,mera naam Rivi hai, age 35 I am from pathankot, I love sex apka time waste na karte hue Aaj mei aap ko apni beti ek real story suna raha hoon, hope aap pasand karenge.Ye story mere aur mere vidhwa bhabi ki hai. Bat aaj se kareeb 5 years pehle ki hai. Oct ka mahina tha mere choti cousin sister ki shadi thi sabhi restheydar aye hue thy kuch resteydar hamare ghar me ruke they to kuch cousin sister ke ghar par.
Ghar me khushi ka mahool tha.shadi ka karyakram chal raha tha. Mere vidhwa bhabi ke bare me bata du unki umar 28 years n hai unki shadi ke 2 saal baad hi bhaiya ka swargwas ho gaya tha. Bhabi ek sex bomb hai 5feet 3" ki gore aur sudol sarir ki malkin hai unka figure 36 24 36 ka hai dekhne ne bahoot sexy hai.Unke sudol uroj (breast) dekh kar mere lund aksar khada ho jata hai shadi khatam hone par jayadatar
Resteydar wapis chale gai par phir bhi bhaut sare abhi baki they jis ki wajah se ghar me bhid thi. Raat ko sabhi log ghar me ground floor par so gaye mere bhabhi aur do tin ladies aur kuch bache upar wale mere kamre me so rahe the jab mai sone ke liye apne kamre me pahucha to dekha ki ek kone me thodi jagah hai mai wahi par ja kar so gaya mene dekha ki mere bagal me mere vidwa bhabi so rahi thi mere niyat unke mast
Uroj dekh kar kharab ho gai unke uroj unki sason ke saath uper neche ho rahe the aur mere dil par katar chal rahi thi mene unko chodne ka man bana liya. Kamre me andhera tha is ka faida uthate hue me dhere se unki rajai me ghus gaya bhabi mere taraf pith kar ke gehri need me so rahi thi aur mene mensoos kiya ki unki sadi aur petikot unke ghutno tak chada hua tha mene unke pair ko chua kya bataun doaston
Malai jasie mulaim aur soft skin ko chhu kar mere rom rom me current daud gaya. Bhabi ki garam rajai me bhabi ke saath hone ka alag hi anand tha mere lund khada ho chukka tha. Mene dhere se apna haath bhabi ki chuchi par rakaha aur halke haat se sehlane laga. Bhabhi ka koi reaction na dekh mere himmat badhi aur phir mene bhabi ke blouse ke huk ek ek kar kholne suru kiye. Andar bhabi ne pink colour ki half cup
Wali bra pehan rakhi thi jisme se unki chuchi adhe se jayada bhar thi, mein unki ardh nagan chuchion ko dekh kar pagal ho gaya aur merea lund lohe ki rod ki tarah sakth ho gaya tha. Ab mein dhere dhere unki sadi aur petikot ko upar ki taraf khiskane laga, akhirkar mein unki sadi unki kamar tak uthane me safal rahe. Ab mujhe unki mast 36 inch ki gadrai hui gol gand ke dashan huai. Jese dekh kar mere lund fanfanane laga, mene unki mast gand par hath phera bhaut hi soft gand thi bhabi ki.
Mene apna pant underwear to dhere se utar kar apne 8 inches lambe Lund ko Azad kia aur dhere se bhabhi ki mast gand ki darar se touch kia touch karte hi mujhe janat ka maza ane laga. Ab mene dhere se bhabi ki chuchion ko bra se azad karne ke liya bra ko hook khola par is bar bhabi kuch kasmasi to mai dar gaya aur aise hi kuch der ruka raha. Jab mujhe laga ki bhabhi phir se so gai hai to mane phir apna lund unki mast
Gand me touch kia aur unki chuchi ko sahlana suru kia ab mujhe maza a raha tha. Mene chuchi par dabab badha diya aur thoda jor se dabane laga aur lund ko bhi gand me halaka halka ragadne laga.Shyad bhabi jag rahi thi aur vo bhi maza le rahi thi. Bhabhi ne halki se angdai li aur ek pair aage ki taraf kar ke phir so gai. Ab mujhe unki chut bhi dekhai de rahi thi.
Mene ishra samjha aur apni ungli unki chut ki taraf badha di unki choti choti jhate thi. Mene unki chut ke mulayam hoothon ko sahlaya aur unki clit ko unglio ke beeh me leke masalne laga. Ab bhabhi ki chut gili ho chuki thi aur who neend ke bahane maza le rahi thi. Bhabhi ne phir karwat li aur sidhi let gai. Ab mejhe unhe explore karne me asani hui. Meine unki chuchi ko muh me le kar choosna soro kia aur dusari ko masalna.
Ab mein janat ne tha, ek hath se me unki chut ko bhi sahla raha tha. Unki chut mast gili ho chuki thi mene ungli chut par ragane suru ki to bhabhi ne dhere se tange thodi khol li. Mene unki chuchi chuste huai ungli chut me daal di. Unki chut tight thi kyonki bahaut dino se chudi nahi thi. Ungli jate hi who siskari lene lagi aur who moan karne lagi. Ab mein unhe ugli se chod raha tha bhabhi ko bhi maza aa raha tha ab who satve asman par thi.
Bhabhi mere lund pakad kar sahlane lagi mein 69 ki position me aa gaya aur unki chut ko chatne laga aur jeebh se unki gili chut ko chodne laga, who aaah ooooh ki awaj nikalne lagi. Kehne lagi aur jor se chato maza aa raha hai. Ab who mere lund ko chusne lagi aur zor zor se chusne lagi kuch hi der me mein unke muh me jhad gaya aur who mera sara virya pee gai par lund chusna jari rakha, mein ab bhi unki chut chat raha tha aur do unglion se chod raha tha.
Mere lund unki chusai se phir se tyar ho gaya unhone apni tange mere sar par kas de aur unki chut se dher sara pani nikla lise me chat gaya. Bhabhi ne kaha ab mat tadpao phad dalo mere chut. Ab me unki tango ke beech me baith gaya aur apne lund ka supada unki bhuki chut par rakha aur ek jordar jhatka lagaya, mere pura lund unki chut me ghus gaya aur wo kasmasane lagi. Unhe dard ho raha tha mene unke lip kiss karna suru kia aur dhere dhere lund andar bhar karna suru kia wo bhi lip kiss ka maza le rahi thi.
Ab mein bhabhi ko chod raha tha aur unke muh se uuuhhh aaaaahhh aur tez karo phad dalo mere chut bhaut dino se pyasi hoon bujha do mere piyas ki awaj ane lagi phir mene speed badha di aur wo bhi apne chutar utha kar mera sath dene lagi kareeb 25 min ki chudai ke bad hum dono ek sath jhad gaye aur bahaut der tak ekdusre se cupke rahe ab jab bhi mauka milta hai hum chudai ka khel khel lete hai. Aap ko kaise lagi mere story mujhe mail karke jaror batana my ID is Agar kisi bhabhi ya aunty ko sex karna hai to mujhe mail kare please, I'm waiting for you feed back for my next story please give your valuable feedback.SuperZhera
Hindi Story Meri Payari Mausi
February 3, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Hi dosto mai Sandy age25 height 5.4 feet with new story mari mousi jiska naam Radha hai age 38 hai par lagti 30 ki hai uski height 5.5. or 36 32 38 size hai meri mousi bhot khubsurt hai mousi ka ghar mere ghar se 5 km hai or mere college ke road pay mousi ka ghar hai mousi ko ek ldka hai jo ki boarding school may hai or mosaji goverment job may hai mousi ke sasur or sas gaon may rehte hai chote beti ke passMousaji Hapte may 2 ya 3 din kam ke sinsile may bahr rehte hai mai jub time mile to mousi ke pass rehta hu meri mousi muzse frank hai dost jaisi may college ki sbi bate btata hu hamari sex parbhi kabhi kabar bat ho ti thi mere college ke exam pass aa rhethe tab mousi ne mummy ko call kiya or bola bête tera college mere ghar ke pass may hai or exam bhi najdik aa rehe hai to tu tode din mere pass rakh mummy man
