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Thursday, February 9, 2012

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English Story Sex With Brother's Girlfriend
February 9, 2012 at 3:39 AM
Hello friends this is my first story for you all if you find some mistakes please let me know. This story is about me and my brother's girlfriend. My name is Babu I am from Cuttack I am 6.2 feet tall with average figure and this incident happened one year ago.One morning she called me and told me to pick up her from the Bhubanesar station but I was in Balasore for my work Balasore is nearly 160 km away from Cuttack.

It was not possible for me to go and pick up her from Bhubaneswar station. So I told her to leave the train at Balasore and she agreed. I finish all my works and reached Balasore station at 6 pm the train was late by half an hour. The train reached Balasore at 6.30pm. I went near her compartment and waited for her. She came out of the train big bag. She was looking sexy as usual. Now let me tell about her. Her name is Munmun.

She has a great figure I mean you decide whether her figure is attractive or not. I will tell more about her later. Then we moved towards the parking. After a drive of 3km I stopped my car to pee. She asked me what happen I told her I will be back in 2 minutes.She told me not to stop because it was a dark road. Then I told her not to get worried after peeing I came back and drank some water and start the car.

We were chatting about her vacation. Suddenly I don't know what happen to me I slow down the car from 100 km/hr to 40 km/hr and I told her to close her eyes. She asked the reason? I answered I have some thing 4 her. Then she closed her eye because we were friendly to each other. Then I placed my left hand on the headrest of the seat for few mins. I gather some courage and pulled her towards me and placed a kiss on her cheeks.

She suddenly throws my hands from her. She didn't able to understand what happened with her everything became quite for 5 minutes.Then I again put my left hand on her face and pulled towards me and this time I kissed on her lips. She didn't respond the kiss and broke the kiss. Then I again pulled her and kissed her and continued to kiss her for 5-6 times. She started responding my kiss. Then I placed my left hand on her left boob during the lip kiss ohhh my god it was so soft and so juicy that you can't imagine.

My penis started growing his length. Then I asked her to remove her t-shirt but she denied after pumping for few min I stopped the car in the dark place and switch off the lights except parking light .Then I tried to remove her t-shirt but she denied and told me everything will be visible from outside.I told her nothing will be visible as my window glasses are silver after listening this she lifted her t shirt and opened her left boob. She was wearing a pink color bra.

I pumped her left boob so hard that she started shouting with pain. Her face became red. Then sucking her left boob for 5 minutes I removed her t shirt completely. She was in bra only. I unhooked her bra. She didn't regist that and hugged me then I kissed her on lips and started to pump her boobs with two hands. Her nipples became harder. Now she was moaning with aahhh uughhhs. I thought it's the right time to make her more excited.

Then I broke the kiss and started to suck her left nipple. In the mean while I was rubbing her right nipple. Then after few mins I started to rub her thighs. She opened her legs. I pulled her hand and place it on my penis. Then I removed my pant and boxers and wore shorts. Now it was easier for her suck my penis. Then I removed her pant. Now she was only in panty. I started to rub her pussy from her panty. She got mad and moaned loudly. The words aahhh and I was sounding like hale.

Then I told her to go to back seat and she did that. Then I drove the car for few more mins because it's not safe to put the car for a long time in a single place by the time of driving I was rubbing her pussy from her panty her panty was little wet due to her cum. Then I stop the car and went to the back seat and told her to put my penis in her mouth but she denied. I agreed because I didn't have time for argument. Then I pulled her panty and started to pump her boobs in two hands.

Then I put my left hand's middle finger in her pussy a sound came from her mouth sssshhhhhsss after few minutes I rub my penis on the lips of her pussy. Due to her pre cum my penis slipped inside her pussy. She shouted loudly. Then I removed my penis from her pussy hole. Due to my height I was not feeling comfortable. So I changed the position. I sat on the back seat and made her sit on my laps facing towards me.

Then I inserted my penis in her pussy due to her weight and pre cum my penis went smoothly in her pussy. She shouted in pain and hugged me tightly. Then I hold her hip and jerk it. Initially she was in pain but after few minutes she started enjoying with some noise inside the car with aaahh uuuuffff. Then she started moving her hips up and down faster then initial stage after 15 minutes we reached seventh heaven.

I mean I covered her pussy with my cum. Then I wore my shorts and drove the car. She slept after few minutes in the back seat of the car. We reached her hostel at 11.30.due to late night hostel gate was closed. We decided to stay in my friends' house as my friend was out of town. I fucked her 4 times that night in my friend's house. I will tell you what happened that night in another post. Please let me know whether you like the story or not please do comment my mail id is bablu.bob.1982@gmail.comSuperZhera
English Story Making With My Messy Girlfriend
February 9, 2012 at 3:34 AM
Hi everyone this is my first story and also real experence of my life. My name is Santhose (name changed) age 24 and I've got a friend name pooja who is so beautiful that friendship is tends to love we both loved each other her structure is 34 28 32 nice good round breast look like apple. Now comming to real experience and one day she came to my house when I was alone we already planned for this day to make fun.

She came in nice neat chudithar without shall it look so sexy I said that she looks sexy. She liked my comment very much I took this as advantage and asked her to show her nude body and first she fed bad on me and then she accepted to show her nude body before removing her dress she gave me dairymilk chocolate. I got it from her and then I asked her can I make you messy and she asked me how you make me as messy.

Then I told her that's secret you obey what I say I make you messy and we enjoy and you make me messy how I make you. She liked my activity now she removed her dress one by one.I was stunned to she her in nude body. She was standing before me as nude by raising her hand I got mad in that view then she came near and and asked me and now you make me messey you idiot with nervous I made her lie down on my bed. I closed her eyes with clothes and I switch on the AC at temp 22*c.

Then I took honey and I pored on her body starting from forehead to leg toe covers all over the body and she is looking shining in that honey coating and also she felt cold due to AC then as 2nd coating is cow ghee and I took cow ghee and applyed all over her body and her smell was great with honey and ghee. She was shevering due to AC chillness and she begged me to off AC and I said her I won't off the AC till you get more messy then as 3rd coat I took red fruit jam and made coating all over her nude body.

She looks great by this 3 coating then I took 100 gram of badam and 500gram of sugar and made it powder with the use of mixey. Then I powdered on her body as 4th coating. Then as 5th is milk cream coating, now she was so sexy. She ask me when I compeate my coating. I told her you are not that much messy so need to do more coating and she begged me stop and make me release from it due to chillness so this time i obeyd her and then I remover her closed eyes.

She looked her body and told me that she likes my job very much and she also need to do on my body. I said her let me compleate you first then you make me. Then I cleaned her body with my toungue really guys this is true its awesome taste. The taste of her body is get blended with that 5 coating is too good not able to express in words superb it was. I licked her forehead first then I came to face then to neck then to breast then center of the two breast then armpit ooooooooh it's super with taste of sweat.

Then I tasted belly then to pussy here I got pussy juice ohhhh it's also nice, the taste is like sweat and salty. I tasted till she got squirt on my face ohhh nice it was after that she asked me to fuck till she got satisfied. I said he I fuck you before that I want to fill your pussy with some food. I opened her leg widely to fill her pussy. I took 2 bananas and I crushed it like jam then I fill her pussy with crushed banana, chocolate, honey, ghee and now her pussy was filled with these item.

Then i ate everything without wasting anything I finger fucked her and I took all food I ate it nice it was. Then she asked me to fuck her this time. I removed my cloths and now I was nude before her she felt shy by seeing my cock. She wide opened her leg to welcome my cock to fuck. I fucked her she was enjoying my fucking by closing her eyes, after 15min fuck I cummed inside her pussy. She told me she felt some thing hot feeling inside her pussy.

I said that was my fruit juice, she laughed loudly then I fucked one again this time she cummed with more energitic. I told her and I got your fruit juice also she felt shy and little bit pain also after that we slept by hugging till morning. She was still in sleep when I woke up this time licked her body some of the jam honey ghee milk cream and her pussy juice which is left on her bodyand also I likced her armpit also her armpit sweat taste is supet that the food coating.

After that she got wake up and asked me that she want to suck my penis so I allowed her to suck it and really guys she was sucking very nice like expert. She also sucked my balls and me soo mood and she got mouth full of sperm and this time she made me lie down on the bed and she spitted my sperm (which was sucked) on my chest and she cleaned my licking my chest ohhhhh nice feeling she told me it was nice taste then I got erict due to her behavior so this time I fucked her in ass hole while fucking her ass.

She screamed lot to leave her and but I not here her voice I fucked her till my erection got lost and her ass hole got become red due to my strong fuck and she felt paining in that place and also she cried due to pain. I hugged her tightly to make her cool and kissed her fore head for every 5 min to make her cool soon. She felt more care with my kind and good hug. I loved her soo much and asked her shall we marry.

I found tears in her eyes and she said ok but soon after a week we got married and we leading nice married life and actually I'm writing this experice with my wife permission. Yes friends please give me the feedback to my wife mail id and we both are waiting for your feedback after seeing your feedback I'm going to post another story. So please give me the feedback at rspoja405@gmail.comSuperZhera
English Story I Fucked My Girlfriend's Friend
February 9, 2012 at 3:30 AM
Hi there, I'm Sam from place where every Indian wants to come just to chill...!! I'm 20 now, 5''10, fair, good looking guy ( people say that), writing my first story that happened with me three months ago. I was very shy kind of boy in school that why not had any girlfriends.

This is about how i seduced my girlfriends friend, her name is Rica (name changed), 34-28-34 very gorgeous face. I never had any bad intention to her because she was very close to my gf.

Coming to story one day my gf told me Rica is very upset and not telling anything on phone so we both decided to meet her at her place, next day reached her home she welcome us she was looking stunning she was in Pink top and black knee length jean, she welcomed us and gone to bring soft drinks to us mean while me and my gf seated on sofa and started to watch tv, she came after 5 minutes and she told that she is alone, then she started to talk with my gf like why you wasted your time bla bla...

Suddenly my gf phone ranged, she answered the call and she was very disappointed i asked her what happen she told it was her mom call and she told to come immediately so she has to go i asked her i will drops for that she said no, i was happy because i will able to talk with Rica in alone, then my gf left the house and Rica closed the door, i started to ask her what is the problem why you are upset and all she kept on saying nothing nothing i continued asking her at last she told me that her friend is going out of country for 3 years and she will miss him very much,

We were very close to each other her eyes were filled with tears i wiped her eyes and i was trying to stop her crying, she kept her head on my shoulder it was unexplainable experience for me, is slowly placed my hand on her shoulder she didn't resist so finally i got some courage and i placed kiss on her forehead no resistance from her i kissed her cheeks and all face then started to kiss my lips it was shock for me but i responded her kiss and we were wildly smooching each other all this napped in hall only.

