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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Helping Sister

Hi I’m Saju a 34 year old guy from Kerala I was a drunkard due to which I was taken to a doctor. He advised of to turn my interest to some other thing like sex. I told him that I am divorced and lives alone. He told me it will be better to undergo sex with someone else someone from your family like your sister in law. My family was only me, my brother who stay abroad and a married sister with two children who live with her husband andmy father and mother died earlier.

I think whom can I gaute sex with after coming home. The only one I found was my sis. She was 41 bed was married to a guy 51 and had two son’s and she wish once in a month but she was not alone. But god made a moment for of that she was selected as an asha worker and her training was near our house for about 1 month. So she decided to stay with me. She came but without any bags except the green saree she wears.

Her idea was to use my mother's saree. She wears them and came near of and asked me how it is. I was stunned because my sister was eating and the dress was tight for her. She said it is it is embarrassing to year such tight saree and found three of them fit for her. The rest she decides to year at home but she did not year the saree aside from blouse and skirt. So I was able to see her cleavage when she cleaned the floor or washing clothes. Suddenly I got the idea of seducing her to be my hobby.

I stated to watch her cleavage her milky thighs and her belly. I touched her assets whenever I got a chance. Her training was only for 4 hours and after that my sister was all there for of to watch she alre was a little bit surprised at my stop page of drinking 7 days passed by so i decided to make a move.after dinner we both were watching TV. She was sleepy and was leaning at my shoulders .after sometime when I look she was asleep. I took it as a chance to study my sister

She possesses beautiful cream colour lips and was wearing a transparent white blouse and cream bra inside with red skirt. I put my hand around her waist and rub her belly button. She made low moaning sounds calling the name of her husband I rub her lips and slightly kissed it. I wolf her up and asked her to in to bed she said it was washed and had not dried yet so she is sleeping in the sofa tonight I said she could sleep with her brother to which she agreed.

She was east asleep but I could not sleep and doctor's words were thundering in my ears. At around 1 am I heard some moans again from her that please fuck me my Reji. I was astonished by hearing Reji because it was the name of her son. There was my chance. I slide down my hand to her 38 D breasts under the blouse and started squeezing them. I also put my leg around her waist pushing my 8 inches coal to her body.

Suddenly I woke her up and asked her what is her problem she replied she was thirst for sex. I asked would you mine he I help you. She said no. It was enough and more, I started squeezing her tits and started kissing in her lips I circled her through and mouth with my tongue. It was sweet saliva she had. I removed her blouse and skirt and my lungi. She was in her bra and panty and I was naked I bite her tits and made her totally nude.

She was moaning now and i teased her nipples by biting and circling them. I circled her cunt with my penis. She cried to fuck her but I was not ready. I rolled my tongue through her whole body and they slowly insisted my penis to her cunt. It was quite tight and she was crying with pain so I took my any back and asked her to suck my cock. She took my tool in her hand and started sliding her yet tongue over him. Oh you people don't know the pleasure I was in such a heaven.

Them she took my whole 8 inches to her mouth till her throat and out and continued doing it till I put my first load into her mouth which landed in her throat. Then I inserted my oily cock to her cunt. Now it slide easily into her cunt and after sometime we both put our load on each other, then I went again to her cunt lips and sucked them till she give of another loads.

I frankly speaking as I’ve experienced it breast milk is not that sweet and asty. We continued this till her training was over and now also when she came to me. But now she had got a new sex partner that is her son 18 years old I will tell you it in the next story. For feedback you can mail me. Thanks

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