Gai aur muje duste din mousi ke yaha bhej diya rat 9 pm maine mousi ke ghar paking kar ke gaya lekin mosaji ki car waha nahi thi mousaji kam ke wajhse baher gaye honege maine doorbell dabai door khulgaya mousine mousi ne tight gown pehana tha jise unke bade bade mummy saaf dikhai de rahe the me unhe hi dekh raha the
Mousi: aaise kay dekha raha hai Sandy
Me: khuch nahi mousi bas aaise hii aaj aap roj se bhi aur khubsurat deekh rahi hooo.
Mousi: achaa pehale kabhi acchi nahi dikhati thi kay?
Me: aaise baat nahi mousi par aaj to aap gajab dikh rahi hooo aur mai under gaya aur mousi ko hmesha ki trah hug kiya or mousi ne nhi muze hug karke mathe pe kiss kiya
Fir me fresh ho gaya TV dekhne lag khuch der baad humne khanaa khaya aur me bahar hi so gaya par muje rat bhar need nahi aa rahi thi bas mousi ke bade bade mummy hi dikh rahe the kaise taise karke me soya. Subha mousi ne muje uthaya aur me fresh ho gaya aur college gaya waha par bhi muje mousi ke mummy hi dhikh rahi the mera padai me man nahi kar raha tha so me jaldi ghar aagay to mousi gar me akeli
Thi mousaji kam ke silsile me kuch din ke liye bhahar gaye the Me dopehar ko jaldi ghar gaya mousi ghar par TV dekh rahi thi mousi ne abhi bhi ejk gown pehana tha aur jese unke mummy aur bhi dikh rahe the muje jaldi aaya dekhar o jara pareshan huai aur kaha
Mousi: Kay hua jaldi Q aaye?
Me: bas aaise hi man nahi lag raha tha me abhi mousi ke mummy ko hi dekh raha tha
Mousi: acha thik hai tum fresh ho jao me kuch khane ke liye banati hu? Fir mousi kichan me gai aur me TV dekhane laga kuch der baad mousi ne magi banai jab mousi muje magi serve kar rahi thi tab unke mummy gown me se dikh rahe the mousi ne
Gown ke gale ke ek botton lagana bul gai thi uski vajase muje unke mummy darshan mil gaye the me ek tak unke mummy ko dekh raha tha mousi ne bhi muje dekha ki me kay dekh raha hu par kuch nahi kaha aur me magi kane laga mousi TV dekhne lagi me megi khatam karke mousi ke bajume jake beta aur TV dekhne laga
Mousi: acha hua tum jaldi aa gaye me to bohat bor ho rahi thi?
Me: muje aase laga ki aap ghar par bor ho jaogi isliye me jaldi aagaya
Mousi: kuch tume pareshani hai kay? Koi girlfriend ka mamla to nahi hai?
Me: nahi mousi aaise kuch baat nahi haiii aur meri koi girl friend haiiii me to akelaaa huuuu maine zat se mousi se kaha tum meri girlfriend banogi to usne kaha soch ke bataungi to main e kaha sochna kay hai to wo boli girlfriend banaoge to tume muze gifts dene honge or ghumane lejana padega to mai bola thik hai muze manjur hai to wo boli thik hai aaj se mai tumari girlfriend
Mousi: waaaa Kay baat hai aaj kal tum mujese bohat pyari bate kar rahe hoooo
Me: naaaahiii mousi aaise kuch nahi haiii bas aap to din bar din aur bhi khubsoort dikh rahi hooooo sachiiii
Mousi: aaseee kaaaa? Subah se koi nahi mila kay pakane ke liye? Aur kay dekha tum ne jo me tume khubsurat lagne lagi hoooo
Me: aap is gown me bohat aachiii dekhti hooo me unke mummy ko hi dekh kar bola unko samja
Mousi: kay dekha rahe hoooo? Apne mummy ki aur hat karke kaha inhe dekh rahe hooo kay?
Me: nahii haaa mousi aap ke mummy bohat bade aur aur
Mousi: aur kay
Me: rashile
Mousi: achaaaa tumhe kaise pata heeee rasile haiii tumne kabhi inka rassss piya
Me: ras to nahii piyaaa parrr pinaa chahunaagaa agar aap kooo bura nahi laga too
Mousi: chal haaat pagal kuch bhi bolta haiiii aur me unke pass gaya aur unko piche se pakda aur unke kan me kahaaaa mousi mere dost ne uske girlfriend ko pehli date per lip to lip 15 min ka kiss kiya tha muze bhi tume kiss karna hai. Mousine sharmake na kaha mai samz gaya ki ye tayar hai maine mousi ko pakda or uske lip par apne lip
Rakha diye or kiss karne laga 12 se 15 minutes tak hamara kiss chala kiss karte wakt mai mosi ki naram aur bade mummy ke upar haat phrnelaga. Mousi bhi meri kis kaa response de rahi thi o mere balome hat pher rahi thi mousi mere baho may thi kiss ke bad mousine meri traf dhekha may samz gaya mosi ab chudai keliye tayar hai maine mousi ko godi me uthaya or bed room may gaya ab mousi ko me jor jor se kis karne
Laga fir me mouse ke gale par kis karne laga kuch der bad me mousi ke gardan par kis karne laga kis karte sama me unke mummy ko danane laga aur unke gaad ko mere lund ragad raha thaaa kuch der aise karte raha phir me mene mousi ka gown utara uski kali bra utari aur unke bade bade mummy ko dekhe pagal ho gaya
Me: kay mast mumyyy haiii mousi aaap ke waaaa aaj to me inhe khaa hiii jaungaaaa kitnaaa ras bara haiiii inmeee.
Mousaje ne kabhi ras nahiii piyaaa kaaaa inkaaaa. Aur jat se unke ek mummy ko apne muha me le liya aur jor jor se chus ne lagaaa
Mousi: ooo aaaram see Sandy dukh raha hiiii mujeee ssssss
Me: kay mousi itne ache mummy aap ne kaha chupa kar rakhe theee aab me ine pura ka pura khaa jaungaaa Muu kayyy mast test haiiii inkaaaa ooo sssuu muje to inhoneeee pagal hi kar diya haiiiiii aab mee kaise chup rahungaaaaa
Mousi: mmm kay mast chuta haiiii tuuuu Sandy khaaa jaaaa inheee tere mousaajii toooo inheee chute hiii nahiii haiiii isliye yeee inte rasile haiiii aaj inkaaa sara kaa saaa ras pi jaaaaa chus jor jorr seee ooo maaaaa badaaa majaaa aaaraaa haiii ssss ooo
Me:unke mummy ek hatse jor jor se daba raha tha aur dusre mummy ko jor jor se chus raha thaaa me fir kis karte karte niche unke neval se khelne laga mousi ki halat karab ho rahi thi o ab siskariya bhar rahi thi ooooo Sandy haaaaa aaiseee hi Majaaa aaraaa haiiii. Maa karooo aur karoo mar dalo geee kay fir me unke chut ke pas poch gayaaa maien mousi ki panty nikali Wow! kay mast chut thi kale kale balo me chupi hueiii ekdam lal lal ekdam fulihui pav roti ki tarah aur use pani bhi dheere dheere nikal raha thaaaa.
Me: dhire se mousi ki chut ke upar jeeb pherne lagaa Mousi boli kay kar raha hai tu ooooo maaaaa lagtaaa haiii aaj tuu muje marrr hi dalegaa me dheere dheere apni jeeb unki chut me gused ne lagaaaa mousi aur jor jor se siskirya bharne lagi oooo ab kayyyy khayegaaa kay chut kooo sssss majaaa aarahaaa reee chus aur jorr jor see chussss. Muje nahii pataaa kiii chusewane me itnaaa mazaaa aata haiii hhh ghused puri ki puri jeeb haaaa me kuch der