I picked her in my arms and she guided me to her bedroom, again we started to smooch then is removed her top and she was in match colour bra to her top, i also removed her jean and she was in bra and panty she was looking like angel, the she removed my T-shirt, pant also removed my underwear my 6 inches tool came out saluting her i told her to suck it but she said no.

Then is removed bra and panty and we both standing naked, then she lied on bed and i started kissing her neck, ears and finally her boobs i was sucking one boob and pressing the other boob her nipple was erect and its color was like chocolate, i was licking them very passionately she make moaning in pleasure, i move to her navel and flat tummy and was licking it wildly, then i placed my head in between her lags and given kissed her well shaved pussy she started tumbling, i started to suck her pussy and she was moaning very loudly,

Slowly is started to put my tongue in her vagina and she was saying very dirty words and came on me i licked her hot salty juices i got up and told her to give me blowjob this time she tale my dick in her mouth without saying any world started to suck my dick she was doing alright after 10minutes i told her i'm cuming and started stroking me fast and i cam in her mouth don't know what happen to her she ran is bathroom and came after 5 minutes, i again licked her pussy and my dick was ready to fuck her then i placed my dick on her pussy and stared to push is was very difficult to go in her pussy was very tight she was virgin as,

I tried for two more time but failed at fifth attempt my dick head go in and she cried loudly in pain i removed my dick and waited her to clam down, again is put my dick this time i was half in and she was crying in pain i dint move my dick for five minutes, then i given one strong push and i was in i started to move my dick in and out slowly her pain also going then i increased my speed and she was enjoying and say dirty word which was making me more horny after ramming her 15 minutes i was about to come in mean while she came twice and told her that i'm about to come she told me to come inside but i was in two minded to if i come in and she started to blackmail me so i pulled my dick out and cummed on her tummy, we both were completely exhausted we sleeped for 30minutes and we cleaned our self's and i left her place i not got chance to fuck her again but i enjoyed my first sex...

Sorry for grammar mistakes, i'm waiting for your valuable comments and is my email id if any girl or woman below 32 interested in me the let me know.............SuperZhera
English Story Ishita In Mumbai
February 9, 2012 at 3:26 AM
I am on my annual leave, as my leaves are accumulated in too much volume and my boss told me that if I don't take atleast 15 days off, then those leaves will go waste.

So, I am on leave from 24th December, 2011 until 15th January, 2012. I had not planned anything for my leave since it has to be taken so abruptly. That's why I was not able to plan it. On 26th December, I was seating on my PC and watching some porn videos on internet. Suddenly my mobile rang up and it was a pleasant surprise for me that the call was from Ishita. We mate each other about 3 years back in Hissar and had stayed together for 3 days.

Readers' mind must be still refreshed with my earlier 2 stories of Ishita. She is married, around 38 years now and mother of 2 children. I immediately attendend the call and it was Ishita. During last 3 years, we were talking to each other occassionally and even had phone sex and hot chatting. So, we are still in touch with each other and I thought that she had called up casually to talk to me but when she gave the news that she is in Mumbai, I was in heavens.

I started recollecting those moments with her and I asked her with whom she has come and she replied that actually she came to Mumbai with her husband. She came on 23rd December only and they are staying in the Ambassador Hotel in Churchgate. However, today his husband has to go to Bangalore urgently as the call came in to him yesterday for some urgent business deal. So early morning of today, he left for Bangalore and she is all alone in the hotel.

I told that fortunately, I am also on my annual leave and will come down to Churchgate and then will decide what to do. She said ok and we exchanged the kisses over the phone and kept it down. I was so excited to meet the lovely lady after 3 years. I then had my bath, had the breakfast and left home at around 10:00 am. I reached Ambassador hotel around 12:00 pm. Ishita has given me her room number over the phone so I checked up with the reception and knocked the door of her room in a few moments.

Ishita opened the door and looking at me, her eyes glittered in cheer. She welcomed me warmly and I entered the room. I went inside and Ishita closed the door. She came and sat besides me and before we start our talk and her mobile rang up and it was her husband from Bangalore. He told her that he will be coming to Mumbai day after tomorrow evening and by the time, if she wishes; she could go back to Hissar. She told him that she will wait for him in Mumbai only.

She will take the guide and see Mumbai as it was the first time, she was in this city. He said ok and she kissed him on the phone and disconnected the call once her call was over and she turned back to me and planted a kiss on my chick. She was so excited by seeing me that she was not able to speak up anything. To defuse her excitement, I requested her glass of water and she immediately got up and got water for me in the meantime. I was observing the changes in her in last 3 years but she was as it is when we mate 3 years back.

The same figure of 36 24 36 the same gestures, except her age was increased by 3 years but it was not showing anywhere and really she has maintained her to perfection. She told me that I became a bit bulky and I should do some exercises. I told her laughingly, that's why I am here in return, she pinched on my right thigh and said you are still naughty as you was 3 years back. She then ordered drinks and lunch for both of us.

She asked room service to bring the stuff first urgently and lunch can follow subsequently and cut the phone in next 10 minutes, the room boy came with the drinks trolley and she tipped him and closed the door before preparing the drinks, she told me that she will be back in a moment and went to wash room when she came back in 10 minutes, she was in her full gown. She then prepared drinks for both of us and came and sat besides me and before we could cheer our drinks, she told me to remove my t-shirt and jeans.

I obeyed her orders and removed them immediately. Now I was only on my boxer. We then cheered each other and started sipping drinks slowly. Ishita came very close to me while sipping her drink and put the hand in my boxer. She told me smilingly that she has not forgotten the experience of dipping and sucking. We laughed a lot and then she removed my boxer as well. I was stark naked with my glass in my left hand.

Ishita moved forward and dipped my cock in her glass and started sucking it while changing her dress, she removed the inners and her ever so tight boobs crushed on my right thigh. I put my right hand under her butts and pulled up the gown. She was busy in dipping my cock in her glass and sucking it in the meantime and I found her ass hole and slowly started inserting my middle finger in it. It went in with little efforts and now I started finger fucking her ass.

She gave away a light moan and was busy again dipping and sucking my cock in the meantime, the door was knocked and we both got up and I went to washroom. It was room boy with our lunch. She signed the voucher and closed the door. I came back and sat on the bed. I called Ishita to come to bed and she came immediately and sat besides me. I told her that it's not fare that I am naked and you are in full gown. She told me that now I am all yours so you can do anything you liked.

I then put my glass aside and removed her gown from her body. I was mad looking at her lovely boobs. They were hard and the dark brown nipples protruding and really her physique was as it is 3 years before and I admired her for that and I asked her to seat on my laps and then we picked the glasses and I told her to sip from my glass and I will sip from hers and we finished that round sipping from each others glasses by the time.

My dick was tall standing and she was also aroused and her drak brown nipples were erect bfore starting the next round of drinks, I pulled her near me and we lip locked for the first time in 3 years. We were kissing very passionately as if we are covering the backlog of 3 years. She started moaning and her pussy was wet due to her pre cum and I then went in a slanting position and asked her to ride on me. Ishita in a spur of moment ride on me and she took hold of my dick and started shoving in her pussy.

I also gave a big jerk from below and my entire cock was burried inside her pussy. She again moaned aahhhh and then started jumping up and down. I also started giving thrusts from below and her boobs were bouncing infront of me and I took hold of them and started squeezing them viciously. She again moaned in pain and pleasure and started jumping more violantly. I had folded both my legs to support her back and she was riding on my cock like a horse rider.

We fucked for 15 minutes and she had her first orgasm. She gave away a loud moan aahhhh I am cumming my darling and her body arched and her pussy muscles gripped my cock in few seconds, she squirted with a great force and it spread on the bedsheet as well as my thighs. I was by now reaching my orgasm as well and within next 2-3 minutes, my balls became heavy. I immediately transferred her below me while my cock was inside her pussy and started blasting her forcefully in next few seconds.

I was shooting my cum deep inside her womb. I emptied myself completely and then we hugged each other tightly and started kissing passionately. My cock was still inside her pussy. We broke our kiss after 5 minutes and lay like that only once my cock was limp, I took it out and again we hugged each other after our first heat was subsided she went to drinks trolley and filled the pegs for us.

She gave me my glass and sat just next to me on the bed. I put my right hand around her neck and she put her left hand on my cock and started caressing it slowly. I was caressing her right boob with my right hand and squeezing her nipple while sipping our drinks, she told me that after 3 years, I am now satisfied. You are really a wonderboy to satisfy any woman in last 3 years, I am being fucked several times by my husband.

He basically doesn't have that patience and understanding as his mind is always on money making. Hence, he could not be able to feel my mind and what his wife needed and our discussion was taking a serious mode. Hence, to change it, I took out my hand from her boob and took it down to her pussy crack and started caressing her pussy crack and clit. She moaned again oohhhh and told me that she is mad the way I am arousing her more and more for the sexual pleasure.

Needless to say, that night, I stayed back in the hotel. I informed at my home that I am staying to my friend's house as one of our friends has come from outstation and we will have to talk so many things with each other. Since I was on my annual leave, there was no problem at my home as well. I not only stayed back that night but the next night as well. We never went out of our room and were continuously fucking each other one after another in those 2 days. We had atleast 15-20 rounds of fucking in all positions, all places and all holes as well on 3rd day morning.

We had a massive ass fucking before we parted again. Now I am planning to go to Hissar again depending on her availability during my annual leave. Since her 2 children are in boarding school, she stays with her husband only. She will call me back once she goes back to Hissar because, my leave is for another 15 days and defnitely her husband's tour is likely to come. So friends, as usual, I am expecting your feedback on my stories. Please send me your feedback on any unsatisfied, horny ladies, girls, widows, elder ladies needs my help.SuperZhera
My Aunty And Shobha Fucked Me
February 9, 2012 at 3:23 AM
I am a 23 year old boy when I got a job and once I had to visit my uncle's house. My Aunty was so beautiful and sexy but very younger to my uncle. She always had naughty look on me. That night there was a program in school and uncle was the committee chief and he had to be in the school till late night as soon as we all went to watch the program in the school my aunty was not feeling well.

My uncle told me to take my aunty and go home and she is not well for help one of Aunty's friend Shobha also came in a friends car to drop us home. I was sitting behind in the car and Shobha and aunty also in the back seat. Suddenly Aunty lied on my lap with her head on my dick. It was dark in the car and I could feel she wanted to smell and byte my dick. It came rock hard, she was alright it was her idea to spend some time alone with me because I was leaving back next day after the visit.

