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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fucked My Real Elder Sister

Hi everyone I’m Vipul and I am going to tell you a real incident of my life which happened four months ago. I am an engineering student and I am an average personality boy. I am 18 years old with a cock of 7 inches. I have a family of four members me, my hot elder sis my mom and my father. My sis is divorced from her hubby and living with us from last two years. She is having a very sexy figure with her large sized boobs and ass.

She is of average height and is 25 years old but still looks like eighteen year old sexy girl. It was my summer vacation when incident had took place. My cousin brother was at my home to visit us. After two days of his arrival my mother has to attend a marriage in our relatives so he moved to other city and told us that she will be back in two days. My father is a driver so he often remains away from us for days. My mother leaved the home at afternoon and we were only three members at home.

We did gossips till evening. After watching TV we all had dinner and moved to our rooms. I and my cousin are going to share a room and my sister’s room was adjacent to it. Actually I and my cousin brother Rahul was more than brothers. We are very close to each other and from our childhood we both fuck each others ass to complete our sex desire because we were unable to have any girl to fuck so we turned to each other. At that night we got a chance to fuck ass each others ass so we started it at mid night.

We made our self completely nude and start sucking each others cock in 69 position after a sucking of five minutes he sucked my ass hole and inserted his 7 inches cock into my ass hole. He started fucking me harder and there was a great pain in my ass but I bear it because after that it was my turn to fuck him. Finally he released his cum into my asshole and it’s my turn to fuck him. But by misfortune suddenly I have noticed that my sis is watching us then I realised that we have forget to close the door of the room.

Actually my sis was passing through front of the room to the kitchen to drink water and she saw the light of our room on so she was here to turn it of (I came to know this later) we all get stunned at this after seeing my sis we both brothers covered our self with a blanket .We both get frightened. My sis leaved the room as soon as she could. We both dressed our self .I want to talk to my sis to not to tell this to anyone but I had no courage to appear in front of her after this incident.

But I moved towards her room with increased heart beats. She was sitting on her bed still amazed by our act. I sat beside her on the bed but said nothing. After few minutes I requested her not to tell this to our parent. She promised me to not to tell anything o anyone after my hard request and asked me form how much time we are having sex and I told her that I are having it from childhood. She amazed again by hearing this but this time she smiled at me and ordered me to tell her in details how it started and I told her everything about it.

On hearing our story she turned into sexy mood and asked me” have you fucked any girl also or not. I told her that I did not fuck any girl so I am fucking a boy to relax myself. She started laughing on my comment and asked me are you interested in fucking a girl? I was amazed by her question but answered it yes. Now she turns in sexy mood and to my surpise she asked me to show my cock to her. As an obedient child I removed my pant and underwear.

My cock was in free space and her eyes were staring at my 7 inches rod she put it into her hand and started stroking it with a smile on her face. Now my rod was in full length. She gave me a sexy smile and put my rod into her mouth and starts sucking it. I was enjoying too much. She is a perfect sucker. After a sucking of two minutes she asked me are you interested in fucking your lovely sis tonight. I was on seventh sky, my own sis is asking me to fuck her.

I kissed her hardly without saying anything. I started pressing her melon sized boobs. Then I removed her blouse. She was in red bra and I removed the bra also. I started sucking her boobs. She was moaning loudly oh suck it please suck it hard ,my bro and then hearing her moans our cousin brother was also came to the room and his eyes remain wide opened when he saw the scene. But my sis gave her a smile too and allowed him to join us.

Rahul removed the petticoat and penty of didi and started sucking her haired pussy while I was enjoying with her boobs. Now didi was completely naked in front of her two brothers. Rahul removed his cloths asked didi to lay on bed than he put his cock into her mouth and didi started sucking it. Rahul also started moaning suck it didi, oh deep more deep. Then I sucked her pussy and after a sucking of four or five minutes I put my cock on her pussy hole and pushed it.

Didi’s moans got louder ooooh fuck fuck me I am starving for it from many days, you both ck me hard”. In first attempt my cock was half inserted into her cute pussy and I again push my cock with more strength and finally my cock was fully inserted into her pussy. She screamed loudly. But Rahul caught lips of didi by his lips and started kissing her. I was fucking her with my full strength. After continuous fucking of ten minutes I released my cum into her pussy. And lay upon her but after thirty second rahul asked me to let him to fuck our sweet didi.

Now rahul was fucking didi with his eight inches cock. Didi was also enjoying the cock into her pussy. I laid there beside my whore didi because I got tired by this fucking session while rahul and didi were fucking like animals making moaning sounds. After fifteen minutes both of them had released their orgasm we all the three members get satisfied by this fucking and didi smiled as I seen her. We all got laid on the same bed fully naked and had a peaceful sleep. This was my real encounter with my real ender sister. If you like my story please mail your feedback at my id your response is very important for me.

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