Mousi ke chut kooo jeeb se chodne laga kay mast swaad thaaa ekdam mast hhhaaa haaaa ooooo haaaa jor jor see aurr jor seeee chusss Sandy meraaa nikalne walaaa haiiiii aur kuch hi der baad mousi ne dher saraaa pani mere muh par jod diyaaa mere muh puraaa ka puraa mousi ke panise bhar gaya thaaaa
Mousi: waaa Sandy aaj tune to bada kamal kiya reee aaj kitne dino baad mere pani niklaa haiii tune to bina chode hiii mera pani nikallaaa me bohat khush hoo gai mere raaja aur muje jor jor se kis karne lagiiii
Me: mousi abhi to sirf surwat hui haiii puri picture baki hai kehate hi me bhi mousi ko kis karne lagaa aur unke mummy kooo sehalane lagaaaa
Aur ek hat see unke chut ko bhi sehalane lagaaa kuch hi der me mousi fir se garam ho gaiii aur apne ek hat se mere lund ko pant ke uparse hiii sehalane lagiiii jo ki pehalese hiii tayari me thaaa
Mousi: uuuumaaa kitana badaaa haiiii reee teraaa to lund tere mousaji se bhi badaa lagta hai kehate hi apne ek hat mere pant ke andar dalke sehalane lagi ab mousi ne mere pant utar di ab hum dono pure nangeee theeee mera lund mousi ke chut ko salami deer aha thaa aur mousi ki chut mere lund ko aamntra de rahi thii kiii aaaa jaaa aur chod muje ab hum done fir se kis karne lage mousi ab muje kis karte karte mere lund tak pohach gaiii
Mousi: haiii kita mast aurrr tadgaaa motaaa lund hai reee teraaa mee aaj ise khaa hi dalungiiiii kehakar lund koo jor jor see chusne lagi
Me: mousiiii aaap kooo lund chus naaa pasand haiii lagtaaa haiiii aaap aaise chus rahii hooo jaise kabhiii nahiii chussaa jaraa aaram see me kahi bhagaa nahi jaa rahaaa huuuu hhaa ooooo aaaaa
Mousi: tu thik ke rahaaa hiiii reeee tere mousaji kooo yeee lund chuswana pasand nahi haiii o tooo basss lund ko hila kar khada karwate haiii aur fir shuru hoo jate haii. Meri kabse ichaa thiii kiii me kabhii to lund chusuuu aaaj puri hoo gaiii ab mat rok mujeeeee muuaa mmuuaa hooo kay mast haiii reee tere lund kaa swaaad khuch der lund chusne ke baad mousi bed par jake let gaiii apniii chut kooo ekdam kolke usme ugli kar rahii thiiii ooo Sandy dekho kaise tumhareee lund ke liye tadap rahii haiii
Bhichaariiii aaaooo naaaa uskiiii pyasss bhujaooo naaaaa oooo mereee raja aab nahiiii sahaaaa jaa rahaaaa haiii aooo naaaaa chooodooo muje aur me turant bed par chad gayaaa mousi ne mere lund ko pakda aur chut par rakahaaa aur kahaa hhhaaaaa aaabb dalooo andarrr jaldiiii mujeee rahaa nahii jaa rahhh haiiii mene bhii kuch nahii sochaa aur jor kaa jatakkk maraaa. Mousi ki chut to pehale si hiii chudwakar badi ho gaii thi
Tab mere adhaaa se jayda lund andar chala gay mene fir se ek kararaaa jatakkk mara aurr pura ka puraaa lund chut me ghused diya haiiii kay mast shot maraaa reee mazaa aaa gaaya chood aaaj apni mousii koo aaise jood ke apaaaa diwanaaa banaa deee khush karr deee mujeee aaj haaa maaa mar mar jor jor seeee jat ke maarrr hhhhaa haaaa oooooo marrrr maaazaaa aaa rahhaa hiiii reee aaa labhag 15 minutes me mousi
Ke chut kooo chod raha thaaaa mousi ab jarne ke karib thiiii Sandy marrr aurr jooo see maaa marrrr oo aurrrr haa haaa mousii jar gaiiiii khuch 10-15 jatke keee baaad meee bhiii jarne wala thaaa me neee bhiii jor jor seeee jatke mareee aurrr mousi keee pet par hiii jar gay kuch der hum aise hii pade raheee
Mousi: aaj bohat din baat mujeee chudwaneee me mazaa gay thanks Sandy itnaaa achaa chodaa mujeee khush hoo gaiiii waaa teraaa lund to wakaiii meee mazedarrr haii
Me: abhiii pura majaa nahiii huaaa mousiiii abhii to sirf chut mari haiiii gaaad to baki haii
Mousi: kay Gaaand nahiii chutt kitni marni haii marleeee parrr gaand nahiii bohat dard hota haii.
Me: dard mee hi to mazaaa haiii mousiiii abhiii chut ka maza liyaaa to gand ka bhii loooo jaydaaa dard hua to meee nikal lungaaaa
Mousi: achaaa thik haiii par aaram see marnaaa bohat din ho gai haiii gaand marwakeeee pehale jaraaa tel lagaanaa. Mene nariyal kaa tel apne lund par lagaya aur kuch mousi ke gaad parrr lagayaaa tel lagaya too mousi ke gaad aur bhiii jayda
Chamakene lagi mene mousi ko godi hone ke liya kaahaa mousi godi ho gaii mene unki gaad ko ek hat se failayaaa aur dusre haat see apne lund ko pakadke unke gaand ke chedpar rakaaa jaraaa aaaram see dalnaaa Sandy dard mat hone denaaaaa mene jat se ek jalka saa short maraaa mere lund ke topi sir unke gaad me chali gaiiii haaaa maaarr giii jaraaa aaram see rajaaaa mene fir se ek halka jatka maraa isbarrr mere
Adha lund andar chala gayyaa ooo basss ab matt dallll apnaaa lund jitnaaa chalaaa gayaaa utannnn baaasss teraaaa bohat badaaaa haiiii mee nahiii see paugii me khuch det tak aise hii chodta raahaaa aur achanakk ek jor kaaa jatkaaa maraa to mera pura kaaa puraaa lund andar chala gay aaaaa harami fadd dii meri gaad marrr gaiii ree nikal nikal tere lund koo mujeee nahiii marwaniiii gaaad maa ooo hhaaa me kuch der nahi
Hila fir mousi ka dard kam ho gayaaa me firse dire dire chod ne lagaaa aab mousi kaaa dard gayab ho gayaa lagata thaaa mousi ko maja aa raha thaaa oo maje see gaaad hila hila kar marwa rahii thiii aur chila rahi thi haa badaa majaa raha hii mar mar aur joor see mrrr faad dall meri gaand ko karib 10 minutes ke baaad hum done sat me hiii jar gaii hum ek duje ke bahooo mee hiii sogay kuch der baad mousi uthii ar bathroom chali gaii fresh hokar aai
Mousi: Mazaaa aa gayaaa aaj tune muje jaant ki sear karwi mast chodta hi reee tou.
Me: agar samne wall bhii chudwane wali bhi tooo gajab kaa mal hogiii toooo chodne me bhi to majaaa aaeegaa fir hum dono jor jor se hasne lage. Usdin mene mousi ko 3 bar chodaaa aur 2 bar gaad mariii aur jab bhi mouka milta hai to me unhe chodtaaa huu. To dosto kaise lagi merei story muje jarur batana muje mail karke agar koi bhi aunty bhabhiii (Mumbai ) mujseee dosti karna chaye to pls muje mail kare mere email id haiii me aap ke mail ka intzar karungaa baySuperZhera
Hindi Story Munni Badnaam Hui Shadishuda Mard Ke Liye
February 3, 2012 at 8:01 PM
Hello doston mera naam Munni hai. Mai Goa mai rehti hoon. Meri umar 19 saal hai. Mai ek lower middle class family se hoon. Mera rang gora hai hai. Meri height 5'4inch hai. Mai gazab ki sundar dikhti hoon. Kafi ladko ne mujhe propse kiya hai lekin maine un sab ko reject kar diya. Mera ek boyfriend tha. Uske saath maine sex nahi kiya tha. Use apne paise ka ghamand tha.