Shobha also undetstood my aunty's need and she was eqaually supportive of aunty, thinking that she will also get a chance to play with my rod as soon as the car dropped us near uncles house and my aunty acted tired and she held my shoulder and with both hands clung to me pressing her hard boobs on my chest. I could smell her hot breath near my mouth and it was intoxicating. Shobha and I took her to bedroom and Shobha told me remove aunty's saree and all and she needs some fresh air.

She is sweating while she brings some warm water for aunty. So I removed her saree, and my aunty was moaning as if she is not well. I could see her shape of her bobs and naked blly inviting me to enjoy. She asked me remove my Jeans and wear the Dothi. I obeyed suddenly she moved my Dothi and brought her hand inside my underwear and caught my dick hard and started playing with it. I was worried about Shobha coming, but aunty told me ever since Shobha saw me in the morning.

She is asking aunty, why such a golden chance my aunty is not using to get a good fuck from this young boy. I was shy but the thought of two aunty's giving me a treat in next two-three hours gave me a real thrill by this time Shobha came with warm water, and saw what aunty was catching my dick under the dothi. Aunty did not bother to take out her hand. Suddenly shobha moved aunty's hand and just opened my Dothi took my tool in her mouth and started sucking my dick vigorously.

She is only 24 years, so beautiful, fair color with hard boobs and tight thighs and big eyes, she had a small mouth, and she was sucking my tool as if she was having a ice cream. I could not resist and I started pressing her boobs and my aunty started kissing in my lips within no time they undressed me completely and stared licking all over my hairy body. I started kissing my aunt's pussy and got wild. No matter I wanted to move, Shobha will not leave

My cock from her mouth and my aunty also started licking my balls and begged Shobha to give the cock for her to suck. Shobha gave it for my aunty saying just for two minutes, and my aunty's warm mouth started sucking my red hot cock, Shobha started licking my balls, ass and all my inner parts. I was getting close to orgasm and held tight my aunty's boobs with other hand I played with Shobhas cunt and put my finger in deep in her and started finger fucking.

She got wild and helped my dick into my aunty's cunt and asked me to first fuck aunty and gives her a good fuck, then you fuck me and next three hours we will not give any rest to your cock, we both want, we are so hungry for such a young and strong dick. Aunty started biting my lips, while my shaft started going deep in her up and down, by this time the telephone rang and my aunty took the phone. It was uncle calling to check how she is. I enjoyed my fuck while she was talking to my uncle.

She screamed with my shaft going up and down in her hard, she told my uncle, she has pain in stomach, so she is screaming uncle asked her to take rest and asked for me. I took the phone and told aunty is somewaht ok and mysel and Shobha are taking care of her and while I was talking to uncle aunty took my tool in her mouth and started sucking, and she suddenly bit it, I scremed with pain, uncle asked what happended.

I told I twisted my leg and it is paining. Somehow I disconnected the phone and Shobha started kissing my lips passionately both these young ladies are so sexy, togther they started licking my whole body again, I also started licking there whole body and then again my tool was hard rock, shobha opened her cunt and asked me to go in without wasting one second I strated to fuck her with full force. It was such a nice treat for me. I was in seventh heaven fucking this film actress type beauty girl.

My aunty put her thighs and cunt in my face and ordered me to tung fuck her, I was enjoying both, lying on my back, shobha was on top of me pushing and circling her hip with my strong dick inside her tight hole, while aunty's pussy was in my face and it was even difficult for me to breath. Her hot juice was all over my face. Shobha said, when it is ready to come, she wants to drink to let her know, aunty also said I want also to drink it.

I said it is about to come both the girls brought their mouth near my tool and eagerly started licking one by one. It splashed with a moaning aunty drank the first thrush, then next thrush Shobha put her mouth and then aunt again they were sharing my cum equally, even some drops fell down Shobha licked it from the floor, my dick was fully wet but all cum they wiped with thier thursty tung and then aunty squeezed my told, little left out came out as honey she even licked it from the top of my dick.

Both of them kissed passionately and both of them were so happy. Aunty went to the kitchen and brought some red wine and we all drank for ten minutes and I was ready for the next session in that 3 hours I fucked both girls turn by turn enjoyed so much and slept tired around 12 midnight. Uncle must have come after that early morning I got up had a shower and was in the work area and Shobha came and asked me to come to the corner.

She kissed me and sat down I took the rod in her mouth and gave a good blowjob, until a load of sperm jetted out in her mouthful and drank. My aunty did the same again when my uncle went to to take the shower after half an hour in a hurry she also managed to squeeze out the next load in her mouth and very satisfied. I caught both boobs as much as I wanted and kissed both ladies pussy and enjoyed for the last time and left to work with uncle. This is a real incident happened few years back.SuperZhera
Me And My Brother
February 9, 2012 at 3:00 AM
I am from Kerala I like to share one of my experiences. My family consists of my mom, dad, my younger brother and me this happened around 5 years ago when I finished my college. My brother was doing his 9th standard this is about my brother and me dad is a business man and he goes by 7 am and back at 10 pm and mom is a school teacher and she goes by 8 .30 am and back by 6 pm.

My brother his name is Sanju he use to got school by 9am and back at 4 pm. I was at home helping mom as finished my college. All will go from home by 9 and I will be lone at home till they come by 4 Sanju will come and mostly no one will come home. I used to finish all my works like washing cooking cleaning by 10 am. Ok first let me tell about myself I am 5.2 and have a good assert when I go to the shop men and boys used to stare by round ass and a 32 size boobs 32 29 30.

When I walk my ass use to go up and down Sanju and me sharing one bed room and he was also too innocent type. I and Sanju used to fight for nothing .some time while fighting his hand used to touch my boobs my stomach my ass while rolling on the floor. This use to happen often and mostly it will be for TV remote or chocolate as we fight for chocolate my mom use to give each 1 and keep in cupboard and lock. Some time
I take one more and I use to keep inside my bra not to show him and have it after he goes to school at home.

I used to wear nighty at nights and morning like half sari, skirt and t shirt some time track pants and T shirt. I normally take bath after all goes out by 9 as days passed I got bored. I started washing clothes after 10pm even my nighty while washing the clothes I used to be nude and after washing I take bath and come out nude to the room and then I used to change to the morning dress on one Saturday only me and Sanju was there at home it was a holiday for him.

It was about 11o clock some nice songs where going on while watching TV on that day I was wearing a half saree. I slowly tried to take the chocolate witch i usually keep inside my bra while taking it he saw the chocolate and he came asking for it I did not give him and we started fighting for the chocolate while fighting my pallu of my half sari got removed and it fell down and in seconds it got removed from my hip and fell down. Now I was in my blouse and lower skirt as I had a 32 size boobs.

Now he was seeing my deep cleavage and my half of boobs were exposing to him now but he was fighting then I fell down rolled while rolling my boobs touched his face and hands I was feeling nice and honey then I lied facing the ground he sat on my ass and asked for the chocolate and the chocolate was also below me in between my boobs .then I asked him to take it he put his hand to search while searching his hands were on my bare boobs.

He put his fingers into my cleavage and he took the chocolate and I was enjoying and feeling good like being in heaven then went to bathroom and fingered my self and then come out. I was thinking of the incident and I finger my pussy when ever I get chance or in the morning when all go to work. Then this became crazy sometime I stay nude at home for a long time and watch my body in the mirror and press my boobs and finger my pussy this went for a one month.

It was summer and Sanju's exam got over and he had 2 month leave but my mother used to go because she had to correct the exam papers so she goes to school daily one day as usual mom and dad went to their work me and sanju was at home. I was in kitchen washing the dishes after finished with it I went to the bathroom to take bath I heard the water flowing so I went to stop I saw Sanju bathing he was almost finished and drying him self nude.

I saw his dick it was 5 inches and in good size I looked for 2 to 3 min and ran away to the hall and my pussy was getting wet and I was rubbing my pussy as TV was on he came with the towel around asking for the score as there was a cricket match on the TV but I was watching a sex song by seeing this his penis got hard and I can see it after some time it was 12 o clock I went to bath and fingered my pussy thinking of his dick.

I also was making plans how to seduce him but I was also afraid that if he tells mom then I made up my mind to tease him today and see what he does and weather he tells mom. I took bath and wore a tight T shirt and a legins with out any panties and bra and the T shirt was just up to my hip and I wore my legins jest below my navel and just above my pussy hair and come to the hall but he was still in the towel only when he saw me he looked up and down.

I sat on the sofa and drying my hair and was watching him he was staring at my boobs and my erected nipples then I got up and turned my ass towards him and bent as if I was picking some thing from the floor and turned and went to the kitchen then made my legging little up that shows the shape of my pussy and a camel toe and came to him now he was see the pussy for a long time but I did not care as if I was watching TV then he went to his room and came after 10 min with a shorts and a T shirt.

By the time I took the TV remote and kept in between my legs to see what he does he came and searched for the remote and asked me I told him don't know then he found out and asked me and I told no then he put his hand in between my legs I was enjoying and he was touching the pussy and I was avoid to take it then I took it and put it in to my t shirt and I laid on the sofa facings the ground by the time my t shit was up above my navel.

He was trying to put his hand in to the t shit from below at once I made my self like a doggy at that time my legins went down and my ass crack was seen he saw that and put his hand his hand touched my nipples he said what is it and he pinched it oohhh I was in to heaven by this fight I also touched his penis it was hard and it gave him a squeezed it and gave the remote and as mom came in the evening I was scared weather he would tell mom but he did not tell .

Now I was confident to seduce him and the next day as soon as mom left I planed to seduce him I went to the bathroom and shaved my pussy and took bath and wore a shirt with buttons in the front and a skirt above my knees and went to the hall we where sitting opposite to each other I was looking at him he was looking at my tits and my legs I knew he was seeing me but I was as if reading the news paper then I slowly.
I lifted my both leg an kept it on the sofa where he as seeing my panties and my thies I looked and he was pressing his balls and his penis then I put my legs down and saw him he took his hands off from there and then to tease him more I went in to the bathroom and took off my panties and bra and come and sat with a chocolate in my hand he saw that at once I put in to my shirt between my boobs he started to take now I was in a mood to show my full body to day.