Mere seal todne ka shray jata hai mere pados wale ko. Uski shaadi hote 2 saal ho gaye hai. Uska ek saal ka beta hai. Uski wife theek thak dikhti hai. Who ek body builder hai aur handsome dikhta hai. Bilkul Salmaan Khan jaisa. Mai jaha kaam karti hoon who mujhe pehle apne ghar se taak ta rehta tha. Fir usne mere ghar ke bagal mai hi aa ke ghar kiraye pe le liya aur apni family ke saath rehne laga. Usse dekh ke mai ne apne boyfiend ke saath breakup karliya yeh keh ke ki who mujhe molest karne ki koshish kar raha hai.

Par hakikat mai mai apne padosi ki deewani ho gayi thi. Mere padosi ka naam Mr Mali hai. Toh Mali mere ghar ke baju mai rehne lag gaya. Mai uski wife ko sabke saamne didi bulati hoon aur Mali ko jiju. Par akele mai mai use Mali bulati hoon. Hamari achchi dosti ho gayi. Main aksar Mali ke saath ghar se office aur office se ghar ane lagi. Mali mujhe mere office khatam hone ke baad mujhe mere office se pick up karta hai. Usne jagah jagah se mere pasand ko pata kar liya tha. Who mujhe office ke baad coffee day le jata hai aur uske baad mujhe chocolate khareed ke deta hai. Main use pasand to karti hi thi deewani bhi ho gayi.

Usne ek din mujhe propose kiya. Maine sakpaka gayi kyunki who shadi shuda tha. Usne mujeh samjhaya yeh keh ke ki woh apni wife ko divorce de ke mujhse shaadi karega aur uska beta humare saath rahega. Aur who apni biwi ko mahine ke mahine 10000/- rupaye bhejta rahega. Meri khushi ka koi thikana nahi tha. Maine usse accept kar liya. Hum fir office ke baad rooz coffe pine jaate aur kabhi kabhi office skip kar ke ghoomne jaate the

Ek din jab office mai chutti thi. Humne ghar walo se yeh baat chupyi aur unse kahe ki hum office jaa rahe hai. Fir uss din hum ek resort ghoomne gaye jo humare ghar aur office se kafi door tha. Humne din bhar bahar rehne ka plan banaya tha. Hum fir jaa k ek resort ghumne gaye the. Resort kafi bada tha. Hum udhar khana khane baithe hi the. Jab mai spoon uthane ko jhuki toh Mali ki nazar mere shart k andar gai. Who mere boobs dekhne ki koshish kiya. Fir jab hum khana kha rahe the, mai dekh rahi thi ki who mere boobs baar baar dekhte jaa raha hai. Humne ek do baar kiss ki hai. Bas us se jyada nahi. Sex to kabhi nahi.
Main uske saath akele nahi rahna chahti thi. Mujhe wapas jaldi jana tha magar bahut barish hone lagi to hamen waha rukna pada. Khana khane ke baad who reception mai room book karne gaya. Hotel mein sirf ek hi room khali tha baki sab booked the. Majboori mein hamen ek hi room share karna tha.

Wapas aa ke who mujhe room mai chalne kaha toh mai maan gayi. Room ke andar jaate hi usne darwaze pe do not disturb ka label lagaya aur darwaza band kar diya.

Mali ne mujhse kaha ki who mujhe bine kapdo ke dekhna chahata hai. Main ghabra gayi. Maine mana kar diya. Yeh sab itni jaldi hua ki mai kuch bol nahi payi. Uska nature commanding wala ho gaya tha. Main bilkul dar gayi. Mera dimaag kaam nahi kar raha tha. Maine pehle apni shirt utari. Mali mujhe bra mai hi ghur raha tha. Mere peet mai ajeeb se gudgudi se mach gayi.

Maine kaha, "Kya dekh rahe ho?" Usne kaha, "Kitna sundar boobs hai tera." Main Sharma gayi…………..

Boli mai, "Mat dekho mai ja rahi hu." Kahke main ana shirt pahan ne lagi aur uthne lagi. Wo badh ke mujhe pakad liya, "Nahi mat jao, please. Itni mushkil se yeh mauka mila hai ise mat gawaon. Mujhe dikhao apna badan. Main kha nahi jaunga tumhe. " Maine kaha, "Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai………….."

Wo bola, "Sharam chhodo aur mujhe dekhne do. Main aisa kuch nahi karunga jo tumhe na pasand ho. Jo hoga tumhari marzi se hoga." Uski baate mujhe theek lagi. Maine socha agar kuch ulta sulta hua to main chilla dungi.

Main thodi shant ho gayi magar mera dil ka dhadkan bahut tez ho raha tha. Maine apna man kada kiya aur uske saamne nangi hone lagi. Fir maine apna pant utara. Main pahli baar kisi mard ke samne sirf bra mein thi, aur baat aage bhi bhadne wali thi. Samajh mein nahi aa raha tha kya karu. Ek man kar raha tha bhag jaun to dusra kar raha tha ise enjoy karu maze lu.

Aage bhi badhna chahti thi. Laga aaj jo ho jaye ho ne do. Main isi udhedbun mein khadi thi. Fir mali mere paas aya aur mere bra ke upar se hi mere boobs feel karne laga. Mali ne fir apni shirt urari aur banyan utar k mujhe apni baho mai bhar liya. Mera dhadkan aur badh gaya. Laga ab is se wapas jana sambhaw nahi hai.

Who mere lips ko kiss karne laga. Mali mere lips suck kar raha tha. Iss beech ussne meri bra ka hook peeche se khol diya. "AAAAAaaaaaaaaaa…….hhhhhhhhhhhhh." Main cheekh uthi. Aur usne meri bra utar phenki. Mere dono chuchi azad ho gaye.

Usne chuchi dekh kar kaha, "Kitna mazedar chuchi hai. Nipple to dekho ekdum rasmalai hai. Man karta hai kha jau." Maine kaha, "To kha lo na roka kisne hai." Main uske tariffon ke shabad se nidhaal ho rahi thi.

Mera nipple khushi se kadak ho gaya. Ab mai sirf panty mai uske bahon mai thi. Who mere honth chus raha tha aur mere nipples ko feel karne laga.Mere nipples ko koi mard pahli baar choo raha tha. Ye maine apne pati ke liye rakha tha. Iiisssssssssssssssssss…… Bahut achcha lag raha tha…………Meri aankhen band ho rahi thi.

Woh apni muh se pull karke mera tongue apne muha mai le liya aur mera tongue suck karne laga. Yeh sab mere liye poora naya tha. Mai us pal ko enjoy karte jaa rahi thi. Who fir dheere dheere meri body ko kiss karte karte neeche ane laga. Fir usne mere nipple pe apne hooth daal diye. Mali fir mere nipple ko kiss kiye. Fir usne mere nipple ko kiss kar ke apne muh mai bhar liya aur usse chusne laga. Who mere doosre boob ko haatho se daba raha tha. Mere chut mein ek ajab si halchal machne lagi. Bahut gilapan mahsoos ho raha tha. Bhagwan ko yaad karne lagi…………

Beech mai who mere nipple ko daanto se kaat leta jisse mujhe ek halka sa shock lagta. Fir mali meri nabhi mai ugli daal raha tha. Meri halat kharab ho rahi thi. Jis ladki ko kisi ne kiss nahi kia tha aj use ek mard nipple chus raha tha. Who meri nabhi mai ugli ragad ke fir usse smell kiya. Fir who mere nabhi ke undar kiss karne laga. Kiss karte karte Mali ne mere nabhi mai apna tongue ghusa diya aur andar tak taste kiya. Main madhosh hoti jaa rahi thi. Itna maza aa raha tha…………………..bhagwan is mein kitna maza hai…………Mera haath apne aap uske pant ke upar se uske lund ko chune laga. Ekdum kadak tha uska lund…………Uski face pe ek muskaan aa ya.