He came and caught my shirt at that time he touched my tits my nipple got erected I pushed him he pulled my shirt and the buttons broke and my boobs were flashed to him then thought of going to my room he caught my skirt it also came down as it was with elastic hip and I fell down on the ground he saw me nude I lied down there it self with my legs wide and he touched my boobs and pussy then I told him to suck my boobs.
I took his erected penis out and sucked it till his sperms came out he to was enjoying then I took his finger and put into my pussy and asked him to push it in and out then he also liked my pussy for 10 min I enjoyed the day very much from the day we become friends and enjoyed taking bath to gather in the morning after my mom goes. This was going everyday till his holidays then only at nights after 3 months they arranged my marrage and I got married. I think you liked and please mail me at seema_rani7 @yahoo.comSuperZhera
Hindi Story Meri pyari sushila bhabhi
February 9, 2012 at 2:56 AM
Aapko ek aise real story batane ja raha hoon jise padhne ke baad app sabhi sex ke liye tadapoge.
Ye kahani meri bhabhi sushila ke saath hai. Baat us time ki hai jab main bsc final year mein tha.
Main hamesha apne dosto ke saath ghumta rahata tha aur papa hamesha mujhe daatte rahate the. Meri bhabhi sushila mujhe bahut pyar karti thi aur hamesha mujhe papa se bachati thi. Main bhi unki
Bahut ijjat karta tha. Aur woh us time m.phil(english) kar rahi thi. Bada bahiair force mein tha aur 4-5 mahine me 15-20 din ke liye hi ghar aata tha. Aise hi ek din papa mujhe daat rahe the ki bhabhi beech mein aayi aur papa se boli ki aap tension mat le ise main samjha doongi aur who.

Mujhe apne saath apne room mein le gayi aur mujhse poochne lagi ki main kyon thik se nahi padhta, kya koi ladki ka chakkar haimaine kaha nahi bhabhi aisi baat nahi hai. To bhabhi boli ki thik hai aaj se tu mere saath baith kar raat mein padhega. Maine kaha nahi bhabhi main apne room mein hi padh loonga is par bhabhi boli ki kya mera pyara dever arjun meri itni baat bhi nahi manega.

Phir unhone kaha ki main tere saath gappe bhi maroongi lekin padhai ke baad. Is par maine haan kah di. Phir bhabhi khana banane lagi aur khane ke baad kaam khatam karke bhabhi mujhe bulane mere room
Mein aayi aur main unke saath unke room mein chala gaya.unke room ki lights off thi bhahi boli ki main light on kar doon bhabhi light on karne jaise hi aage gayi unki chhekh nikal gayi kyon ki unka pair unke bed se takra gaya aur unke ghutne mein chot aa gayi. Maine light on karke dekha ki bhabhi wahin bed par baithi apne ghutne ko ragad rahi thi.maine poocha ki bhabhi kya bhabhi boli kuch nahi halka sa dard hai kal tak thik ho jayega tum baith kar padho. Main abhi aati hoon kahakar woh baathroom mein chali gayi. Thodi der baad maine dekha ki bhabhi red colour ki nighty pahne hue baathroom se nikli.maine aaj pahli baar unko nighty mein dekha tha. Unhe dekhte hi mera lund khada ho gaya. Aakhir main bhi ek jawan ladka tha.aur bhabhi ki age bhi 26.

Maal thi aur unka mast figure 36-25-36 tha. Mushkil se maine apne lund ko apni book se chipaya lekin shayad unhone dekh liya ki mere lund khada hai. Wo mujhe dekh kar smile karti hui boli arjun kya hua.maine kaha ki kuch nahi bhabhi.phir bhabhi boli ki aaj tum padhai mat karo mere saath baat karo aue mere ghutne pe iodex ki maalish kar do. Mainekaha ki bhabhi main kaise aapko touch kar sakta hoon ye haq to sirf bhai ka hai.bhabhi boli ki chal phir ek kaam kar main teri bhabhi ki jagah teri friend ban jati hoon phir to maalish karega na. Maine kaha haan ab to kar doonga. Chahta to main bhi yahi tha ki kaise main bhabhi ke gore badan ko haath lagoon. Main phataphat utha aur bhag kar iodex le aaya. Bhabhi leti hui thi unhone apni nighty apni thighs tak.

Utha li thi aur main unhe paaglon ki tarah dekh raha tha.bhabhi boli arjun maalish karo.main udhar bhabhi ke ghutne par maalish karne laga aur idhar mera lune khada hone laga.aur shayad mard ke haath ka sparsh milne ke kaaran bhabhi ko bhi maja aa raha tha.bhabhi boli ki arjun bura na mano to ek baat kahoon maine poocha ki bolo bhabhi to woh boli ki tera bhai 4-5 mahine mein ek baar aata hai.aur ek jawan aurat bina sex ke kitne din rah sakti hai main to bas tadapti rahati hoon. Maine kaha ki bhabhi phir kya karen.bhabhi gusse se boli ki tu kuch mat kar apna kam karta rah jo kuch karna hai main kar loongi. Bhabhi boli ki arjaun thoda upar mujhe khujli ho rahi hai jara kar de. To maine apna haath unki tigh par rakh diya wo boli ki thoda aur upar main thoda aur uper gaya to woh boli ki dono tighs ke beech mein main jaise hi wah haath lagaya to mujhe kuch geela geela laga unki panty puri geeli ho gayi thi. Bhabhi ne mera haath pakadkar mujhe apne uper khich liya aur mujhe kiss karne lagi to maine kaha ki ek minute ruko meri jaan main jara darwaja bandh kar doon aur kahkar maine darwaja bandh kar diya aur jaise hi peeche muda meri bhabhi ne mujhe kas ke pakad liya aur mujhe pagaloon ki tarah kiss karne lagi main bhi unke hoothon ko chusne laha kya honth the unke ekdum rasile.hum 15 min takyu hi ek dusre se chipke rahe aur kiss karte rahe phir maine bhabhi ko god mein utha liye aur bed par le gaya aur uni nighty utar di unhone under bhi lal rang ki bra aur panty pahen rakhi thi.ab mujhse bardasht nahi ho raha tha maine ab unke bra aur panty ko bhi utar phenka. Aur apne kapde bhi utar diye mera lund dekh kar bhabhi boli ki wow maja aayega bahut dino ke baad darshan hue hai. Ye kahkar bhabhi ne mujhse kaha ki jaldi aao arjun aur apni bhabhi ko satisfy kar do. Ghusa do ise meri chut mein aur lo maja jawani ka. Jaldi arjun jaldi. Maine apna 6.5″lumba aur healthy lund bhabhi ke muh ke karib kar diya toh bhabhi boli arjun ye sab baad mein pahele tum meri pyaas bhuja do meri chut kai din se bhookhi hai jaldi karo. Itna kahte hi maine bhabhi ki chut par apna lund rakha aur ek jhatka maara pehli baar mein hi mera lund bhabhi ki chut ko phadta hua aadha under ghus gaya bhabhi chikne lagi unhe dard ho raha tha maine unke muh ko apne muh se bandh kar diya aur ek jordar dhhaka aur maara abki baar unki chut mere pure lund ko le gayi. Bhabhi ka haal bura tha.unki aankhon mein paani aa gaya tha phir maine aaram se upar niche hona suru kiya bhabhi ko maja aane laga aur mujhe bhi.bhabhi boli ki arjun speed badha to main tej ho gaya. Itne mein bhabhi mujhse.

Chipak gayi aur boli aaaaaaahhhhhhhh arjun main aayi.maar dala re tune.thodi der baad main bhi unki chut mein hi jhad raat maine bhahi ke saath teen baar sex kiya aur aaj tak main aur bhabhi pati patni ki tarah sex karte hain.aap ko meri story kaisi lagi mujhe jaroor mail kare agar aap mein se koi ladki ya bhabhi sex karna chae to mujhe mail kar sakti hain i will be always there for ur help.SuperZhera
Hindi Story Didi ko pataya
February 9, 2012 at 2:54 AM
Mai bhi ek iws reader hu. A meri pahli kahani hai aur ha sachi bhi hai mano ya na mano per sachi hai,sabhi chut aur land ko mera salam.mai sahar se dur form house me rahata hu meri famile me six log hai,mai sabse chota hu,meri do sister aur ek bhai hai dono sister badi hai ,mai jab chota tha tabse mai meri badi didi ko dekhta tha, mai jab 8 class me tha tab ek bar mai ne meri didi ko kapde chage kate dekhatha wo top less thi eur uske boob bade bade the 32 ke honge tab wo 1st year me thi,aur tab se mai usko dekhta tha uski gaand etni mast thi kia batuo ,mai didi ko yad karke muth marta tha aur mai soch rakha tha ki usko ek din mai jarur chodu ga ,per kabhi muoka nahi mila use mai hamesha khurna aur uske boob dekhta aur ek din uski sadi hogai,didi ke sadi ke 4 mahine bad mere ghar wale kisi ke sadi ke lia sab log ek haft ke lia bahar gaye the aur mai akela ghar me tha islia didi ghar aagai to per ghar wale chale gaye, maine soch ab ek haft me mai didi ko kisi bhi halat me choduga aur mai ne plan banaya , sabere jab mai nahane gaya to maine janbuch kar kapde nahi legia aur nahane ke bad sirf gamcha pahan kar bahar aya aur didi ko kaha mere kapde kaha hai tab didi ne mere kapde dekhne lagi to maine mera land ko bahar nikala ,gamche ke ched se maine pahle hi gamche ko ched kar ke rakha tha jab didi ne meri underware muje di to maine kaha esko to chiti dhilagi hai aur mai chiti nikalne laga tab mera 7″ tana hua land didi salam kar rahata,didi ne usko thodi deka aur sarmake bhag gai ,bad me didi jab nahane ja rahithi to maine mere mobile aapne hi ghar phone kia aur didi ko pls phone lelo,did jab phone lene gai tab maine bathroom jake uski sare kapade leke aya ,jab didi naha rahi tab maine bathroom door ke niche se nahate dekha raha tha didi ne apne sare kapde utar dia sirf underwaer baki tha ,didi ke boob mast bade bade te aur angur jai se nipple thi didi nahane lagi ,jab didi ne sab jagaha sabune laya to underware me hat dal ke chut sabun lagaya didi ne sayed kabhi chut ki saving nahi kithi uske jhate saf najar aa rahethe phir pani dalkar nahane lagi aur thodi der bad didi ne underwaer