Who karte karte usne meri panty daant se pakdi aur utar di. Who mere paani se gili ho rahi thi. Main use rok bhi nahi payi. Meri gili panty dekh ke wo jor se hansa…Aur bola…."Meri jaan tum bhi aaj puri tarah se taiyaar ho" Meri panty utarne k baad Mali ne mujhe bistar pe leta diya, fir who apni pant aur underwear utarne laga. Jaise hi maine uska lund dekha mai darr gayi.

Aur Mali se kaha, "Yaar yeh toh bahat bada hai, Ye mere chut mein kaise jayega?" Ye maine kya kah diya………… Wo hansne laga, bola "Sab chala jayega tum dekho to. Pahle ise haath mein lo." Aur mai uske lund ko haath se chu k dekhah. Meri iss harkat se Mali ko acha laga. Ek toh uska lund pehle se hi khada tha. Aur yeh pehli baar tha ki maine lund dekha tha. Jab maine mali ka lund pakda tha toh who garam tha. Ekdum garam rod ki tarah. Uska lund choddne ki ichcha hi nahi ho rahi thi. Man kar raha tha pakde rahu………………….

Mali mujhe pair se kiss karna shuru kiya. Who dheere dheere upar badhta raha……..mere jangho tak..mere chut ke paas magar chut nahi kiss karta aur age badh jata hai…………….. Main uska sar pakad ke apne chut pe lagati hu mano mujhe uske munh se hi chudwana hai……..Usne apna munh mere chut pe laga ke chatne laga..Mujhe uska lund chahiye tha……………..Maine uska lund pakadna chaha…

Mali mujhe leta k mere bagal mein iss tarah leta ki uska lund mere muh k saamne tha. Aur uska muh meri chut mai. Mali mere jhanto k upar se meri chut sehla raha tha. Fir usne meri chut k honth khole aur bade pyar se meri chut ko chat raha tha. Uska lund mere muh ke saamne nanga tha. Aur usme se ajeeb si mehak aa rahi thi. Maine uske lund ke top ko hi muh mai liya aur darte darte usmai apni zuban pher rahi thi. Lund ka taste achcha laga. Main aur jor se uska lund chusne lagi…….

Mali meri chut chatte chatte usmai ungli daali aur mai thodi machal gayi. Mujhe thoda dard hua kyu ki yeh mere liye bilkul naya tha. Mali ne apna aadha lund mere muh mai ghusa diya. Mujhe chusne mai dikkat ho rahi thi kyu ki mujhe lund chusna nahi ata tha aur yeh pehli baar tha. Mujhe fir uska lund chusna pasand aane laga. Main lund ko lollipop samajh ke chusne lagi….Kya mast swad tha……………..

Udhar who kafi shauk se meri kunwari chut ka zayka leye jaa raha tha. Uska jeebh meri kunwari chut mein saanp ki tarah ghus raha tha. Main chah rahi thi wo apna jeebh andar hi rakhe………..Fir who uth ke khada ho gaya aur mere nange badan ko niharne laga…………. Fir wo mere pairo ko faila ke beech mai baith gaya. Aur apna lund mere chut mai halke se ragad raha tha.

Main saare sharam ko tyag kar boli, "Ab mat tadpao, meri chut mein is laude ko daal do." Maine mehsus kiya ki mere chut se kuch nikalne wala hai. Maine kaha ruko mujhe bathroom jana hai par Mali ne mujhe rook liya aur mere chut maim munh daal ke meri chut chusne laga. Mai control nahi kar payi aur achanak mere chut se mera pahla climax ka paani nikla aur Mali jhat se mere chut se nikla maal pura pee gaya aur meri chut fir chatne laga. Mere munh se awaze nikal rahi thi……"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh….Magar main chudai chahti thi….chusna se aage to badho……Mera chut kya tere chusne ke liye hai…" Main masti mein jaane kya kya bolte jaa rahi thi.

Who fir mere upar aya aur mere kano mai kaha. "Munni pehli baar mai thoda dard hoga, tu bardasht kar lena meri jaan. Baad mai tujhe jaanat ka maza milega." Maine haa mein sar hilaya magar dar gayi.

Mai chup rahi aur darr ke maaare maine apni aankh jor se band kar li. Fir Mali mere hooth apne hotho mai bhar liye. Who apna lund mere chut ke munh pe ragadne laga. Uska lund thoda sa andar gaya. Usi position mein wo lund ragdta raha. Who meri chut pe apna lund ragadte ragadte achanak se ek jordar dhakka mara. Magar sirf uske lund ka topa hi mere chut ke andar gaya tha. Main chillana chahti thi, "Mali mujhe dard ho raha hai………"………………Mujhe itna dard hua par mai cheekh nahi sakti thi kyu ki mali mere hooth apne hooth mai jo le k rakha hua tha. Mai kasmasayi magar chudate rahi…………

Bina ruke usne agla dhakka mara aur uska lund aur andar ghus gaya jis dhakke ne meri chut aur phad dali. Meri halat kharab ho gayi………Mere ansoo nikla ne lage..........…Main rone lagi… Main ro ro ke use dhakke dene lagi magar wo andar ghusedta raha………………...Mai ro ro k Mali ki peeth pe mukka marte jaa rahi thi par who nahi ruka. Uska chodne ka taqat badhta gaya. Uska gaand aur jor jor se hil raha tha.

Usne mere aansu ki parwah kiye bagair teesra dhakka lagaya. Mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki jaise mere chut mai garam loha ko cheerte hue ghusa diya gaya ho. Mai roote jaa rahi thi par Mali par koi asar nahi hua. Main gaali dene lagi, "Sale Mali, madarchod chhod mujhe. Mujhe jaane de. Itna dard ho raha hai aur tu mujhe chode ja raha hai………" Mujhe rote dekh ke Mali bhi dheela pad gaya. Maine aram mahsoos kiya, magar ye aram bhi cchanik tha…..Mali bola, "Thek hai mai nahi chodunga tu aram se rah."

Mali thodi deer lund andar hi rakh ke mere upar leta raha. Aur mere boobs daba raha tha. Mere kandhon pe kiss kar raha tha. Mere gardan pe kiss kar raha tha. Mere dard kuch kam hote raha. Aur Mali ka lund bhi thoda sa sikudne laga. Fir mali ne mere andar dhakke marne shuru kiya. Who dhakke marte marte mujhe lagataar kiss karte jaa raha tha. Uska lund mujhe apne chut mein andar bahar hota mahsoos ho raha tha. Mujhe ab uska lund achcha lagne laga tha. Ankh band kar ke us se chudwana chah rahi thi. Mai bhi garam hote jaa rahi thi. Aur maine achanak uska jawab dena shuru kar diya.

Main apne aap bolne lagi, "Mali darling chodo mujhe ………..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.chodo na…………………..apna lauda mere chut mein dale raho……fad do emra chut………………….saale itna tadpata tha………………itna mota lund hai tera……………………mmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… ."

Mujhe Mali ka chodna itna acha lag raha tha ki jab Mali mere andar dhakke marta tha toh mai apni gand utha utha k uske dhakke ka jawab dene lag gayi. Mali mujhe kass k apni baho mai bhar ke bahar kiss karne laga aur saath hi saath mere chuut mai dhakke lagaye jaa raha tha. Dhakke marte marte usne ek jor ka dhakka mara aur mera seal tut gaya. Ek teekha sa dard utha chut mein se. Magar usi waqt mera maza bhi charam seem ape tha. Saale ne aisi waqt mein seal toda tha jab mera paani nikalne wala tha.
Mujhe apni sharer mai akdan mehsus hone laga. Maine Mali ko kass k pakad liya. Hamre badan takrane se awaz nikal rahi thi. Bahut sexy scene tha wo.

Thap………………… thap ……………….thap……………. thap ……………………thap………….. thap

Mahaul pura chudai se bhara tha. Mali bhi bolne laga, "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh kitna maza aa raha hai kunwari chut chodne mein………..aaaaaaaaaaah…………mast chuchi hai tera aur mast chut bhi. Aaj tera chut ka seal tut gaya…..aaaj tera chut fat ke india gate ho gaya………….." Who isi tarah se mast chudai ki baate karta ja raha tha aur main sun sun ke madhosh ho rahi thi aur laga kaise mera dard gayab ho gaya. Main maze se chudwa rahi thi…….aaaaaaaaaaah…….aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm…..Mujhe laga ki mera fir se chut mein se kuch nikalne wala hai. Mai akad gayi…….. Mera paani niaklne wala tha. Maine Mali ko jor se pakad liya aur paani chhod diya. Main chillai, "Mali main gayi……………….."

Aur mere chut ka fuwwara nikal gaya. Aur kuch deer mai mai dheeli pad gayi. Par Mali abhi bhi laga raha. Aur usne rukne ka naam hi nahi liya. Aur uske dhakke aur jor aur tej hote jaa rahe the. Par kuch time mai hi uska badan bhi akadne laga. Aur who chilla ke mere chut mai joor se apna lund daba diya. Aur fir maine mehsus kiya ke mere chut mai kuch bhar raha hai garam garam aur gadha gadha. Jab meri chut bhar rahi thi mujhe bada hi acha ehsas hone laga. Fir mali mere andar hi jhad k mere upar thodi deer leta raha.

Fir usne mere andar se apna lund nikal aur mujhe chus ke saaf karne ko kaha. Usne apna lund nikala to main dekh ke dar gayi usmein khoon laga tha……mera khoon…mere chut ka khoon… Maine bedsheet pe apna khoon dekha toh mai aur darr gai ki yeh kya ho gaya. Mai ab kya karungi. Par mali ne kaha ki yeh normal baat hai. Pehli baar har ladki hai aisa hota hai. ………..…he bhagwan ab main kunwari nahi rahi……..Main bahut khush thi apna chut chudwa ke……………

Maine uska geela lund aur jo mere khoon se bhara tha, usse muh mai lene se inkaar kar diya. Mali ne mujhse jabardasti nahi ki. Who mujhe apne saath bathroom mai le gaya. Aur fir hum dono saath mai nahane lage. Nahathe waqt who mere badan k saath shauk se khel raha tha aur kiss karte jaa raha tha. Fir humne apne kapde pehne.

Fir hum check out kiye aur mali ne ek room boy ko 100 rupee diye aur bedsheet ko jala dene ko kaha. Fir hum waha se nikal gaye par mujhse theek se chala nahi jaa raha tha. Mali mujhe apni bike pe chemist k paas le k gaya. Waha se usne mujhe 2 dawaiya dilai. Ek i-pill controseptive pill taki mai pregnant na hou, aur doosra mere dard k liye. Fir hum shaam tak beach mai ghoome, icecream wagrah khai. Mauj masti kiye. Aur shyam ko wapas apne ghar aa gaye. Ab maine apna job badal ke Mali ke office mai hi join kar liya hai. Aur Mali mera neighbor bhi hai. Hum aksar chudai akrte hai. Main roz Mala d let hu pregnancy se bachne ke liye. Mali ne ab mujhe sex mai expert bana diya. Par who kissa baad mai.
Kaisi lagi meri kahani. Mujhe zarur bataiye ga. Ladies aur girls k liye I am alwayz available. Send your comments to or or
Hindi Story Kaise Me Apne Dost Ki Wife Ko Choda
February 3, 2012 at 7:22 PM
Yeh story 2010 ki hai jab mera dosto shadi ke bad mumbai me aaya mera dost ka naam ramesh hai or uski wife ka naam sneha hai. mera dost muje call kiya or bola rahul me mumbai aaya hu or kya tum mujse mil sakthe ho tum ko party dena hai shadi ka mene yes bola or date fix kiya, par party ke pehle me uske gar bandra gaya tha jab me uske ghar pe gaya or door bell bajaya toh ramesh ne door open kiya or me andar gayajab me uske sath bath kar ratha tab bhabhi ji jiska naam sneha hai woo tea leke aaya or tea diya phir humsab baathe kar rahe the, baathe karthe karthe mera dyan bhabhi ke upar jarah tha, mere mann me sirf yehi kayal aarah tha ki sneh jaise aurat mila hai kya woo sneha ko chod ke satisfy kar patha ho ga, muje toh nahi lagtha hoga ek baar sneh mil jaye me usko chod ke uski life ko khusiyo se bar dhu. upar wale ghar dher hai ander nahi jald hi upar wale ne mera bath sun liya ek din sneha ka call aaya tha me pffice me client ka complaint attend kar raha tha, me call nahi attend kar paya, jab me call back kiya or pucha kaun hai toh muje aawaza aayi me sneha bhabhi me sunke pareshan hogaya me bolla bhabhi aap ko mera number kisne diya, toh bhabhi boli usdin jab tum ghar pe aaye the toh aap ne aapka cell dining table me rakhe aandar kuch ramesh se bath kar rahe the me chup ke se aapka cell se mera cell me call kiya or aap ka number save kar diya, me bola bhabhi yeh galat thi aap ko mera number chaiye tha toh mere mang liya hotha toh bhabhi boli sorry rahul, me bola it ok bhabhi. Bhabhi boli rahul ek bath puchna chatha hu kya naraz toh nahi hoge or ek promise karo ki tum ramesh ko nahi bologe me bola i promise i not tell ramesh, bhabhi boli rahul me tum se friendship karna chatha hu, me bola bhabhi aap yeh kiaya bol rahe ho, par me mann hi mann me kush tha, par me acting kar raha tha, bhabhi boli pls kya tum karoge me bola bhabhi ramesh ko malum padhatha hi bhabhi boli tum ramesh ko math bola me nahi bolungi aapni taraf se me bola bhabhi aap nahi bologe me karunga bhabhi kush hui or boli thanks me bola bhabhi dosti me no sorry no thanks bhabhi boli phir dosti me aap mujko naam se bola sakthe ho mera naam sneha hai me bola ok bhabhi sorry bhabhi it sneha. Bhabhi kush hui. or mere mann me toh sneh ko chodne ka kayl jag gaya or mera 9inch ka lund(penis) kada(erect) hogaya.