Me hat dala chut ko sahalane lagi mai samj gaya didi garm hogai hai ,chut ko sahalate sahalate wo hafne lagi tab uske boob bhi apne rang me aa gai aur nipple tanke dood dene ko tayar the boob bhi pure 37-38 ke hogaye the aur thodi der bad didi ugli nekali aur usko laga hua pani chat gayi per didi ne chadi nahi nikali ,bad me nahane ke bad gamche se apna aag pochne lagi tab mai waha se chala gaya bad me didi ne muje awaj di mai gaya to didi boli mere kapde do mai kapde dekhne laga per mile nahi kaha bata dia ,to didi boli mere pas kapde nahi hai purane sare kapde bhigodia ab kia karu maine kaha gamcha lapet ke ajao to didi bahar nikali to didi ka pur badan gamche se saf najar araha tha mai didi ko hi dekh raha tha (gamcha trasferant raha ta hai)didi boli mere kapde kaha hai mai didi ke boob dekh rahata wo abhi bhi apne pure rang me the phir didi room me gai mai bhi didi ke peche peche gaya didi boli yaha kia kar rahe ho mai ne kaha ap ko tap raha hu to didi ne muje ghuse kaha mai teri bahan hu aur ek jor ka tamacha mere gal per mara aur room ke bahar nikal dia, bad me mai didi se najar nahi mila paha rahatha aur uske sat bat bhi nahi kar raha tha , do din bad didi ne kaha ki unko four vheler shikhni hai maine kaha mai nahi sikhauga tab didi mere pass aai aur muje samjhane lagi kia a bat galat hai mai teri bahan hu per mere dimakh me naya hi khayal aya aur mai ne kaha thi hai mai didi gadi sikhaneko tayar hogaya, aur ham log khali road per gadi legai wo road acha tha aur dopher hone karn waha se koi nahi jata tha , (mai ne pahale hi meri underwear bathroom me nikal lithi), ab mai ne didi ko mere sit per baithaya aur mai didi ke sit baith gaya aur didi ko gadi chalane ko kaha to didi ne ekdam se tej bhagadi to didi dar gai aur maine hand break mai dia to didi ne kaha mere se nahi hong to maine didi se kaha phir se tri karo phir se didi ne waise hi kia ,to didi boli rahane do mere se nahi honga ,phir maine didi ko mere sit baithaya aur didi ke sit bai gaya didi kaha ki mai kaise chalata hu wo dekho ,kuch door jane ke bad maine didi se kaha ab aap chalaia to didi nahi mani to maine kaha ek kam karte hai mai aya per hi baitha hu aur aap mere samne baith jao to didi ne thik hai to didi mere taraf ane ke lia jab doar khola to maine mere pant ki chai khol di aur land ko bahar nikal ke sart se chupa dia didi aaj salwar paijama pahanatha didi jab aai to maine usko mere god me baithaya aur piche hote hote didi ka salwar uper kardia aur sart kobhi uper kar dia jaise didi mere god me baithi to mera land uske gand ko tach hone laga to didi ne piche mudkar deka per kuch kaha nahi usko laga ki mera land pant me honga, maine mere pair uske pair ke niche se uper lelia taki wo hil na sake phir gadi start ki aur chalane lage mera land khada hote hote uske gand ke zhed ko tach hone laga tha bahar hone ke karn aram se uski gand shalaraha tha per didi kuch nahi boli ,boliti to bhi kia bolti, bad me maine gadi ka stairing didi ke hat me dia aur kaha ab ap chalaia aur mai ne mere dono hat uske pai per rakhe aur dhire dhire sahalane laga phir dhire se speed badha na suru kia ab didi se

Gadi cantrol nahi hui to maine ek dam se break mara aur dono hat jan bhuch kar didi ke boob rakh die aur boob ko daba dia ,mera land ab tak didi ke chut ko tach karne lagatha ,tab didi ne kaha ager tum break nahi marte to ham road ke niche chale jate maine ha kaha aur didi ke bolne ke pahale hi bra ke uperse hi nipple ko jorse dabadia aur chod dia tab didi ne siskari bhari thi per didi ne kuch nahi kaha mera land abhi bhi chutko tuch kar raha tha phir didi ne kaha chalo ab ghar chal te hai to maine didi se kaha ki ap gadi chalate chalte hai to didi nahi man rahi thi phir bhi jab maine bahut request ki to man gai to didi waise hi baite rahi thi maine gadi turn ki didi ko chalane di aur mera hat didi ke pair per rakh dia aur sahalane lag gaya aur dhire dhire kamar kobhi age piche kar ne laga pair sahalate mai uski jagh tak agaya tha per meri chut ko hat lagane ki himat nahi hui ab tak didi garm hona chalu hogai thi, jab ham ghar puchnewale the tab mai ne kapde ke uper se hi maine chut ko jor jor se hat ko sahalaia aur ham ghar puch gai to didi kuch bhi na bolte sidhe bhakte hue bathroom chali gai aur khade khade chut me ungli dal kar pani nikal ne lagi aur chut ka safed pani nikal kar chat ne lagi sorry dosto baki story mai kal likhuga meri a story aap ko kai si lagi plz mail kar na, aur ha didi aur bahano ne apne apne bhaio se ek bar jarur sex chahia kyu ki bahane to sadi ke bad paraye mard ko chut ka asli maja to dete hi hai per jo mard bachpan se jish chut aur badan ki hifajat karta hai use kia milta hai ,mai to kahta hu ki chut ki sil bap ya bhaio se hi kholni chahia khair apni apni shoch haiaur ha muje pata hai ki meri story me kafi spealing mistek hai islia sorry.SuperZhera
Hindi Story Meri pyari sexy khala
February 9, 2012 at 2:51 AM
Aik din mein apne kamre mein perh raha tha or sister school gayi hoyi thi, khala mare kamre mein ayein to os waqt on ki haalat koch yoon thi ke onhoon ne khoole gale wali qameez pehny howi thi or dobata nahi liya howa tha or mathe per germy ki waja se paseena aya howa tha. Khala ne mojh se kaha ke beta mein tomhare kamre ki safayi kerne ayi hoon, mein ne kaha ke khala ap safayi ker lein to onhoon ne jharoo pherna shoroo ker diya or mein apna perhta raha, achanak hi mari nazer khala ki tarof pari wo jhok ker jharoo paire rahein theen, jis ki waja se on ke khole gale mein se on ki mooti mooti chaatiyan nazer aa rahin thein, mein to on mooti chatiyoon ko dekh ker heraan reh giya mein ne aj tak atni mooti or bari chatiyaan nahi dekhein theen, khala ki chatiyoon ko dekh ker mera lund taizi se khara hona shoroo go giya mojhe khala ki chatiyoon ko dekh ker maza ane laga, mari nazer on ki chatiyoon se hat hi nahi rahi thi, atni moti chatiyoon ke oper aik chota sa barizer tha jo ke atni bari chatiyoon ka cover nahi ker sakta tha, jis ki waja se on ki chatiyoon ka 60% hisa nazer aa raha tha, edher mera lund bilkol tan giya tha or is ko khala se chopane ki koshish ker raha tha , or sath hi sath khala ki chatiyyon ko dekh raha tha, khala apni duniya mein magon charoo pheir rahi thein ke achanak onhoon ne mari tarof dekha mein aik dom chonk giya or apna perhna shoroo ker diya, wo mojhe dekh choki thein ke mein kiya dekh raha hoon is liye wo baith ker jharoo dena sharoo ker diya, lakin phir bhi kabhi kabhi on ki chatiyoon ka thora sa hisaa nazer aa jata, phir wo chaly gayein mager mein on ki mooti chatiyoon ke bare mein sochta raha,
Next day khala mare kamre mein ayein to on ki wo hi haalat thi jo pechle din thi, mein on ki chatiyoon ka didaar kerne ke liye tayaar tha, or wahi howa ke khala ne jhook ker jharoo dena shoroo kiya or on ki moti chatiyaan mojhe maza dany lageen or mera lund phir tan giya is baar mein kitaab age ker ke on ki chatiyoon ko dekh raha tha take ager khala mojhe dekh bhi lein to mein pekraa na jata, kafi dair tak mein maze leta raha phir khala chaly gayeen, mein khala ki chatiyoon ko chomne or hath lagane ke liye betaab howe jar aha tha, phir mare zihan mein aik idea aya mein kamre se bahir giya or khala ko dhondte dhondte chat pe chala giya, khala chat pe baal khoole ke kangy ker rahein thien.
Mein khala ke paas kiya or kaha ke khala mare ser mein derd ho raha he to khala ne kaha ke laoo mein daba doon mein nein khala ki good mein ser rekh liya or khala ser dabane lagein mein otni der khala ke jisom ke lamse se maze leta raha, or mera lund bhi slowly slowly khara hota giya mager khala ko pata nahi chala, koch dair bad mein ne kaha ke khala bas ker do to khala ne mare balloon se khailte howe or muskorate howe kaha ke tom raat din pehte rahte ho itna na perha karo thori deir ke liye rest bhi ker liya karo, mein ne thori si himat kerte howe on ke chest pe apna ser rokh diya or kaha ke khala ager perhoon ga nahi to pass kase hoon ga to khala ne hanste howe or mojhe banhoon mein samet te howe kaha ke phir bhi thore sa rest ker liya karo mein ne kaha acha ab aisaa hi karoon ga or apne bazoo khala ki kamer pe bandh liye or ser thora sa niche ker ke on ki chatiyoon pe lai giya bas kiya bataoon kitna maza aa raha tha khala ki mooti chatiyoon pe apna ser rakha howa tha or sath hi sath mera lund tan ker khara ho giya mager khala ki nazer nahi pari. Or khala mojhe banhoon mein liye baithi rahi, Kafi dair tak ham yoonhi baithe rahe phir mein ne thori si himat ki or apna aik hath aage la ker on ki chatioon pe rakh diya or halka halka sa dibane laga, khala ne koyi reponse nahi diya phir mein ne apna moon khala ki chatiyoo se ragraa to bhi khala koch nahi booli, phir mein ne khala ki chatiyoon ko aik haat se zoor se dabaya, to khala ne kaha ke kiya howa to mein kaha ke khala mojhe shayed neind aany lagi he is liye mojhe neind ka jhatka laga to khala ne kaha ok tom sojaoo phir mein nein khala se kaha ke ap diwaar se taik laga lein mein jab ap ke seene se lag ker soo jayoon to ap mojhe yahein lita ker chali jana, khala ne kaha or khala ne diwaar se taik laga li mein on ki chatiyoon se lag ker soone ka darama kerne laga or aik haat khala ki chatiyoon pe rakh liya, phir thori dair baad mein ne halka halka apne haatt ko khala ki chatiyoon pe phairne laga, or chopke se aik halka se khala ki chatiyoon ko kiss kiya, to shayed khala mera iraada jaan gaein. Lakin koch na boolein, phir mein ne jab khala ki chatiyoon ke aik obhaar ko zoor se dabaya to khala ne kaha ke beta ab tom yahan laitoo mein zara kichon mein ja ker koch paka loon mein ne kaha ke acha khala or jab khala othne lagein to mein ne khala ko face pe kiss kerte howe or aik haat se chatiyoon ke aik obhaar ko dibate howe thank u kaha to khala ne mari is kerkat ko berdaasth kerte howe kaha ke beta thank u kiyoon kaha mein tomhari maan ki jaga hoon ager mein tomhara khiyaal nahi rakhoon gi to kal tomhari maan aa ker mojhe kahe gi ke mare bachoon ka kiyal nahi rakha or phir khala chalein gayein.