Phir part ka din aagay hum sab dost ramesh ke party me gaye the party attend karne usdin sneha black sari or black blouse me kya khubsurat dekhrahi thi sabki nazar uspe thi me dekhthe hi rahegay or mera penis erect ho gaya par me control pe raha or party katm ho gaya jaise party katam hiu ramesh mere pass aya or bola rahul me 3 din ke liye kolkatta jarahu bhabhi akeli hai usse kuch help chaiye rehga toh help karna me bola ramesh dont worry i'm there, phir dusre din ramesh kolkatta chala gaya or me kushi se mano pagal hogay or mann mann me yehi bol ratha ki 3 din sneha ko jamke chodunga (fuck) karunga or usko uski life me jo satisfy ramesh nahi de paya woo me pura karunga. phir sneha ka call aaya me office holiday liya tha 3 din ke liye me sir ko bola sir muje kuch urgent kam hai me office nahi aa saktha mera holiday pe pass ho gaya. me sneha ko bola sneha i'm coming. jab me uske ghar gaya tha toh sneha black sari or black blouse pehnatha jo woo party me pehnatha, jab me andhar gaya sneha boli rahul how i'm lookin i said ur looking gorgeous sneha boli rahul ussdin tum bahut dekhrahe the mujko me bola nahi sneha, sneha boli dont tell lies i know i see u. me darr gaya sneha boli daro math we are true friend or sirf tum pe barosa kar sakthi hu or mumbai sirf aap hi mere pechan ke ho me bola ok. sneha boli rahul ek bath bolni thi kaise bolo muje saram aarahi hai me bola sneha dont by shy say na, sneha boli rahul i'm unsatisfy with ramesh can u satisfy me, muje malum hai ur great fucker, me bola aapko kaise malum pada sneha boli rahul tum college me kaise teacher ko fuck kiya or tum ramesh ko bole the woo ek din muje se bol rahatha ki tum kaise tumara 9inch penis ke sath tum fuck kiya or usko satisfy kiya jab me suni tab se me tum se chudana chathi thi, plese rahul can u satisfy me please rahul tell i said ok sneha i will satisfy u.

Jaise mene haa me answer diya sneha khushi se mera se lipat gayi or rone lagi me bola sneha math roh me satisfy karunga, sneha boli yeh khuski aashu hai rahul. Phir me or sneha hum dono ek dusre se lipat gaye or 15 min tak ek dusre ke lips ko kiss karne lage phir me uska boobs press karne laga uska boobs kafi soft thi uska boobs ka size 34 hai or me uske blouse open karke boobs chusne laaga uske muu se aaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa karke aawz aane laga or sneha bol rahi thi rahul or jorse chuso rahul please rahul or uske muu se aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss karke shiskiya lene lagi phir me usko pura nanga kar diya or uske chut(pussy) chatne laga. or woo shiskiya lene lagi or bo rahi thi maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me mar gayi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa muje maaza aa rahi hai uuuuuuooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssssssssssssss kareke shiskiya jor jor se lene lagi. Phir uske chut se pani(cums) nikal aaya me usse chat kaya kyu ki muje chut chatne bada maaza aatha hai chodne ke pehle, phir me usske chut me honey laga or mere lund(penis) bhi honey lagay or uske chut ke andar mera lund dal diya or chode laga(fuck karne laga) sneha aaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu karke aawz karne lagi or maaze se chudwani lagi or bol rahi thi rahul honey laga mera husband bhi muje nahi choda muje tumse chudwane maaza aarahi hai yeh sunke ek jorke ka jatka maara or pura lund uske chut ke aandar chala gaya sneha jorse chilane lagi maaaaaaaa me mar gayi please lund nikalo me uske upar shant pada raha phir aasthe aasthe chodne laga or usko maaza ane laga or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sssssssssssssssssssmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa aawaz nikale laga phir 30 mintune chodne ke baad mera pani uske chut ke aandar nikal aaya or phir me wooo pani uske boobs ke dono nipple ko laagaya or chusne laga usko maaza aaratha phir woo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh karke chuswane lagi or bolrahithi rahul yeh mere life yaadgar chudhai hai me usko kabhi nahi bhulungi, me bola bas me istrah chodtha hu maaza aaya wooo kushi ke maare mere se lipta gayi, me bola sneha aabhi me tumara gand(ass) chodunga wooooooo yehshi huchli maano usko puri zindagi ki khusi kabhi na mila ho phir me uske gand ke ched ke andar honey laga or gand me jor ka jatka mara or chodne laaga woooooooooo kushi se chuda rahi thi or gand huchal huchal se maaza le rahi thi or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaaaaaahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu karke chuda rahi thi mera 20 mintute tak chudoda phir me rukh gaya, phir me uske boobs fuck karne laga yeh dekhe boli rahul mera husband kabhi boobs fuck nahi kiya apne life me bola sneha boobs fuck kaisa lagraha woo boli rahul khushi mil rahi hai me bobs fuck karthe raha mera pani nikal aaya uske boobs pe or wooo apne boobs chusne lagi jipe mera pani giratha.

Kaisa laga mera story, please muje mail karna, thane mumbai ke aurat ya ladki mujse chuda chathi hai ya muje mail kare mera email id hai ke aurat or ladki bhi mujse contact kar sakthe hai, ek baath bholdu jo bhi aapne life me unsatisfy hai mujse contact kare i will satisfy you.SuperZhera
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