Raat ke aik baje jab mein so raha tha or baqi gher wale chat pe or khala sehon mein so rein thein ke achanak aik kherkaa sa howa mein othaa or kemre se bahir giya to khala bhi oth ker idher odher daikh rahein theen mein ne khala se kaha ke khala ye kherka kesa tha khala jo ke is kherke se ghobraa gayien thein bolein pata nahein mein ne sare gher ko achi terhaan dekha mager koch na moloom howa (agle din pata chala ke kichon mein aik dobaa gir giya tha). Mein ne khala se kaha ke khala koyi nahi he ab ap be fiker ho ker so jain mein apne kamre mein aa giya mager khala mare piche aa ker boolein ke mojhe dor lag raha he to mein ne kaha khala koyi nahi he mein ne dekh liya he to khala mare bed per baithte howe boolein mojhe phir bhi der lag raha he to mein ne kaha ke ap dosare kamre mein ja ker lait jain to khala boolein nahein mein tomhare kamre mein soon gi mein ne kaha ke khala mare kamre mein to aik hi bed he to khala ne kaha ke koyi baat nahi raat to gozaarni he phir khala mare bed per lait gaein mein bhi lait giya or khala se kaha ke khala mein jab kesi ke saath soota hoon to japhi daal ker soota hoon to khala moskorate howe boolein ab to bara ho giya he to mein bola ke kiya howa ager mein bara ho giya hoon mein to jaaphi daal ker soon ga or zaberdosti khala se jaaphi daal li, khala ne bhi mind nahi kiya or onhoon ne bhi jaaphi daal li, is se mojhe thori himat hoyi mein ne apna moon khala ki chatiyoon se laga liya or apni taangein khala ki taangoon mein phasa leen, but mera lund aik dom taizi se khara ho giya or khala ki choot mein lagne laga koch dair to khala koch na boolein phir onhoon ne apna moon dosari tarof ker liya ab mari tarof khala ki kamor or koolhe the. Main ne apne ap ko khala ke peche se laga liya or apni tangein on ki tangoon mein phasa lein or apna aik haath oper se le ja ker khala ki chatiyoon pe rokh diya, khala khamoshi se lety rahein, phir mein ne apne hath ko khala ki chatiyoon pe phairna shoroo ker diya, or kabhi kabhi dabata bhi thori dair tak to aisaa hi raha, khala ne koch reponse nahi diya mein samjha ke khala so gayi he or aisaa hi howa khala so gayi howi the mein ne khobe khala ke jisom ke lomse ka maza liya chatiyoon, pait, kamor, kolhoon or choot pe haath phaira, achaanak khala ne herkot ki or moon mari tarof ker liya mein ghabra ker thora piche ho giya khala ne thori dair baad aankhein kholein or mojh se kaha ke gormy lag rahi he to mein bola ke khala kemre mein to germy lage gi, bahir thori hawa chal rahi he mager ap khoof se ander soona chah rahein thein, to khala ne masoom shakol bana ker kaha ke ab kiya karoon to mein ne kaha ke aisaa karain ke ap apni qameez otaar lein, khala boli na na mein tomhare samne qameez otaar ker nahi so sakty to mein ne kaha ke koyi baat nahi mein ap ka beta hoon koyi ghair nahi or ap ko itni hi sharom aati he to kameeq otaar ker moon dosari tarof ker lein or mein bhi ap ko nahi dekhoon ga, to khala majbooran maan gain or qameez otaar ker moon dosari tarof ker ke soon gayein, ab mare samne khala ki nangi peth thi or black color ka short blaozer tha bas kiya bataoon khala ke badon ki khoshboo ne mare lund ko khara ker diya or mera lund khala ke kolhoon se lag raha tha, mein khala se chipak giya or apna aik hath khala ki chatiyoon pe rokh diya, phir thori dair baad haat ko herkat dani shoroo ki, khala ki chatiyaan blowser se bahir nikly howein thein mein ne on ko hath se dabaya or khelna shoroo ker diya khala so chokein thein werna shayed wo koch reaction kertein phir mein ne on ke bare bare kolhoon se khelna shoroo kiya or kolhoon ko dabaya, phir apne haath ko khala ki gaand wale soraakh pe le aya or soraakh pe apni ongaly phairy, phir na jane kab neind aa gayi, raat ko 4 baje achanak mari aankh kholy to kiya dekhta hoon ke khala ka moon mari tarof tha or wo so rahi thein mein to on ki moti chatiyoon ko dekh ker pagol ho giya mera lund aik dom khara ho ker khala ki choot se lagne laga mein ne phir khala ki chatiyoon se khailna shoroo kiya, itni moti chatiyaan dekh ker or on ko chooh ker bohet maza aa raha tha, phir mein ne khala ki chatiyoon ko halka sa kiss kiya or kayi baar kiya mein baar kiss ker raha tha mein pagol howe ja raha tha ke achanak khala ne apna rokh chang ker liya or mein bhi so giya.

Sobha mein nashta ker ke apne kamre mein chala giya or perhayi kerne laga phir 11:30 baje khala mare kamre mein jharoo dane ayein mager khala ne aj khole gale wali qameeq nahi pehny howi thi, khala jharoo dane ke baad chaly gayein or thori dair bad dobara ayein mager haath mein mare liye khane ke liye koch tha mein ne thanks kiya khala phir chali gayein thori dair baad berton lane ke liyein ayeen to me ne kaha ke khala ap mare paas baith jaoo batein kertein hein, khala ne kaha ke ok ham batein kerne lage or mari nazor khala ki moty chatiyoon pe thi khala ne note kiya mager koch na bolein mein batein kerte kerte khala ke seene se lag giya or aik haath chatiyyon ke aik obhaar pe rokh diya, or phir on ki chatiyoon ko dabana shoroo kiya, to khala ne kaha ke tom tv dekho mein zara kaam ker loon mein ne kaha theek he or khala ke seene se alag hote howe khala ko kiss kiya or kaha se khala ap kitna mera khiyaal rokhti hoo to khal boli mein nahi rakhoon gi to or koon rakhe ga or mojhe kiss kiya mojhe hosla milaa to mein ne 2 3 baar khala ko choma or chatiyoon ko dabaya, khala ne mojhe apne se alag kiya or chalein gayin mein aik dost se milne jane laga to khala ko kaha ke khala derwaza lock ker loo, khala dewaze ke paas aa ker mojh se kaha ke beta jaldi aa jana mein ne kaha ok or jab jane laga to khala ko chooma to khala ne bhi mojhe kiss kiya mein ne khala ki chatiyoon ko dabaya, jis se mein ne andaza lagya ke khala is herkot ko mind ker liya he is liye mein ne mazeed or koch nahi kiya or bahir nikol giya.

Raat ko khala ka wait kerta raha taqreeban 11:15 baje khala mare kamere mein ayein or mojh se kaha ke tom soye nahi mein ne kaha ke nahi mein perh raha tha ab sone laga hoon or kiya aj bhi mare sath soyein ge? To khala ne kaha ke haan mein aj bhi tomhare sath soon gi mein bahir nahi soon gi mojhe choroon se der lagta he mein ne kaha ke hamare ghur mein chor kaha se ayein ge to khala ne mare bed pe baithte howe kaha phir bhi mojhe der lagta he mein ne kaha ok khala ap soo jayo to khala ne kaha mein so to jaoon gi magor mojhe germy lagty he or germy se to kamor pe dane nikol aye hein mein ne kaha ke khala ap apne ghor mein kiya kertein theen to khala ne kaha ke mein ghor mein to shilwaar qameeq otaar ker soo jati thi to mein ne kaha ke ap yahan bhi ap ye hi ker lein to khala ne kaha ke sharom karoo mein tomhare samne otaar ker soon to mein ne kaha ke kal bhi to ap ne qameeq otari thi mein ne nahi dekha to aj kase deekh loon ga to khala ne kaha ke qameeq to otaar loon ge mager shilwaar nahi otaroon gi to mein ne kaha ke ap mari niker pehan lein to khala maan gayen mein ne apni niker de di khala niker pehne ke liye bath room chalein gayein or kaha jab mein aoon to kamery ki light band kerke dim balab on ker dena mein ne aisaa hi kiya or leit giya 2 minute baad khala ayein or qameez otaar ker lait gein or moon dosery tarof ker liya or mein bhi kapre otaar ker or sirf niker pehn ke lait giya or khala se japhy daal li yani lipat giya, koch dair to yohein chimtaa raha phir hatoon or tangoon ko herkat dani shoroo ki mera lund bhi khara ho giya or khala ki gaand mein dhanse giya kafi dair tak on ki moti chatiyoon ka maza leta raha phir apna hath on ki gaand ki tarof le giya or on ki gaand pe hath phairne laga, khala ne tangoon ko mari tangoon se nikal lein mein ne phir khala ki gaand pe hath phairne laga to khala ne mari tarof moon ker liya or kaha ke kiya nend nahi aa rahi mein ne kaha ke nahi or khala se kaha ap ne moon is tarof ker liya kiyoon to khala bolein ke ab mein apna rokh bhi na badlonn kiya, or wase bhi tom mare batai ho tojh se kiya perdaa to mein ne himat kerte howe kaha mein bhi to yahi keh raha tha, mager ap ne shilwaar nahi otaari, khala boli ab batai se to itnaa to perda kerna chahiye ke wo galat herkot na kare to mein ne kaha ager galat herkot kerni hoti to os waqt ker sakta tha jab ap ne qameez otari thi, to khala ne kaha ke keh to to sahi raha he, mein oth ker diwaar se taik laga li or khala se kaha ke ap bhi oth ker baith jayein ham batein kerte hein, to khala maan gayein or oth ker baith gayein or mein on ki good mein beith ker on ke seene se lag giya or idher odher ki baatein kerne ke sath sath khala ki chatiyoon ko dabane laga or mera lund khara ho giya or saaf nazor ane laga khala ne mare lund ko dekha or koch na bolein phir mein ne khala se kaha ke khala light jala loon to khala ne kaha kiyoon to mein ne kaha ke jis terhaan ap ko choroon se der lagta he is hi terhaan moje indhere se der lagta he to khala moskorati hoein bolein pehle batate mein light band kerne ka na kehti, mein ne oth ker light jala di or aa ker khala ki good mein aa ker apna head khala ki chatiyoon pe rokh diya, khala ne kaha ke good mein kiyoon bathe mein ne kaha ke ap ki good mein baith ker nend aa jati he to khala ne hanste howe mojhe apni bahoon mein le liya, mein ne socha ke khalid aj hi moqa he himat ker le. Mein ne koch dair baad khala ko chooma to khala ne mojhe chooma phir mein ne khala ki chatiyoon ko dabana shoroo ki to khala boli beta kiya ker rahe ho mein tomhari maan ki jaga hoon to mein ne kaha ke mein koyi galat herkot nahi ker raha balke apni piyari khala ko piyar ker raha hoon, khala koch na boli mera lond seedha kharaa tha or khala mera lund ko chopke chopke dekh rahein theen, phir mein ne khala ko phir chooma to khala moskorayein mein ne on ke hontoon ko chomaa phir galoon ko chomaa phir gerdon pe kiss kiya or phir seene ko choma or last chatiyoon ke oper wale hisee ko chomaa, khala moskorayein or boli bohet shararti ho gaye ho, ye baat son ker mojhe or himat meli mein ne khala ko phir chooma, or chatiyoon ko chooma gerdon pe kiss kiya or khala ki chatiyoon ko zor zor se dabana shoroo ker diya, phir mein ne khala ke browser ka hok peche se khool diya or browser otar diye or khala ki moti moti chatiyaan mare samne theen mein to pagloog ki terhaan chatiyoon ko choomne or chatne laga, or khala ke moon se siskariyaan nikal rahein thein ooooooofffffffff sssssssssss mmmmmmmm ooooohhhhhhhh aaaayyyyyeeeeee mein khala ki chatiyoon ko coomta raha khala ki chatiyoon ke nipal ko chosta raha tha khala ne kaha beta araam se piyar se choom or chos mojhe or himat meli khala mosalsal siskariyaan le rahein thein mmmmmmm oooooooooooohhhhhh ssssssssss or kahe ja rahein thein beta piyaar se mari jaan araam se, mein phir on ki gerdan, kandhoon, bazooon or pait ko choomna shoroo kiya achanak khala ne mojhe rokaa or phir khala ne pagloon ki terhaan mojhe chomne lagein phir mojhe bed per litaya or dair tak mojhe chomti rahi phir mare hontoon pe apne hoont rakhe or mare hoontoon ko chosna shoroo kiya mein bhi on ke hontoon ko choom raha tha phir mein ne or khala ne apne hoont khool diye or moon mein moon dal ker zubanoon ko choosa or kafi dair tak aik dosere ka thook peete rahe phir khala ne mari kamor, pait, kandhoon, bazoon ko chooma phir mein ne khala ko choomne laga kafi dair tak mein khala ki chatiyoon ko chomta or chosta raha or khala siskariyaan lati rahi or kehti rahi beta choomo or choomo chatoo mera badon kha ja mari chatiyaan, aj se mein tari or mera jisom tera phir mein ne khala ki niker otaari kiya dekhaa khala ki choot to bohet saaf, baari or shave ki howe mein to kahala ki choot pet tot para, chooma chata, apni zubaan khala ki choot mein dali or khala baar baar ochal jati or kehti beta piyaar ker chaat ja sari choot, phaar de is choot ko ghoos ja khod is meinmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooommmmm hhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh mer gayi, kafi dair tak mein choot ko chataa raha, phir khala ko kaha ke khala apna moon dosari tarof karo khala ne moon dosari tarof kiya to mare samne khala ka bohet bara gand tha mein to toot para or chooma or chata or dabaya, or khala siskariyaan lati rahi khala ne kaha ke beta ab bas ker ab mari bari he mein ne kaha ok phir khala ne mari niker otaari mera lund pehle se hi khara tha khala ko dekh ker tan giya khala ne mera lund pakra or kaha beta tomhara lund abhi se itna bara he ager or bare howe to tomhara lund bohet ziyaada bara ho jaye ga tomhare khaloo ka lund itna he jitna tomhara ab he, phir khala ne mare lund ko chooma or moon mein le liya, mojhe maza aa raha tha mein lait giya or khala mare lund ko moon mein le ker chosti rahi mojhe maza aa raha tha phir khala ne mera lund apni moti chatiyoon mein le ker age piche kiya mojhe maza aa raha tha, phir mein ne apna lund khala ki choot mein dala, mera sara lund khala ki choot mein chala giya khala ne kaha shabash beta ab dair na ker or apni khala ko chod de, mein apne lund ko agai peche kerne laga, zor zor se dhake dena shoroo kiye, khala siskiyaan le rahein thenn, oooooooohhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm oooooooooooommmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh or zor zor se dhake maar beta, mein or taiz ho giya, phir mein ne khala ko kaha ke khala mein chootne wala hoon to khala ne kaha choot ja beta apni mani mare ander chore de mein aisaa hi kiya mager mari sari mani khala ki choot pe gir gayi, phir khala ne apni choot or mera lund saaf kiya, kafi dair tak ham choma chati kerte rahe, mein ne kahala se kaha khala maza aya khala ne mojhe chomte or mera lund zoor se dabate howe kaha ke haan bohet maza aya mein koch dair tak khala ki chatiyoon or choot se khailtaa raha, khala mare lund ko bhi chomti, kabhi apne hatoon se dabatein, mera lund aik baar phir kahara ho giya, khala boli ye to phir khara ho giya he mein ne kaha ke ap ke hatoon mein itna lamse he ye kiyoon nahi khara ho ga, phir mein ne khala se kaha khala tom mari baat mano gi khala ne mojhe chomte howe kaha to bool to sahi, mein ne kaha khala mein apna lund tairi gaand wale soraakh mein dalna he to khala boli, kaise karoo ge meri gaand mein to tare khaloo ne apna lund aj tak nahi dala, mein ne kaha khala aik baar dalne de dekhna kitna maza aye ga, khala maan gayi mein ne kaha pehle mare lund ko apne thook se chikna ker khala ne apne thook se mare lund ko khoob chikna kiya, phir mein ne khala ko leta ker apna lund khala ki gand mein dalne laga lund phas phas ke jane laga khala cheekhne lagi mein ne khala ko kaha khala apne moon pe hath rakh le khala ne aisaa hi kiya mein sara lund khala ki gand mein daal diya, phir ahista ahista lund agai piche kerne laga, khala moon pe hath rakh ke zoor zoor se cheekh rahein thein, phir mein ne khala ko ghora bana ker dhake dane shoroo kiye, khala mosalsal cheekh rahein theen phir thori dair baad mein ne apne lund ki sari mani khala ki gand pe chore di, mein or khala lait gaye, phir ham ne choma chati ki phir ham nahanein chale gaye, nahate howe mein ne khala ko aik baar choda, or phir ham sone lage to khala ne kaha ke tomne aisaa maza diya he itna to tare khaloo neb hi nahi diya phir mein ne khala se kaha khala jab to chali gayi to phir mein kiya kiya karoon ga to khala boli mein ishee shaher mein hoon aa jaya kerna khala ko chodne, phir khala boli teri ammi ki bhi to chatiyaan mojh jitni hein ager koshish karoo to..SuperZhera
Hindi Story Bhabhi dewar ki mast jawani
February 9, 2012 at 2:44 AM
Yeh us din ki hain jab meri bhabi jan apne kapde dho rahai theemain zara peshab kerne bathrooom ki taraf gaya to un ke "gol gol mote mote" breasts per nazar pad gai. Un ke bheege hue kapde saaf bata rahe the ke unhon ne bra nahin pehni hui thi.bus phir kia tha meri jawani us din urooj per thi breast dekhte hi jes.

Jism main aag lag gai mera 6″ inch lamba aur 3″ inch mota lundforan khada hone laga. Bhabi kapre dhone main masroof theen mujhe khada dekh ker un ki nigah ooper ko utheen. Main jaldi se bathroom main chala gaya. Main or mera lund dono garam ho rahe the mere gande zehen main aik tarkeeb aaye. Bathroom ki dewaar main aik roshandaan bana hua tha main ne balti ko ulta kia or us per chad ker main phir se bhabi ke breast dekh ker maze leta raha. Un ke breast kapro ko brush se ragarne ki wajah se hil hil ker mujhe tadpa rahe the kuch der tak to main aise hi dekhta raha. Phir main ne neech utar "hath se muth maar ker apni aag bujhai. Phir jab bathroom se bahar nikla to bhabi ne mujhse poocha itni der tak bathroom main kia ker rahe main ne kaha kkkkuch nahin peshaab kerne gaya tha. To unhon ne muskara ker kaha jhoot mat bolo mujhe shak hone laga shayad bhabhi ne sub kuch dekh lia hai.main tal matol ker ke wahan se khisak lia.

Mere bhai jaan kisi kaam se dehli gae hue the un wapsi aik hafte baad honi thi.

Doosre din main ne socha ke bhabi ko bager kapde main dekh ker kitna maza aayega jab boht kuch dekhne ko milega main yeh soch ker bathroom gaya wahin mere zehen ne phir palti khai ke kion na main apna mobile camera yahin fit ker ke bhabi ki movie banaloon main ne camera ko her ange se set ker ke dekha aik jaga mujhe mil gai jahan se bhabi ki poori body ki movie ban sakti. Main ne teesre din jab bhabi ne nahane ka program banaya. Woh apne kapre bathroom latkaker sabun lene chali gai. Main ne jaldi se jaker camera wahin rakh dia aur baher agaya. Itne main bhabi sabun le ker agai aur bathroom main jaker nahane lagi koi 15 minutes baad bhabii bahar main ne jaldi se jaker mobile camera uthalia. Main socha movie ko araam se raat main bister main dekhna chahie.

Raat aayi aur main mobile leker apne kamre main chalagaya movie main jo cheezain aaen mat poocho yaar. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh maza hi agay wah un qaidi breast ko jab main khuli hawa main saans lete dekha to mere moo main pani bher aaya. Movie kuch is tarah se thi.

"bhabi ne under jaker kundi lagai phir sabun ko rakha aur khul ker angrai lee phir kuch der apne boobs per haath pherti rahi us ke baad unhone apni kameez utari phir apne pait ko sehlaya phir woh bra utarne lagi. Bra utarne ke baad unhone nipple ko pakad ker khenchna shuru ker dia phira un ka hath choot ki taraf gaya kuch der choot ko masaln ke baad unhone shalwar ka nara khola phir ahista ahista shalwaar uteri un ki choot aur mamme dekh ker mere munh main pani bher ayaa phir to hairat ki baat yeh ke bhayya ke na hone se un ki aag bujhane wala koi nahin tha to unhon apni ungli ko geela kia phir hath per sabun lagaya aur ungli choot main dakhil ker main to hairaan hi reh gaya mera lund lohe ki taraha sakht aur khoob garam ho gaya phir un ke munh se aaaaahhh aaiii uhhh ki awaz ane lagi aur ungli apna kaam baraber kerne lagi kuch hi der baad un ka pani bahar agaya phir woh boht khus nazar aane lagi us ke baad unhone khooob breast ko ragad ragad ker saaf kia poore jism per maish ki sabun se phir naha ker kapde pehne or bahar nikle gai…"

Phir main us raat muth mare bager bhabi ki choot aur un ke breast ki yadon ko lie sogaya main aam tor per kapde utar ker sota hoon aik raat derwaza khula reh gaya aur main yunhi so gaya raat ko aisa akhri peher main mujhe kuch aisa laga jese koi mere lund ko thame hila raha hain meri aankh khulgai dekha to bhabi jan meri jan apni hatheli main lie bethi thi."main kaha bhabi yeh kia ker rahi ho" mere jagne per woh kuchh ghabra gai per thori der baad hi unhohne apne aap per qabboo palia main hairan tha mujhe kuch samajh main nahin araaha tha itne main bhabi ki awaz aai . "ziada hairan hone ki zaroorat nahin hai main tumhain us din apna breast dekhte hue dekh lia tha aur jab tumm muth mar rahe the tab bhi main tumhain dekh rahi thi" yeh kehker unhone mere lund zor se bheencha jis mani ka qatra bahir agaya mere dekhte hi dekhte bhabi jhuki aur woh qatraa chaat gai main bhabhi se poocha tum kia chahti ho unhone jawab dia jo tum chahte ho yeh kehker woh mujhe le ker bister per gir padeen.main kaha bhabi se ke derwaza khula huwa hai main band ker deta hoon to unhone kaha theeka hai main utha or derwaza band ker ke muda to dekha ke bhabi mere bister per chit ulti leti hui hain main bhi gaya or un ke uooper hi let gaya.main poocha kia bhai jan ki boht yaad arahi thi unhone koi jawab nahin dia main phir dobara nahin poocha phir main un ki gaand ko sehlane laga jab sehlate sehlate main un ki gaand ki gehr gehrai main pohnchaa to unhone aahhhhh bhari main bhabi se kaha piari bhabi jaaaaaaaan apne dewer ko yeh nahin dikhaogi to unhone kaha hato naughty boy main kaha kia hua to unhone kaha kuch jo bhi dekhna hai to khud kholo aur dekhlo yeh jawab sunti hi meri himmat aur tight ho gai.main ne nara kholne ke lie hath badhaya to unho ne kaha ke pehle breast dekhlo main kaha breast to main dekh chuka aur chuut bhi sirf aapki gaaand aur us ki gehrai dekhna baqi hai. To woh hairan hue kab kese main poori story shru se akhir tak suna di phir unhone ne kaha ke main dekhna chahti hoon main mobile nikala aur movie laga ker unhain de di poori movie dekhne ke baad unhon.

Kaha bhai kamal ka shetani dimagh hai tumhara to tum mere jism ke maze lootte rahe ho or mujhe pata bhi nahin chala.main muskara dia unhone mera lund pakad ker apni taraf khencha or apni godi main bithalia main bhi un ka sath dia phiir khud hi unhone mere honto ko apne moonh main leker choosna shru ker dia main bhi aisa hi ker ne laga kuch der baad mene bhabi se kaha ke sirf tumhari gaand dekhne ki hasrat baqi hai un hone hans ker kaha "woh bhi mitalo" main un ki godi se utra phir un ke nare ko moonh main daba ker khencha phir un ki shalwaar utari or kaam shru ker dia unhone laal rang ki under ware pehni hui thi use bhi maine danton se pakad ker khencha us ke baad maine bhabi ko ulta ker dia un ki gaand dekh ker mera lund aur mazboot hogaya phir main ne kuch der un ki gaaand per hath phera us ke baad beech wali ungli ko unki gehrai ki taraf lakar uper neecha ker na shru ker dia bhabi sisakne lagi aur kaha"please aur na tadpao mujhe tumhare bhayya se chudwae aik maheena guzzar gaya hai main fingering ker ke apni aag bujha bujhati hoon plz plz main ungli ko thook lagaya phir un ke moonh main daal ker kaha ke thoook lagao. Thook lagane ke baad main ne un ki gaand per munh ker ke thooka phir chata phior thooka aur ungli se phelate hue ungli un ki gaand main dakhil ker woh phir sisakne lagin. Main ander bahir kerni shru kerdi. Kuch der baad dusri ungli bhi dakhil kerdi phir to un ki gaand jese khulti hi chali gaimaine qareeb hi padi hui tel ki sheeshi uthai or tel lag ker hath main poora hath un ki gaand main dalne ki koshis ker laga main bhabi se poocha ke kabhi bhai ne tumhari gaaand mari hai unhon ne kaha ke unhain maza hi meri gaaand marne main aata hai main poocha bhai ka lund bada hai ya mera.

"tumhara ziada bada hai un se chudwaker bhi meri pias nahin bujhti lekin tumhraa lun dekh ker mujhe yakeen hain hai tum meri pias zaroor bujhaoge mujhe aaj itna chodo itna chodo ke meri sari aag bujh jae aaj poori raat main tumhari hoon jese chaho chodo"

Phir to main jese sher ho gaya main ne gaand main se hath nikal ker chuut main dakhil ker dia aur khoob ragad ragad ker under bahir kerne laga bhabi ne kaha ab berdasht nahin hota jaldi se apna apna plug meri socket main lagado "main yeh baat sun ker hans pada" main ne kaha yeh plug thori hai yeh to hathiar hai jo aap ki guffa main jaga ker fire kare ga phir hum dono hansne lage "

"maine bhabi se kaha ke tum xxx films dekhi hain unon kaha haaaan tumhare bhai rozana mujhe nai nai film laker dikhate rehte hain. Main kaha us main larkian chuuut main lund dalwane se pehle kia kerti hai. Unon kaha ke moonh main dal ker khoob choosti hain. Maine kaha correct. To aapka kia irada hai.

Unon kaha : seedhe bolo ke munh main lund lelo

Yeh kehker unhone ne moonh main lund leker itna choosa ke mera lund safed hogaya
Kuch der baad lund nikaal ker maine kaha bhabi jaaaaan mere lund per tel lagadaingi unhone tel uthaya or malish shru ker di phir main kaha bhabi ab khud hi xxx ki films ki tarah pos banalijie woh dogi style main masehri se lag ker khadi ho gain. Maine kaha very good bhabi aap to boht hi samajhdar hain main apna hathiar le ker chut per rakha or halka sa jhatka dia un ki halki si cheekh nikli mainne parwah kie bager dusra jhata zorr dar dia tel ki wajah se poora lund dusre hi jhatke main chuut ki gehraion main ser kerte hue gum hogaya bhabhi dusri cheekh mari lekin woh thori tez thi gher per koi nahin is lie main perwah nahin ki. Phir to main machine ki tarah unnder bahir ker ne laga bhabi ker rahi theen" aur chodo ahhhh bada maza araha haii aaaaaahhhhh oh ah plz fuck my pussy ahhhhh aur jam ker chodo. 'Bhabi ki in awazon se main or sher hogya or bhabi bilkul kutia or main poora kutte ki tarah lund phansae rahe.koi 15 minutes baad mainne bhabi se kaha bhabi meri chotne wali hai to unhon ne kaha under hi chod do mere paas tablet padi hai main khaloongi. Main ne bhabi se kaha chalo bed per chalte hain main yunhi lund phansae bhabi ko bed per ulta leta ker thori der baad main mainbejaan sa ho ker bhabi ki peeth per let gaya bhabi bhi sath hi choot gai. Thori der yunhi pade rahe phir bhabi ne utho main uth gaya main ne apna lund nikaal lia bhabi use choosne lagi thori der baad hum dono phir garam baar hum is position mainlet gay " 69 ". Bhabi mera lund choos rahi theen aur main un ki chuut ka bharpooor maza le raha tha. Kuch der baad meri dobara chootne wali thi main bhabi se kaha unhone koi jawab na dia aur mera sara pani un ke munh main hi gir gaya. Or bhabi woh sab pee gai gai or mujh se kaha tum bhi aesa karo bada maza aayga main bhi choot ke under zaban daldi aur choosta raha phir un ki bhi chut gai or thoda sa pani mere munh main or baqi munh pe gir gaya jo ke bahbi ne apni zaban se chaat ker saaf ker dia us din hum poori raat yunhi lage rahe subha uth ker bhabi ne mujhe apne hathon se nehlaya phir main ne bhi un ke poore jism per sabun khoob maze le le ker lagaaya hum dono naha ker aik dusre ko kapde pehnaa main un ko bra pehnai.

Mujhe aik din badi hairat hui jab unhon ne kaha ke meri pias tumhare lund se bhi bujhi
Lekin jab bhi tumhare bhai baher jaya kerain to mujhe aise hi choda karo main ne bhabi se kaha ke mera dost hai jis ka lund taqreeban 8″ inch ka hai ager tum chudwana chao to main use razi karoon woh foran maan jaeyga .

Bhabi ne pooch tumhain kese pata ke woh forna maan jaega or us ka lund 8″inch ka hai maine kaha aik baar main us gher per gaya woh sexy movie dekhraha tha main bhi us ke sath dekhne beth gaya kuch der baad jab hum dono garam hue to kidi ladki ko chodne ka dil kerne laga phir hum dono ne yahi khel aik dusre ke sath khela such poocho to bhabi mujhe to bada maza ayya. Unho ne kaha theek hai tum use bhi bulalena main use bataya to woh foran razi ho gaya mainne or us ne bhi mil ker us raat bhabi ko khoob choda. Lekin bhabi ki ki pias abhi abhi nahi miti use or bada or mota chahie. Is ke baad such poocho to mujhe laga jese meri bhabi koi randi ho….SuperZhera
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